Injured Cat Never Gives Up Feeding Her Kittens Despite Dizziness | Animal in Crisis EP91

A cat’s going somewhere with something in her mouth Upon a closer look.. It’s a chicken breast Where did the cat get the chicken breast? Maybe took it from a grocery store Must have stolen it from somewhere Where is the cat going with a chicken breast bigger than her face? Chased her out of curiosity But the cat disappeared But then.. Over there! But.. She doesn’t have a chicken breast anymore? Soon after The cat goes into the flower bed of the apt Then! Come~ Eat up Someone gives her a chicken breast? The cat takes it and hurriedly runs to somewhere else again Does the lady who gave her a chicken breast know about the cat? PD : Hello, we’re from SBS TV Animal Farm Can we ask if you know about the cat you just fed? Yes, she always comes to our house to get some food The cat visits her house every day Lady : She sits here and stares at us walking around She never leaves until she gets a chicken breast, even if it takes 1 or 2 hours She comes 3 to 4 times a day Next day From early in the morning The cat visits the lady’s house Goes up to the bench and wait for the lady.. Endlessly.. Lady : I have no idea why the cat’s waiting As we eat chicken breasts as a snack I gave her every time she comes since she was there, waiting Then she took it and left The cat’s still waiting for her in the bench The cat only goes down from the bench when the lady gives her a chicken breast Lady : One day, I found her head injured A discharge running from a wound.. The wound was pretty serious So she couldn’t come for 2 days maybe because it was too painful Suddenly, one day The cat appeared with severe injury Since then She started to avoid people It’s not possible.. Can’t catch her Eyes full of fear Lady : Add a medicine in her meal Since it’s hard to get closer to her It’s the only way to take care of the injured cat The cat eats food added with a medicine After eating untill her belly gets full Goes back to the bench and sits What the cat wants is.. A chicken breast! But wonder.. Why the cat doesn’t eat it but only bring it to somewhere else? Chase after the cat to find out the truth.. The cat walks for a while Goes to another apartment which is about 200 meters away And there are .. little kittens! 4 kittens in total The kittens hurriedly eat up the chicken breast To feed her kittens, The mother cat has been delivering chicken breasts Does the house owner know about the cat? PD : Hello, we’re from SBS TV Animal Farm Do you raise a cat in your apt’s veranda? Grandmother : No, we don’t The cats are gone already Grandmother : Since it’s the first floor, the cats come often to play PD : Do you know a cat whose face is injured? Yes, I’ve seen her among the other cats who are visiting this place She also comes often and leaves But the grandmother said she’s never seen kittens before The house is empty during the daytime, so we wouldn’t know If this place is their shelter.. Where are they hiding? The mother cat goes back to the lady’s house Take a chicken breast Goes to the flower bed where the kittens are Soon after As soon as she gives a signal with the sound The kittens came out from underneath the wood deck! The mother cat puts the chicken meat in front of the kitten who came out Underneath the wood deck, The mother cat has been raising her kittens When she had to leave because she’s busy finding food for her kittens The mother cat hid her kittens underneath the deck and secretly raised them.. The lady came to see the cats Wow, so pretty Oh my god.. She’s been raising such pretty kittens! The lady’s particularly very proud of the mother cat She’s struggled a lot despite an injury on her head.. Now that the kittens have grown enough Hope she’s rescued and properly treated The mother has raised her kittens even though she was hurt For treatments She has to be rescued Put a chicken breast inside the trap cage and wait.. Soon after.. The mother cat shows up Though it’s the same chicken breast she always used to take But as it’s placed inside of the cage She became very wary.. After walking around the cage for a while, The mother cat plucks up her courage for her starving kittens Rescue success! The cat’s flustered Lady : Aww kitty, you are trapped You’ve been through a lot.. It’s okay now, baby Rescue the mother cat first Her kittens are safely rescued as well What’s the most worrisome is the mother cat’s health On a closer look The wound is big and deep Vet : A scab is formed over the wound without causing an inflammatory response So the wound will be healed naturally in a few days A medicine provided by the lady was a great help to her She might have hurt when she was moving or an external stimulus was imposed on her It’s hard to eat on her own in such condition She must’ve had trouble opening and closing her mouth But she had to.. Because her kittens are waiting for her It was difficult for her to eat on her own.. But then why the cat took care of her kittens from a far distance? Vet : Perhaps the cat thought the wood deck was the perfect place to give birth, when she was looking for the perfect place, and chose the wood deck in the end The grandmother’s flower bed was perfect to hide her kittens For her kittens’ safety She walked 200 meters a day over 3 to 4 times That was why she went back and forth between the two houses Vet : She has a bit of anemia Guess she fed her kittens more than she usually eats Normally, 3-month-old kittens are not being breastfed by their mothers due to their strong teeth Because it hurts Without eating properly The mother cat has bee looking after her kittens She has to be treated for a while Now it’s time to put her worries about the kittens aside and care more about her health


  1. Уважении всем кто относится к братьям нашим меншим добро Бог вам помош :

  2. Me da alegría en mi corazón que hay gente buena protegiendo a los animales que Dios los creo (Dios los bendiga a toda esa gente buena de corazón puro)

  3. there is a cat who need's help in our area but their are not help for them in our country because their are no people like you guys in our country
    1 like = HELP!!!!!!

  4. i don't know what he said but she is a kind woman .. next time at least add text to the video so that everyone understands..
    thank for hellp the kitten
    u are the real heroes!!

  5. I love cats and this is really adorable, i mean this cat needed help and the lady came to give the cat meat, bless her.

  6. 100% та бабка у которой котята прятались на хате, имеет причастие к травме у кошки.

  7. Очень часто хочется стать котиком в стране, где ему помогли на этом видео.

  8. I ❤️ KritterKlub. One of my favorites on YouTube. A raw balanced diet is healthiest for cats. Just like how they eat raw meat in nature. That’s why the mama cat prefers the chicken breast, it’s much more healthy than kibble.. Bless all you caring animal empaths.😍

  9. I'm so sad, but i'm so happy…
    Thanks for the people who care the cat and kittens. Bless for your kindness.

    In this era, i don't know how the wild cats survive, i think people must care for them 🙁

  10. Идиоты оставьте ее на свободе ей дороже свобода чем ваша будка

  11. Какая заботливая кошечка, даже из людей не каждая мама такая! Леди, которая угощает кошку куриной грудкой, ветеринару, и журналисту спасибо за заботу!

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