How to Get Pain Relief

Hey Malerie here so many people come to
Chinese medicine and acupuncture for pain relief in this video I’m going to
share with you a few do’s and don’ts when recovering from acute and chronic
pain the first is to chill out on the ice icing your chronic injuries
especially is not serving you at all ice is the most important within the first
24 to 32 hours of injury this is because we want to send this signal to our body
to freeze it so we don’t want the injury to spread or get any worse than it
already is and that’s what ice does it literally freezes the body and it cells
in the position that it is currently in so imagine this you’ve had an injury for
weeks months or even years and you’ve just been icing it and it’s still aching
and it’s actually getting worse in its pain now imagine this an iceberg nothing
can get through this iceberg there’s no warmth there’s no movement really
nothing’s changing in this iceberg except it might be getting bigger
because it’s getting colder when we’re healing an injury we really want to add
heat and warmth in small amounts of time to help send the signal to our body to
send fresh chi blood and energy to that area warmth equals movement and movement
equals health so when you’re recovering from any sort of injury within the first
24 to 32 hours of that injury use the ice afterwards
start applying heat and if you’re suffering from pain that’s the result of
a chronic injury only use heat my second tip is to get off your butt don’t just
sit around well you’ve got this pain in your body now of course if you have a
broken bone or a fracture or your physician has advised you to stay on
your then go ahead and do that but if you’re
suffering from an injury that’s really just very painful get moving
even if it’s just a short walk some chai Chi maybe some yoga or even just some
gentle movement around your house again movement equals warmth and warmth equals
health it can go either way here we can start with the warmth to create movement
or we can start with movement to create warmth either way we’re making our way
to health so take care of yourself when you move be gentle
try not to do more than your physician or that you feel like you can do the
third would be to get yourself some nice topicals that are warm so many people
use Biofreeze and icy hot stay away from cold and ice and focus on warm topicals
whether that’s a warm compress a hot water bottle or one of my favorite
products tiger balm I have a link to why I like tiger balm so much and why it’s
so great in the box below and my last and final do for you is to go see your
acupuncturist acupuncture is gonna open up your channels so that your cells can
move more freely so that your body can heal faster and so that you can get over
this pain in a quicker time it’s going to send more Chi more blood more energy
and more warmth to your area of pain so that you’re not living in pain and if
you’ve been in pain for a long time it’s going to help you to get over these
humps and start decreasing your pain degree by degree I hope you found this
video useful if you’d liked it give me a like below and a thumbs up and I’ll see
you in the next one thanks for watching

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