Insurance Company Quick Injury Settlement Dirty Trick

Hi. I’m Tony Castelli, a Cincinnati personal injury
attorney. My topic today is the insurance company’s
biggest scam. What that is — it used to be called the love
affair by my old boss. You get in an accident, the insurance company
calls you up, they take care of your car. They say, “We’re going to take care of your
medical bills up to the tune of, let’s say, $2000, and we’re going to send you a check
for your pain and suffering.” And they send you a check — $500. You sign the check, you sign the release that
goes with it, and your case is over with. The problem comes in is that you’ve got a
serious back injury and it didn’t get better in a week or 2 weeks or with $2000 in medical
treatment. And now you’ve got no case. Your case is over. The insurance company is laughing at you. You call them up and say, “Hey I still got
a back problem.” They’re going to tell you, “You’ve settled
your case. You sent your release back, you cashed the
check, and you’re out of luck.” So don’t fall for this insurance company dirty
trick. When they call you and tell you, “We’ll write
you a check for $500, we’ll pay some medical bills up to $2,000,” tell them no. Tell them that you’re going to talk to an
attorney, you’re going to see what their advice is. And any good personal injury attorney will
give you a free consultation. And if you’ve got a significant case, you
want to find somebody that’s going to be on your side. Otherwise, you might as well have just taken
that insurance company low ball offer, because that’s what you’re going to be stuck with. So that’s my advice for the day, and don’t
be fooled by the insurance company dirty trick. Thank you very much and good luck.


  1. They made my friend an insulting offer of $4,000 for a permanent neck injury that causes arthritis at an early age. Read the George's Line report online and you'll see what an insult $4,000 is.

  2. This really is a dirty trick when the insurance companies dangle an amount of money in front of someone who is in pain. Most likely the victim may already be low on cash, which further exasperates this matter. The quicker they can settle, the less money they will pay to the victims.

  3. 95% of personal injury  cases are fraudulent. This may have something to do with the skeptical attitude of insurance companies in this regard.

  4. #James Tenn Dang that's what happens to me he gave me $500.00 and told me he would place $500.00 for medical consultation !! @HIFONICSM3

  5. I was plaintiff in a personal injury case and It was settled in my favor. However I was not at all completely satisfied with my attorney. When he took my case he did not inform us he and two other attorneys in the firm were planning to leave the firm and start their own firm. He was not allowed to take my case with him-it was a slam dunk case for a 6 figure settlement. The defendant's insurance company attorney made a bad faith offer to settle the case-dispense with depositions, they admitted liability, would review my records to satisfy themselves that my injury was due to their client's negligence, and would make an appropriate settlement offer. Well, they did not review my records, the offer they intended to make was not at all appropriate, and their motivation was to draw out the case and exasperate me into taking their low ball offer. My attorney, when I questioned the delays, told me to be patient and wait. With all due respect, he was not going to collect as much money on my case as he had hoped and he lost all interest in advocating for me. With a lot of trial lawyers, what is important is how big a contingency fee they can score. In my case the contingency fee was 6 figures. I also had to pay the cost of the billable hours. The cost of the billable hours was less than 1% of the contingency fee. I came away from that experience thinking the firm could have charged a lot less and still made a tremendous profit on the case.

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