Hip Pain Relief Stretches – 5 Minute Real Time Routine

hey everybody it’s Super Jo, and super
Bear, and today I’m going to show you my five-minute hip stretching routine. so
let’s get started. so before we get started, if you haven’t already, make sure you click on the subscribe button down there so I can see your comments. so this
five-minute stretching routine is going to be in real time. so if you’d like to
follow along with me you can. in general if you see my videos, you’ll always hear
me say do the thirty second stretch three times on each side. well for this
one since t’s going to be a five-minute stretching routine, we’re going to cut it
down just doing the side that’s injured or hurting 30 seconds twice. so if you
don’t have a lot of time to do all of it then five minutes is going to be enough.
I always hear my patients say I just don’t have time to do a 30 – 40 minute
routine throughout the day. well you definitely should be able to have
five minutes to do. so I’d rather you hold the stretch for the full 30 seconds
and shorten your reps. so we’re gonna start off with a 45 set of 45 second
warm-up just to kind of get the hip moving a little bit, and then we’ll go
into the stretch routine. so I’ve got it set up on an app on my phone just to
kind of help us make sure we’re staying on time. so the first one we’re just
going to start doing the warm-up. so you can just do a heel slide to start off
with. you don’t have to do a certain amount let’s see this is just kind of
getting that hip moving a little bit. so it doesn’t have to be anything too crazy,
you know, maybe just five or 10 of them just to kind of get moving. you can also
even in a sitting position you don’t have to lie down. you can just start
doing some really short straight leg raises. so that’s just going to get the
muscle activating a little bit, get it moving. this might be a little bit
tougher for some people so you can do it lying down, or you can just do a little
bit that way. you can also just do kind of a side to side. you can either keep
your heel down and slide on your the floor, or the the bed or the couch or you
can pick it up a little bit. so the first stretch is going to be a hip flexor
stretch. so you’re going to get kind of into a lunge position. this is the one
that I like the most. use a pillow underneath it if you can, and all you
have to do is tuck in your tail bone. see how I’m rotating that hip so that hip
flexor that comes all way up here by just tucking in my booty?
I’m getting that stretch through there just holding that stretch. if you get to
this position and your body’s upright you’re not feeling a great stretch, you
can get a little bit more, but that’s all you really need to do. so we’re gonna go
back into it second 30 second stretch. now rotate tuck that tailbone in, and
then if you need a little bit more keep it tucked in and then just lean forward
a little bit. so I’m getting a great stretch right through there. so it
doesn’t have to be big. if you’re not tucking in your tailbone, you can get
this far and not get a huge stretch, and you might have seen me do it this way
before, but also keep your back upright so you can get a stretch doing this. but
really tuck in that tailbone to get the best. it’s now doing a little 10 second
break, and we’re gonna come back down sitting on the floor or your couch and
we’re gonna do a piriformis stretch. so I like just doing the figure-four. so
crossing over where my ankle is just above the opposite knee. so if you look
down it’s kind of a figure four. and then just slide your heel up or lean in a
little bit to it. I kind of like doing the sliding my heel up because then you
can just get that nice stretch and not have to worry about stressing out your
neck or your back moving forward. so this is for that piriformis or your glutes. it
can be a glute stretch as well getting that stretch right under there. so take a
little break and then come right back into it. so again if you’re not feeling
much of a stretch here, you can kind of lean into it. but see how I’m moving my
whole back? I’m not curling into it like that, I’m bringing my whole back forward
in a straight position, and now I’m getting more of that piriformis and that
glute stretch in there. so that’s really nice. just make sure it’s not painful
there’s just good tension in there and there’s not too uncomfortable. so the
next one is going to be a groin stretch. there’s a bunch of different ways you
can stretch out your groin. the one I’m going to work with you today is the
butterfly stretch. so just putting your feet out in front of you touching, and
then slowly bring them in until you start feeling a little stretch in the
groin right there. to add on to that, if this isn’t enough,
you can place your you know kind of forearms elbows on the outside and push
in. if that’s still not quite enough, again keeping your back upright, you can
lean forward at your hips and you’ll get a nice stretch in there. so this is a
really good stretch for that right in the groin area which is in the hip area.
so you really want those nice and flexible as well. go back out give it a quick
pause and come back in. and so sometimes you might feel that you can bring it in
a little bit more for that second stretch. again if you want to push down
with those forearms, if you want to lean into it, I’m getting a really big stretch
there versus some people might say curl down like this, and I’m not even getting
that much of a stretch versus keeping my back straight and leaning into it a
little bit getting that really nice stretch in there. so the next ones are
going to be lying down. so if you’ve got a strap, belt, a dog leash, or something
we’re gonna do a hamstring stretch. so just kind of put it around the ball of
your foot and then lie down. keep your leg straight and go up into the stretch
like this. try not to bend that knee that’s the important part of getting the
hamstrings stretching here, which come all the way up to the hip the ischial
tuberosities, those sit bones right there. and they cross the knee – so they’re
crossing a couple joints, so you really want to make sure you get a good stretch.
if your knee is starting to bend a little bit, come back down because you
want that knee to be straight to get that good stretch. so just come down, take
a quick break, and then come back up. some people like to put the other side down
which you can that they say that gives them a little bit more of a stretch. I
like to keep the knee propped up when I can because it takes a little pressure
off the back, but again that’s completely up to you. it’s really more important
about keeping that knee straight and locked out. if you want to add the calves
into it a little bit, if you pull your toes in towards you, that’ll kind of
activate those muscles and stretch those out a little bit as well. and then so the
last stretch you’re going to be pretty much in the same position, and we’re
going to go into an IT band stretch. and so IT band stretch is the same setup up,
except bring this leg down. still keeping that leg straight
when you come up, and feel a little bit of tension. now you’re gonna cross over
this way. so the IT band is really a band, it’s not a muscle, and it comes up into
the muscle that’s called your tensor fasciae latae or the TFL, and that comes
all the way up to the hip here. so when you’re stretching your IT band, you’re
really probably stretching that muscle more but IT band is such a common term
now, when you say IT band stretch, that’s really what you’re stretching. come down, take
a little quick break, come back up, and then stretch over. so again, that IT band
crosses the knee down here, comes all the way up, turns into that tensor fasciae
latae, and comes up into the hip. so this is a really good one to stretch for both
your knee and your hip. and again that’s what the sometimes the controversy is
about the IT band, are you really stretching it, but you’re really
stretching that muscle belly up there. just like the Achilles tendon attached
to your calf muscles, so that’s kind of how that works. so there you have it. yes.
so there was your five minutes stretching hip routine. yeah you like
that didn’t you? made you sleepy? if you’d like to help support my channel,
make sure and click on the link up there, and don’t forget to subscribe,
Where Bear? over on the side down there. and remember be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.


