Learn Vehicles for Kids | AMBULANCE

Welcome to the Vehicles For Kids. Today we have a very special vehicle that
you all know well. Meet Ambulance. Can you hear the sirens of our ambulance? If you can hear them, or see red flashing
sirens then it means that our ambulance is on a very important duty. Ambulance carries sick and injured people
to the hospital. Do you know what’s inside the ambulance? First, there is a sick patient on a stretcher
who needs to get to the hospital. Second, there is a doctor and paramedic who
take care of the patient while on the road. Third, there is a driver who drives ambulance
very fast but carefully. Therefore when ambulance is on the road we
can hear and see the sirens of it. When we are on the road and see the ambulance
we have to slow down and let ambulance pass.

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