1. Fantastic video! So good to see that you guys did what not many in your position would do ánd that it turned out so well in the end. The photo's of the puppies are very good as well!

  2. i defiantly would keep them together. "Better or worse "listening who cares.They went through so much , would you like to be seperated from the only one that helped you get through a horror story o f life?
    Geen goede keuze, sorry maar dat was niet goed!!!

  3. You guys are just great !!😀You already have a place in Paradise Post updates of the pups when you can Wish you all the best that life can offer you

  4. You're wrong about separating them….. they should stay together if possible. They could be 'fixed' later. Thank you for rescuing them from that backward place. With luck, they will be located close enough to have visits. I would have taken them both here in the USA!!! As for humping, ALL puppies do that!

  5. Aww, I’m so thankful they were saved 💕 God bless you 🙏 But so sad to see them separated. Siblings pups can grow up together just fine, it’s not true that they can’t. I hope at least they’l get to visit eachother regularly.

  6. thank you for caring and taking action where others wouldn't have. still the separation of those two truly bonded siblings in the end wasn't a good idea.

  7. What a great job to rescue, both puppies and find a home where they love.
    For people who think they should not separate think what they are saying is absurd, when someone has a litter all the puppies go to different houses and are raised separately and nothing happens to them ..
    Ideally, someone would adopt them both? of course ¡¡
    But not everyone can afford to have more than one dog better one, than having two poorly cared for and going hungry or needs the two do not believe?
    I see them very happy in their new home that is what matters, they are healthy, nurtured, protected and love them what else you can ask for.💙💙😘thank you very much for your kindness, a very nice gesture tristanbogaard 😊👌

  8. Really love your video! I might have done things a little different but nothing you guys did was bad for the pups. I would like to ask a question about your aunt's other white dog. Is it a Spitz or similar breed? God bless you young folks for following your heart and taking care of such sweet babies.

  9. 16:27 Je ziet gewoon het verdriet en het niet wetende wat er gebeurt in de pups ogen. Arme Mokka ineens na een zware tijd support te krijgen van de enige die bij haar was. Is ze alleen terwijl Latte er gewoon nog had kunnen zijn.

  10. Amazing video! What a generous thing to do. Hope people will be inspired to follow in your footsteps and help an animal in need.

  11. I really appreciate you kind-heart nature. You’re a simply precious guy. Thanks God for the generous donation.He never runs out of provision.

  12. I've seen a lot of "pairs" that were adopted together……..whether it was 2 dogs that bonded on the street as strays or 2 siblings and they all behaved as well as their human owner trained them to. I have a friend who tries to adopt siblings when people don't want 2 at a time. She started doing this because she did the same thing by separating them and it was heartbreaking! Any animal CAN get to a place where they might learn to be ok without their littermate BUT WHY MAKE THEM SEPARATE IF THEY DON'T HAVE TO?? They are much more well adjusted WITH THEIR SIBLING and not overly stressed & not sad. They can have "issues" with other pets in the house that were there before them, without a littermate. They have food issues, jealousy and fighting over toys and everything else. I am thrilled they both got adopted but there are many people who agree that separating them would only make them more well adjusted. I've seen a lot of dogs that don't listen too well, and those dogs had been adopted without a littermate. They are no worse coming IN WITH A SIBLING THAN ONE THAT COMES IN WITHOUT ONE. Terrible beginning to their "new" life…..but still grateful if they have good homes.

  13. That's not true about the fact you should separate them. Some animals are so connected you cant separate them. Talk to vets not the internet.

  14. Nonsense..keeping pups together is just fine…actually they are often happier having buddies…however if they will have this in their forever home and don't suffer from excessive separation anxiety then that works too.

  15. You guys are just great! Set a good example to millions of people with your generosity and kindness. I would also like to thank to the lady who donated 1.000 Euro.

  16. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️☺️😊😍

  17. Heartwarming video, you both have shown how we all should be with your kindness, compassion, and pure love. Great example for all.

  18. First let me say you did a truly wonderful thing rescuing the puppies. Next I just want to say litter mates can be raised together without issues. I have raised two pairs of litter mates and both pairs were a absolute joy. They were never lonely when I couldn't be with them and always good dogs in all situations. So I encourage people who can have multiple dogs to raise litter mates together. Mine were always happy and handled stressful situations well.

  19. I really applaud all you did for the two little puppies but felt so sad that you separated them in the end. Heartbreaking to see them all cuddled up minutes before they were taken away never to see each other again. When two dogs form a friendship and a bond it can be stronger than any bond a human could ever know. I find it unbelievable that some human suggested that their personalities would not develop if they stayed together. This is so selfish, what do they want from the dog, all of their personality to be focused on the human. I know you did the best you could but there is always somebody out there who will take two and even three.

  20. Hi Tristan, we have friends are right now in Dushanbe and interested in adopting a puppy. Do you mind sharing the steps you went through to get the paperwork approved? Thanks so much!

  21. Very good friendly young guy help this beautiful dogs home thank you for sharing your beautiful story very good thank you

  22. Nice adopting them but they slhould have not been separated because they were together when you took them and it will be very hard for them to adopt away from each ather because of separation angxiety.
    Make it apoint that they be together at leaset once a month.
    Thank you for adopting them and hope they feel love to who ever wiill adopt them, untill they grow old.
    God Bless you.

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