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  1. Sir i am watching smart phone continuously till 10 hours and more than that hours for my studies.so some times i am feeling horrible headache , even i am not concentrating on my subject topics .and i feeling like am wasting my time .so i left to study on smart phone and moved to my text books .i am unable to concentrate more on my books.so if dont mind can u give me the best solution to concentrate on my subjects to achieve my dream of engineering services.

  2. Thinnava ventane cheyocha naaku ekkuvaga thinnaventane thalanoppi vastuvuntundi plz cheppandi sir

  3. I want to do for headache & hair loss & reduce belly
    3 vyayamas , which one i should follow first sequence??

  4. ఇది తలనొప్పి వచ్చినప్పుడు చెయ్యాలా లేకపోతే ప్రతీరోజూ చెయ్యాలా?

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