Guy Evans Young Hero: Molly – St John Ambulance Everyday Heroes Awards

I was watching my programme on the TV. I felt like I had indigestion so I went up to bed. Literally that’s the last I remember about it. Sarah: He snores anyway. I realised it
wasn’t a normal snore – it sounded like deflating, something was deflating.
I rolled him over and there was no noise and he was foaming at the mouth. He was purple in the face and his eyes had rolled back in his head and then I called Molly and she came into the room but really I was really numb to it to be
fair I just sort of said, ‘Molly, dad’s not breathing.’ Molly: I opened the door, mum’s kind of
stood up kind of panicking, dad’s lying on the bed, purple. My first reaction
was just going into, like, autopilot and just kind of do the first aid. I didn’t have
any other thoughts just do the first aid, get him on the floor, get the ambulance here. Sarah: Then obviously I could see she was getting tired, and while we were still waiting for the ambulance because it took about 11 minutes them to get here, I said to her,
‘Do you want me to help?’, and I’d never done anything like that before.
She showed me where put my hands and she said, ‘Just do that, don’t take your hands off him, don’t stop.’ Molly: And I was counting the beats to her so she’d get it on time properly whilst I was on the phone to the ambulance telling them where we are. When the ambulance was arriving I felt a little bit nervous so I ran
down the street and went to go get them. So I was waving like a lunatic
at the ambulance. They spotted me and followed me to the house. I went into the living room down here to keep everyone calm, and I called mum’s work
to tell them that they needed to get someone to cover, I called nan to come over, and my school so I didn’t get trouble. In my first aid training at cadets, it was joining the St John Ambulance, so we got our little badge and it says St John Ambulance on it. To do it for – 10, 11 minutes? Sarah: On your dad, as well! It’s not like a stranger, to actually do it on somebody you love, I think it must have been more difficult – I don’t know – difficult anyway, but – you know, just – Peter: Amazing. Truly amazing. Sarah: For St John Ambulance to recognise what she’s done, you know, I’m really grateful for that
and for us as a family because it’s personal to us. I don’t know what we’d do
without her. We’re very glad that she knows what she’s
doing! Peter: Basically, if it wasn’t for Molly, I wouldn’t be here. End of.

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