Janet’s Rescue, Part 2 – The Good Place (Episode Highlight)


  1. why didn't they nlow up Shawn? he was standing right there with a neon sign above his head saying "blow me up ding-dongs."

  2. Ted Danson pretending to be someone else playing Ted Danson while talking with the real Ted Danson pretending to be a fake Ted Danson

  3. Cannot believe the script has Michael, Jason and Janet just walking out of the Bad Place, with thousands of demons watching. Shawn couldn't muster the troops to stop them or even TRY to stop them? It's as if Shawn and all the demons lost all their powers. Too easy!

  4. This exploder is a kind of modern innovative exorcism 😀😀 We must give it to the priests. Demons explode in man and naturally emerge from him on next day. Good stuff!

  5. Michael could of at least taken off his suit as a thank you for Jason. No one could of cared less if he did it there and Jason would of been hyped

  6. Although Michael wanted Jason to control himself, I had a hunch Jason will still be right as the running gag, given that he guessed they were “on a prank show”, that they were in the bad place, using Molotov cocktail.

  7. I sort of hope they just keep resetting their memories every year then four new humans arrive, cause the good and the bad place have no way of doing what these 4 do.

  8. If Jason didn't bring the Demon Exploder, Micheal could still have caused a diversion by taking off his suit and flame-squidding everywhere.

  9. What if the "real" Michael in this clip was actually Vicky? And the Vicky that was exploded was another demon wearing a Vicky suit wearing a Michael suit? We already know that they can create believable suits and can wear more than one. Is that why Shawn just let them go, because he knows it's Vicky not Michael? I wouldn't put it past them to do a double bluff.

  10. Let’s be honest Michael didn’t need a lot of reasons to explode Vicky into demon goo (also Jason for the win)

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