1. I predict that this video will have many likes and numbers that have watched it in the near future. Thank you Dr. Marke.

  2. Wrote a Lyme disease brochure with the help of two Lyme disease specialists. Will email a copy to anyone interested. God bless

  3. I was just dx w POTS. 7 years ago I had my Dr. test me for Lyme and it was negative. Going to get checked again soon. Thanks for your video. I am exhausted

  4. Because I thought I had lyme (diagnosed by natural Dr)the hospital (Sanford in ND) diagnosed me with numerous mental illnesses and tried to have me committed. They based it on ridiculous number of lies- that they did get caught in, refused to allow me to see my medical records, said biofilm did not exist, tried to keep me from any outside contact ( restricting phone use), owned my lawyer who refused to get my med records or allow me any witnesses, and were going to court mandate me to be forced medicated before hearing. After leaving I was diagnosed with lyme and babesia through Igenx. And all the above is not even the crazy parts of the story. It was only through a miracle that I could smuggle a letter out to the judge that I was court ordered to be released.

  5. If my illness reason goes unknown why treat. Shouldn't there be a barrier between treatment and different reason on what have you so unfair I believe

  6. How could another human being persist at my lacks of well being to anything. God born us all it's just another way of top pay dollar. Not actually caring of the body

  7. Amazing information.
    Sadly 99% of doctors today are in Oblivion when it comes to LYME disease. I was told to see a Rheumatologist once you get a full treatment of doxycycline the disease is very hard to test positive again. So she makes sense every way .
    Unfortunately it took them forever to figure out since i been bitten more than once and 2 years ago they misdiagnosed again.

  8. Thank you doctor Marke i honestly think the CDC should be eliminated and give full authority to the Lyme disease.org association. They are the only ones telling the truth.

  9. Thank you so much for mentioning my article Crazy or just the Lyme disease? https://fireflydance.net/lyme-disease...

    Thank you for bringing more information to the disease that has been a challenge and motivation to live better for people like myself. I have lived with Lyme Disease for over 30 years and it is a struggle to live beyond my diagnosis, but a challenge I choose to push beyond.

  10. I agree fully Aeri.bless this doctor in her campaign to enlighten the medical profession.the world needs to waken up to this stealth invader.clients calling to her house on a sunday for treatment imagine.her colleagues need to take note.

  11. Hi Dr Marke. You mentioned sulfur and ammonia. Would pure organic sulfur crystals supplementation be contraindicated in Lyme cases as described in this video? The way you described the sleep disturbances fits my experiences. I live in N.Y.C. and am seeing a wonderful Chinese Dr. at present. This hellish illness was probably contracted in Heidelberg Germany but it is possible that there was a double exposure. Thank you. If anyone else reading can answer that or give advice on getting good sleep then please let me know. Holy Spirit to all of you!

  12. Exhausted as in crushing fatigue as in we feel like we carry a king size wet wool blanket of illness around our shoulders at all times and unable to fall asleep, stay asleep or nap throughout the day. At my sickest after a year undiagnosed, I listened to spa music while staring at a knock off painting of Van Gogh’s Starry Nighy for hours a day in an attempt to dissociate from the fatigue of the unrelenting insomnia I suffered from for a year straight. You wouldn’t believe the cocktail I take just to fall asleep or that it doesn’t keep me asleep but half the nights of the week. Crazy, crazy, crazy exhausted. This has been an incredibly validating presentation as someone who struggles to control their treatment resistant rage from bartonella which makes me feel like an awful human being when it rears it’s evil head. It’s not a moral failing. I needed reminding of that, thank you so much.

  13. Interesting presentation.
    The only major flaw would be including The Gun Grabbing Sandy Hook Hoax, involving Adam Lanza (So-Called)
    Youtube has removed "We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook" from it's platform.
    With only small random pieces reposted here and there.
    If you're interested in watching it in it's entirety, here's a link.

  14. How are we supposed to think straight enough to get help for this? Someone please help me. I'm also suffering vision loss daily from this and will not be able to even to look at a computer screen soon. Someone email me at [email protected]

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