Joke about Lenin. 📌

One old woman dying. Grandfather calls an ambulance. A young doctor guy arrived, examined a grandmother
and said: “medicine is powerless here – it’s obvious, grandfather, time
she came. ”
Grandfather prayed, they say, how so ?! We have been hand in hand all our lives, but
here so right away … The doctor kid says to him: “I’m not sure,
but there is an old folk method. “Grandfather, you need to tear your grandmother
up like a wedding night.” -You, grandson, I’m old, I’ve survived
so much. Even Lenin was dying in my arms … No, I
can’t. “Well, no, no,” said the doctor and left. Somehow, the grandfather was aroused and did
what was necessary. In the morning I was surprised to find that
the grandmother is not in bed! She cooks pancakes in two pans in the kitchen! Yes, so fast! Grandfather, looking at this, said: “That’s
how … but he could have saved Lenin …”.


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