High Energy 30 Minute At-Home Fat Burning Workout | No Equipment Needed | Wednesday’s Workout

For this I’m very excited because Today’s workout has some of my favorite songs Really puppy songs. So again, I lost couple a couple of bets on a couple of these tracks, but We’ll make up for it no soundtrack is very important And there’s a lot of you said that the last time on Monday the workout that we did everybody enjoyed the music So we’re very grateful. We’re thankful for that because that’s also Obviously very important to us with what we do, you know? We derive a lot of energy from the song from the track that’s playing so, you know we try to do the same with this workout and Here are you ready? We have a lot of people tuning in a lot of friends. My mom is on. Yeah. My mom is on As well in Australia But anyway, I hope you guys are having a good morning. I hope you’re feeling positive. This is for you individually sobs Good moment. Yeah, what’s up? Austin Texas? It’s what I’m talking about. This is bringing us closer. Come to huh. You come to our Backyard, whatever. This is. Uh, should we get going? This is gonna be a banger. Okay, we’ve got Warm-up section two cardio sections a booty section which is going to burn and an arm section and down and abs sections and a burn boobs You know the glute gluteus maximus and all that All right, guys, let’s get started. If you need to take any breaks, please do so. We’re also not you know professional fitness trainers, so if you need to Change anything up do so. We’re gonna start with our warmup my favorite song. Let’s hit it head roll All the way All right, so is bowling Loosen up blood pump them. Let’s go back No Okay, all right hip thrust my favorite food Let’s see this Whatever you do just don’t stop losing. Okay. All right lunch Pat’s Hold it And flap back Reach forward. Okay, so I got my bathroom duty back hug the leg To the middle way Okay, let’s go down into a hip flexor stretch, okay Treach Down up down breathe Breathe and release nice All right best cardio We’re gonna start jumping jacks, okay You know anybody put a low bow Let’s go Three That’s one three jacks step back let’s go get Stale our thighs burn accomplished one Go Right Go Other side Left leg goes Let’s go I’m dead Finally I Can’t believe I spoke didn’t think what’s the drone take a quick drink? All right guys first up with Caesar runs, all right another cardio section we’re going to completely burn ourselves down Oh Right now we’re going to attach without All right outside Running knees to the right one, two, three, whoa Oh, sorry numbers it’s not from beginning you see the runs Seven go All right No Let’s go Okay Running me Me to check Three now we’re gonna go into the squat pull up squat pull up. Okay, then we’re gonna get you Warm in the Berto. Okay, one minute burnout from the beginning again One two three four six seven ghost what Little Guys Thirty seconds take a drink Hey guys doing This is basically the first section the beginning this is Peter version of uh, You know, let’s get into this early in the morning How often are you guys gonna do this? But if I think right now we’ll do Monday Wednesday Friday. Yeah, 10:00 a.m. You know, it seems like Manageable schedule not to let you guys down Right. Yeah, I think As long as you guys, you know incorporate something every day Can be walking for 30 minutes around the block doesn’t matter Do it around your kitchen what grade you’re living her in ten times. That was so good. Well, it’s just the beginning again We’re not going away disable a little break, but let us know later in the comments what you want more of less off I personally think that this needs to be flat We shouldn’t be really getting up just more like little rolls to the okay. I’m just wedding This is booty section, okay, lots of lunges deeps what curtsy lunges Yes, hurry, good forward Yeah What is – fear death load – whoa Oh Right Two three Five six seven other side one two Three four five six Eight I just added this in on the end that’s why there’s no music usually well Five now, we’re gonna go to the back with the right leg. Okay and pump it two three four five six seven eight eight more two three four Five six seven switch legs go left leg back and burn two three four Five six seven go eight more one two three four five six seven eight Yeah feeling it take a quick drink we’re coming back for arms in 21 seconds Great stuff trying to figure out how to get phone notifications Oh Your phone okay next silent mode it’s armed see she’s not giving us any breaks guys I just wanted it on the record that for the people I tried to give you guys a break but this is not happy in two punches This is what folks okay, when you hook if I’m doing the right arm first You hook it around and you swivel in the right leg. So same arm as leg comes around Yeah, left leg Right leg. Okay, then we do the max special one, two, three four. That’s it. Just keep it going. I live in this Keep the core tight now we’re gonna move to punches. Let’s go Bring it out Okay a Drink We’re gonna get down on the floor I’m gonna go into our abs just give you nice and easy We’re gonna chill throw it Back how’s it going guys? How you feeling? How are your thumbs? Can you type? I’m sure people who are doing the workout aren’t typing right now. Thank you guys. You’re welcome. Thank you Love from Brooklyn I am tired No joke, he’s no joke when it comes to my aerobics, man Australia I would watch Jane Fonda and I’ve been doing fire hydrants since I was like 10 and my mom’s living room Can you save those so we can do it for people that are sick guys? First of all, please Feel better everybody This is not a show of this is please join us at the time where you need to take your mind off Yeah, you know this allows you Obviously, there’s definitely benefits from it. Please just live Yeah, hopefully you can do this when the quarantine is over, you know when it was over Yeah, we’re gonna Buddha save it up somewhere. We’re also not very techy at the moment We’re just figuring this out like probably a lot of other people Yeah, but you know this seems to be working and we’re very happy about that. So I also wanted to say that you know Everyone has their down days mine was yesterday I was on the bed like crying with my first tears and the whole quarantine Debacle but I don’t know why it just came on I wasn’t like super sad in the morning, but it just happened and if you want to release stuff This is the perfect way to do it because exercise will release endorphins and make you feel better Make you feel good make you feel happy and that’s what we want out of this at the end of the day You don’t have to have a perfect 6 8 pack, but we’re gonna try get it And so, you know, this is just as it’s for us as it is for you sending love from West, Virginia, beautiful ID. So We’re gonna get into don’t tell me what to do. This is my section From beginning one. Yeah, I still think you Guys do me wrong. I need you bad you lazy So let’s make that You need somebody Take this action We’re gonna repeat this moment on a circuit. Yeah don’t give up on this This is you get so much shit off. Go right back into it Right, let it go So yeah So, yeah So let’s make love so let’s make love so let’s make love so let’s McClure To the side Won’t last 100 time on the side To All right now Sleepover No, that’s it it’s gonna stretch out a little bit still ends up with your chest inhale and exhale on the way up As you can see I have zero All this stretches my house very well. Um One more time inhale and exhale on the way up I will present


  1. I wasn't able to make it yesterday, so this was the perfect way to save the videos so we can continue to do them! Would love to see more! Thank you!

  2. Couldn't join live yesterday, so we love that you are posting them so we can do them around my daughter's college courses and me teaching my 5th graders : )

    Just can't thank you enough!

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