Ice Cream Can Fix Crossfit Injuries (Ice Cream Therapy Ep. 1)

(bells tinkle) – Yo, how’s it goin’? Do you guys have like a flavor
list or menu or whatever? – We don’t really do that here. – We have a more personalized approach. – Okay. – So what do you usually go for: fruit forward, bitter notes? – I like fruity stuff. I mean, it doesn’t have to be only fruit. – And what are you
thinking in terms of size? A single scoop, double,
light, magnum, baby? – A double is four half scoops. A magnum is 16, and the
baby is a half a half. – It’s my cheat day, so I guess
we can get a little crazy. – Any nut allergies? – No.
– And how’s your relationship with your father? Good, estranged? – What?
– Great. And when it comes to chocolate, do you like a chip or a chunk? – Chunk.
– Did you grow up on the East Coast? – Texas.
– Where’s your mom’s side originally from? – France, I think. How is this
– You good with caramel? – Yeah, as long as it’s
not too sweet, I guess. – Tell me about that knee brace. Is that a for an ACL,
meniscus, pre-op, post? – Yeah, it’s a meniscal thing. How did you
– Crossfit, right? – Yeah.
– That’s cool. – No, it’s a great group. I mean, I love that place. Awesome people. – How long have you been part
of the Crossfit community? – I guess like two years. – And you stopped going three weeks ago? – No, I didn’t stop. I still go, I still do
the WOD six days a week. Today’s just my cheat day. – You can be honest, man. This is a safe space. How do we feel about winter spices? – We love them. – Great, and why are we still
pretending like we’re a part of the Crossfit community? – I’m not pretending. I told you, I still
– Your shoulder. You have the faintest remains
of a tan line that could only be made by a kinesia tape. It indicates you haven’t
worn it for a few weeks. No need to stabilize your shoulder if you’re not doin’ Olympic lifts. – The knee brace is a
generic drugstore model. Not something you do for long-term issues. Just something you picked up recently, hoping your injury wasn’t too serious. But it was, wasn’t it? – How long has it been since
you last received a text in the gym group thread? – Hours?
– Days? – Weeks?
– Yes. 12 days. And I haven’t gone to
the gym in over 23 days. You’re right, they forgot about me. I made this such a huge part of my life and they just moved on. But it’s like why? I mean, I’ll heal, right? I’m gonna heal. But they
– But they were like family, and now you feel lost. – I do.
– Who are you if not Crossfit guy? – Nobody.
– Sprinkles okay? – Rainbow please. – It’s all right to be lost. Sometimes that’s the only
way to truly find yourself, to remember who you’ve been all along. – Is that?
– Yours. – Go ahead, take a bite.
– Take a bite. (intense music) (gentle music) – Oh my God, it tastes like how my grandmother’s house smelled. When I was nine, we
used to go to her place in Houston for Thanksgiving. The cognac gravy, the nutmeg
candles, the wood finishing. – Little half scoop of maple chestnut. It’s got the same nose profile
as pure pine wood finishing. It was the best selling wood
finishing in 1992 of all of southern Texas, so I just figured. – How?
– We listen. – Now it’s time for you to listen to that little nine-year-old boy. He never cared about being
Crossfit guy, did he? – No, he didn’t. How much do I owe you? – This one’s on the house. – Thank you, thank you. I’m gonna go be exactly who I wanna be. A marine biologist pro-wrestler who plays for the New York Yankees. Thank you. – We gotta stop givin’ out freebies. – Yeah, this is not a sustainable model.


  1. Hitting a little close to home as a part of an online fitness community. Nobody really cares if you get sick or injured.

  2. I actually enjoyed watching this video, and liked seeing Gabby make a special appearance on this channel!

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