Jen Shows Up Drunk & It Doesn’t End Well | Bar Rescue (Season 5)

Kyle, why are you failing with
the lights? Jon:
So there.
Go sit down somewhere
for a moment, please. OK. Look at that, that’s
Jen the bartender. Tawna. Ow. She’s completely drunk. She’s smashed. I must confess, I’ve seen
bartenders leave a bar drunk, how many have you seen
show up to work drunk? Daniel:
She didn’t even show up to work,
she barely made it
through the door. I really [BLEEP] up. That’s not something that
can happen, man. – Russ.
– Yeah. So, Jen.
She had some shots, she’s currently
laying over there. I don’t know why I drink. This ain’t good, man. Russ:Well, um, I guess
haul her out of here.
(drunken mumbling) That was drunk
a few drinks ago. Tawna:Hi, honey! So
are you going to puke?
Cause please don’t
throw up on me. She can barely stand, man. Pat:
Oh, come on! Oh God.
She is useless.Daniel:
That’s a whole other level. Tawna:
Jen. Jen.
She ok?
Look at me. Oh wow, this could be serious. Can you open your eyes
please? She’s not ok.


  1. FAKE: Isn't it interesting that every time something odd happens in the bar Taffer just happens to be in the parking lot watching–or every time Taffer shows up in the parking lot something odd happens in the bar….What are the odds. FAKE Staged!!!

  2. she needs help I was a drunk for a long time and when you dont know you need help that is when you do its been 3 yrs 6 months since my last drink its not easy but worth it it starts out a few drinks a week then a few every 2nd day then you drink every day then you start bring a hip flask too work and friends family's home its not easy
    Australia 1 855-674-3304 AA Help line
    USA (866) 316-8134
    Canada 1300 222 222.

  3. There’s is a bar located inside a casino directly next to where this bar was located. The staff was told to go next door and get plastered and come back and film when the crew was ready. It’s TV, everything is scripted. The more drama, the more people tune in.

  4. What kind of Irish pub doesn't have at least one passed-out person on the premises? It's those touches that make it authentic.

  5. Hey let's open your resterant at 5pm and the camera crew producers and bartenders can go out drinking before hand. While your drinking at a different local bar with us we are going to load the outside of yours with costomers waiting to get in because they know bar rescue is in town. And there going to abuse staff and bartenders, say the food and drinks are bad when there not just for that slim chance they will be on the show. Oh and only a 5th of your staff can work so you fail for sure. Yeah I was on an episode

  6. Chicks with tattoos are usually fucked in the head. If you love the drama, by all means date one, if not, steer clear.

  7. Paddy's Pub? Is that Dee drunk and passed out on the floor? Now I'm looking for Denis, Mac, Frank, and Charlie.

  8. She is hospitalisation level drunk. That poor woman could easily have drank a spiked drink and not known about it; an ambulance should be called just in case she had drunk a spiked drink. Tranquilisers, muscle relaxants, illegal drugs, pain killers like morphine and xanax; an anti anxiety/sedative are commonly used to make a victim more "pliable" and therefore easier for the offender to assault. The victim has very little memory of the attack; thus catching the perpetrator is almost impossible.

  9. How did she even make it in to work?
    The saying goes “don’t get high on your own supply” .. being a bartender when you have a drinking problem is a bad combination.

  10. I can't seem to find the whole episode. Does anyone if she was alright after this? It just looks kinda serious.

  11. If I had a dollar for every time I passed out drunk I’d have like 40 dollars, which isn’t much money but that’s a lot of times to pass out drunk

  12. I wish Bar Rescue would have done a Paddy’s Pub episode or Always Sunny would do a Bar Rescue episode…either way I want it

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