‘It’s Not the Pouring That’s Wrong, It’s You’ | Bar Rescue S7 Highlight

It was every man
and woman for themselves,
and the bar can’t run
that way. The bar has to run as a team. Jon wants to get us right back
to the fundamentals right now. He wants a great cocktail,
he wants a great experience, and so he wants to start off
with a great whiskey mule. What we’re gonna do
is we’re gonna have a race as a team to build
the best whiskey mule. I really want to see
how the training goes.Hopefully that’ll be
a kick-start
in the right direction.If it’s not a kick-start,
at least a kick in the ass.
– So I’m gonna get one, two.
– Yes! And, one, two,
take that well over there. I have you two here,
you two here, and what we’re gonna do
is one person does one step, and the next person
does the other. You have to talk and work
your whole way through. – Okay.
– If not, I dump your drink
and you start all over. Megan:
I’m feeling pretty good.
I’m excited.
But I have a tendency
to get in the zone and I’ll probably be like,
“That’s over there. That’s over there.
That’s over there.” Ready, set, go. Come on, let’s do– nope.
Throw that out, start again. Nope! Where’d you shake? – At the guest.
– No, corner to corner. If this breaks off,
it breaks her nose,
you lose everything. There we go. Here we go.
Nice. I like that. Good, that’s it.
Better, better. Whiskey. Call it out. Come on,
they’re hurrying up over here. – Whiskey, whiskey!
– Let’s do it. – That’s perfect!
– Look at– they’re smiling,
having fun. That’s delicious. – Huh. Uh-huh.
– All right. – Ginger beer.
– That means I get to do
the garnish. The whole way through.
Come on, come on. They’re hurrying up over here. Two hand pour.
I love it! Winner! – Dang it!
– ( grunts ) Finish. That’s it.
That’s it. Great job. Let’s give each other
a little hand here. Come on in, come on in. So that is what stress test is,
is working like a team. In the last two
and a half years, I didn’t
really like to bartend.In the last 24 hours,
that’s definitely changed.
I hope I can make
these drinks tonight. Thank you, guys.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. – Team stoked.
– I love you. I just need a little bit of your energy
and I’m ready to go. It’s optimism.
I’m telling you,
it wins wars. So bowls for pretzels and then
the big plates for tuna? – Yeah.
– Okay, I’m gonna
rearrange this. – Bill: You guys ready?
– Yes. Ready! – You got it?
– Okay, let’s open it up.
Here we go. Who wants to take bets
that I cry first? Hey, guys,
thanks for waiting.
Please, come on in. Woohoo! – Whoo! Come on!
– Come on, ladies! Thank you for coming.
Thanks, big guy. We have three drinks tonight, the candied mule,
the lime rickey, and the Paloma popsicle. Hey, guys, how’s it going? – Pretzel?
– I would like a pretzel. – Yeah, I’ll do the wings.
– The wings? Okay. – I’ll do the candied mule.
– The candied mule? – I’ll do the same.
– You got it. Jon:
Bill’s wife Nancy is here.
It’s her house
that’s on the line.
It’s her parents’
300,000 that’s on the line. I have him doing everything
tonight on purpose. I am forcing him to get
involved, to learn this. – It’ll be good for him.
– I’m fighting for your parents. I’m fighting for you.
We’re going to kick him
into shape, okay? – Thank you so much, Jon.
I really appreciate it.
– Okay. Um, grapefruit, tequila.
Grapefruit, tequila.
Grapefruit, tequila. Coming in, new ticket.
One pretzel, two wings on that. Okay, here we go, guys.
Let’s stay ahead of this. – We’re cooking
those raw, right?
– Ryan: Yeah. At this point,
what are those gonna take, – 11, 12 minutes to cook?
– Yep. Nobody’s working either side
of the bar here. Runners, come on, guys.
Bill! Talk to me, Bill. Jon: Four guys down there
want to order food
on the end there. Somebody– distribute your team.
Send them someplace. Work it. Stay on it. If they fall behind
in the first ten minutes, it’s so hard for them
to catch up the next half hour. It really all
comes down to this. Can you take orders
on that side of the bar? – Yeah. Okay.
– And I’ve got this side. ( bell ringing ) For ( bleep ) sake, let’s go, Bill. Can you give me anything
over there? – Can you give me a tuna soon?
– I’m working on it. Make ’em quick!
Man looks thirsty over there. – Why aren’t these on?
– Yell for Bill. Yell for Bill. – Both: Bill!
– Bill! Not working. Get this going.
People are thirsty! There we go. There we go. Here you go. – There you go.
– You okay? – So far I’m okay.
– How many you making? Um, I’m still on my first. – First drink just came off.
– First drink just came off. So it took us, like,
seven minutes to get
the first one out. – Right.
– Now nobody has a drink – on the whole side.
– Nobody. Dump this out. Do it again. – What did it need on top?
– Soda. – Both: Soda.
– Who still doesn’t have drinks? – ( all shouting )
– Come on, guys! Are we any better
than we were ten minutes ago? Tick, tock, tick, tock,
tick, tock. – Holy shit!
– What? Tick. Jon:
The bartenders can’t pour.
They can’t make a cocktail.– ( glass shatters )
– Jesus ( bleep ) Christ. We need to dig ourselves
out of a hole. ( bleep ).
You gonna be able to give me
any wings any time soon? You have 14 wings,
9 pretzels. Cristella:
I’m doing what I can. How the ( bleep )
did that not work out? Hold on! What is this? – What is this?
– It’s these. – What do you mean?
– The speed pours. Is this a measured pour? T-Bear: If you measured off
of a time count. It’s not the pouring
that’s wrong, it’s you that’s wrong. If that’s the way
you want to look at it. – It should.
– Come on, we can’t do this. You can’t– come on! We don’t put strainers in
glasses. We don’t do it this way!

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