Let’s create a world that runs entirely on green energy

Home. It’s not what we think it is.
It’s not just made of wood – – or concrete, or bricks. Because it’s not just a house, let alone
a village, or a city, or a country. Our home is bigger. You may not have explored
all its rooms, its passages – – wandered its many gardens,
bathed in its waters – – looked out from the very top floor – – nor met all those you live with. This is Latifa by the way. It’s still your home,
still mine, still theirs. It’s provided all of us
with the sustenance and shelter – – we need to grow and prosper. Our home has treated us well. But as temperatures increase
and sea levels rise. It’s time to change the way we treat it. It’s not easy to change our ways – – but if we all look beyond our own walls
and see our home for what it really is – – it might change you. Like it’s transforming us from a black
to a green energy company. We no longer produce oil and gas
and have decided to stop all use of coal – – to focus entirely on green energy. And we’ve already built the world’s
largest offshore wind operation – – enabling millions of people to benefit
from the forces of the wind at sea. We want to help create a world
that runs entirely on green energy. Because the place we all call home
needs love, but love means nothing – – without action.

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