1. Dang it! I cant find where to buy "Caution"

    Dear Howcast,
    Please note where to buy the things you will need, we are going CRAZY!!!
    yours sincerely, werwer607

  2. Wow you guys are complete faggots. Wear the helmet? That can still injure you dumbshits. Don't go outside? Am i suppose to play football inside my house? Don't play football? Well its a hobby enjoyed by many including me. Its like me telling you to stop posting ignorant comments. Its just advice but its optional.

  3. @AaronAwsomness Your skool must be gay cuz im a football player and we dont make fun of band members or less physical players we are just all chill and friends

  4. Whatever. Our version of football, which is the helmets and the bashing of bodies, is WORLD'S better than the snooze fest pointless silly nanny praceabouts. Soccer (or fùtball) is the most borrowing 2.5 hours of my life. Soccer is doing itself a BIG FAVOR by imitating football. It would be dead by now if it tried fùtball

  5. now I'm afraid I could've had a concussion because I had an extreme head ache and dizziness after a blow to the head in football

  6. In football I had head to head collision I was ko for a second and was still standing I was hella confused just don’t lead with your head tackle right don’t be scared and run the right way

  7. I play flag football and we don't wear helmets, this one kid was running at full speed and knocked me in the temple and gave me my 4th ever concussion I am the best player on my team but also the most scared to run near another player, how do I prevent flag injuries!?

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