Kak Dastan Sakit | Periksa Dulu Ke Dokter

Brother is ill We want to check to doctor is it brother? after this is your turn is it? [ busy drilling some gold ] ok brother? Let the officer call you first Brother sick for 3 days why? began to sulk cause of headache ok… on the room, checked with doctor Cause of privacy we don’t show the doctor face nodules but not itchy is it brother? no itchy introduce some medicine (herbal and not) to brother Dastan guest what is it? This one is honey this is? yes honey That one for fever baby fever when body heat too much what else? baby nipple tooth brush yes tooth brush [ dastan laughing ] stella, this is air freshener… eh car freshener What is it? can we buy it dad? no, after this we go to the market beside why? i want that In the market there is much taste want that? which one? that pink one? oke just one the pink one this is orange yes pick it I ate once some day ago once hmmm strawberry which one? this ok buy some snack to distract him for illness brother after check up, buy milk what is that? buy pocky then what else? that pasta for white bread isn’t it? that chocolate topping we just shop 3 stuff, and vitamin it is also bought ok? and this one is okay you don;t want? which one Chocolate, you haven’t try that green one [green tea flavour] done? ok we will pay

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