Lego Friends – Hospital Doctor Ambulance Review

Yeeeeaaay… Do you know lego ? This is it… there are women with bicycles we put to the inside helicopter this is cool guys Heloo guys meet me again… on Yeeeeaaaaay… with me Azda guys do you know lego ? This is it Guys… this is lego Friends series for a girl special for me look so cute, there is a baby also there is a girl with bike there is a doctor someone is sick Woow there is Helicopter also this is cool guys there is logo love also guys… Woow there is truck ? woow there is an ambulance is this cool guys ? guys… guys… this is lego hospital look guys what this is for..? this is for someone who wil be sick we can take it the doctor will take a Helicopter guys… we put her to Helicopter the doctor guys… there is a hook, let’s go we take it and then… how ? like this guys… guys.. there is someone who sick maybe he died we put there done we take him with Helicopter we take him with Helicopter we take him done let’s open it we take the doctor we take him with our hand guys… we will turn it the Hospital guys… this is surgical room this is cool right? hello there is a lamp there is computer there is medicine so good let’s look down there is a skull there is a skull body if you are sick will checked here don’t be sick okay we will look to the right side wow there is a baby, guys… there is a baby just finish giving birth where is the mom ? this is baby we need to find his mom where the mom ? look to the right what is it ? this is a diaper changing room if the baby cries and poop let’s look down guys wow this is… waiting room if you thirsty, take here we wait here wait for the sick person here i like this and this is… the lobby there is a door let’s open hiii… the doctor please enter the room exciting right you want it also? so make it this is amazing guys… once agaian this is lego hospital series everything is complete if you buy, you will be like guys.. this the end next we will play again on… Oya dont forget to bye bye…


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