Hide and Seek – Outside the Ambulance I Rizzoli & Isles I TNT

Hang on. Hey, Jane. You all right?
How is she? ISLES: Surface abrasions,
single facial hematoma. What she said. We’re taking her to
General for a full work up. OK. Did he hurt you? He just wanted to scare me. OK.
Well, he’s dead. OK? You don’t have to worry
about him anymore. I heard him on the phone. He wasn’t working alone. This is not over. It’s over for now. What did he want? It doesn’t matter. OK? He’s dead, and you’re safe. OK? OK. I’ll come straight
to the hospital as soon as I wrap up here. OK. Be careful. We need uniforms on this
outside of her room, 24/7. It’s already taken care of. Did Harris say anything? No. So we don’t know much more
than we knew yesterday. No. Just that somebody out there
is really pissed off at me. I wish that narrowed it down
a little more than it does. Sorry. I’m an asshole. Hey, you want to drive so
you can feel in charge? No. Really? You’re OK. You’re OK. [SIRENS]

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