2. im not taking biology…frankly i came no where close to biology i think i got to earth science. so with saying that i learn a lot from watchin ur videos.

  3. This actually isn't the argument from the second law of thermodynamics that Creationists use. This unfortunately is an argument that people have accused Creationists of using, but I have never seen any Creationist organization actually use this. Most people do not realize that there are actually quite a few scientists who are Creationists. Understanding their arguments and what they are actually advocating is important before dismissing them.

  4. Thank-you for this video and the one on Gibbs Free Energy! they really helped my students visualize the concepts more clearly.

  5. Nope… It's 8:45 PM; it's the test tomorrow – I still have 50 videos to go through… I'm going to die… -_-

  6. so i get that the goal of all living things is to reproduce and give our genes to the next generation, but what is the overall point of that, because once an organism reproduces its sole purpose for life has been fulfilled, and it dies, and the next generation has no effect on the prior generation.

  7. Poor bastards who lived on Easter Island… should've taken a biology class. I kid, I kid.

  8. I feel like Mr. Anderson has gone through some sort of experience where he accidentally forgot his potatoes in the closet

  9. But is entropy increasing, that is the real question, sometimes from a small view point a thing may seem one way, but from a larger view it may seem the opposite or quite different to say the least. Just imagine the universe is expanding, but expanding into what? And the energy involved to do just that? if I have one battery and I add another I have more energy, figuratively speaking, and likewise if I have a space, and add another space to it I also have more energy, in those two spaces combined, then just one space alone. Just a thought.

  10. my other ap friends as well as myself wanted to know how you came up with the Bozeman Biology for your youtube channel. Thanks

  11. Thank you for making these videos, they are a life saving study tool. Wish you were my Bio Teacher, my current one is torture too much entropy😂😂😂

  12. you can imagine [metabolism=production-lost/consumption]. A mouse has thinner skin, higher surface area and less fat tissue, so it losses easily most of produced heat. Secondly, he said relatively not exactly. though the an elephant makes thousand times energy more than a mouse but it keep it inside its body better than a mouse 🙂

  13. It's a known fact that the Easter Island statues were built by the Illuminati slaves placed on the island as punishment. They were forced to fight to the death for survival in the harsh, empty environment. The winners were allowed back to the mainland, and the losers were put into the statues to forever commemorate their failure. Your theory on Easter Island is stupid, and fake.

  14. Growing entropy ( in the sense of the second law of thermodynamics ) gives probably rise to the construct of TIME and its 'direction'. NO free energy= NO time 😀

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