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  2. I like ur vedios.. Which r very helpful for me as a begginer.. Mam can u pls do a vedio about stroke patient management..

  3. Jo, thanks for posting these video, especially in these recent weeks. It takes our mind away from this present health situation and allows us to think about ourselves and keeping our bodies in good shape. Also, I think it's great for our mental health x

  4. Dr. Jo, I used to love to do the figure four piriformis stretch but, I have not been able since last April 2019 because of my left knee. Perhaps as I continue to strengthen my knee I will be able to do it again. Do you think with all your videos this might happen eventually?❤

  5. really enjoying the "real time" videos! not sure why, but when I'm doing exercises it seems to be more motivating to follow a real time video!

  6. 2:06 the best tip ever! That’s the only way I can do this stretch otherwise I getting sharp pain down the thigh. Thanks a lot for this a new sub here ❤️

  7. I know this isn’t a related video, but it would help a lot if you could tell me a stretch I could do to get rid of the pain in the tendons behind my knee. I over extended my knee and it’s been hurting for a few weeks and the stretches I’ve been doing have not helped. Also I am new to your channel, so if you already have a video relating to this that would be great to know.

  8. Is stretching different then strengthening? I had a Laminectomy at L3/4 in November. No physical therapy was recommended, just return to normal activity. (no hardware). I “pull” a muscle every time I try to return to normal. I love your stretches for the long muscles in the back, how can I build strength back?

  9. Hello i need help i have bad posture and more developed chest than back and i wonder shoud i train my chest or only back and never chest

  10. Hello Dr Jo, Ive watched and recommended your videos for a long time; theyre my go-to for stretching exercises. Over the last 3-4 weeks I have developed chronic sciatica pain down my right leg, causing numbness in my right big toe, foot, outside of calf and around the piriformis muscle. It is particularly bad after a nights sleep ( I understand that the problem may be related to problems ive had with the base of my back for many years). In the past, stretching and regular long walks would help to lessen the problem; but now, due to being in lock-down, here in England, I am unable to get the necessary walking exercise, and I think this is exacerbating my problem. I was wondering, as a suggestion, could you consider sharing with us some kind of 'lock-down' exercise routine that could help us to 'loosen' up our joints, whilst we endure through these challenging times? I know you must be very busy, so thank you for at least reading through my comment. Thanks for all you do to share with so many, your expertise. The very best to you and yours.

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