GRWM NARS Natural Radiant Longwear in Siberia | nonbinary stuff, update, hair, etc ???

Hi everyone, long time no see. Um, I’m
gonna try to record a video let’s see how it goes. This is just gonna be a get
ready with me with the NARS what is the thing called Natural Radiant Longwear
in Siberia they finally brought out the shade in this formula probably quite a
quite a few months ago now. I’m sick I have– things have been a bit of a mess
lately! I guess I could talk about that. um like a month ago I was trying to.. my
three-year-old came into my bedroom into our bedroom to get a kiss on his foot
because he hurt his foot and in the process of trying to get him– hike up his
leg on to the bed so I could give it a kiss he started to
fall over so I tried to keep him from falling over which as you may guess
pulled me right off the bed and I put my arm out to catch myself and
it just kind of went splat and partially dislocated my shoulder which I’m very
flexible naturally I have something called hypermobility syndrome all of my
joints are way way over flexible way too loose so in a in a way it was kind of
helpful in this situation because it kept the shoulder from like tearing
anything you know, it ended up being probably a lot less of an injury. But
anyway! So I am getting physical therapy twice a week to try to strengthen all
the stuff that’s so loose which is actually both shoulders are really loose so
it’s been good trying to strengthen all these things that I’ve had difficulty
even figuring out how to move them because they’re all just so weak. And um,
so that’s been going on. I’m just gonna do a little tight line. So this is
expired — there’s like no sun so I don’t think it’s a huge deal I’ve been using
like the silicon-based SPFs lately I have one for Paula’s Choice but it’s
downstairs and I like that one better than this formula this is the Murad Invisiblur SPF 30. I prefer the Paula’s Choice —
it’s like serum primer or something it’s a same kind of thing but it feels like
it kind of absorbs a little bit more isn’t quite as like thick and tend to
ball up-type thing but it might also be because that Murad one is old and
expired. The expired part of it is just like the SPF that’s expired it doesn’t
smell different it feels pretty much the same so I’m just gonna tightline with
this Urban Decay Demolition pencil which I’ve also had forever and so it’s just
kind of a dark brown, slightly cooler brown. You know something like Whiskey is warmer toned so anyway I’ve had that and then I like tweaked my back the other
day which I think was because of a ballet thing kind of irritated my back.
Ballet has been going great, I love this teacher. She is so good, she’s exactly
what I need and like she pushes me in ways that other teachers didn’t push me
but like all in the best ways because my previous teacher that I had for a long
time in Miami she really pushed me too but it was stuff that with my joint
issues it just caused a lot of problems with my knees– lots of jumping and even
when I was in really good shape shape it just always really bothered my knees and
my ankles. Lots of time spent up like high up on your feet which puts a
lot of strain on ankles and whatever so anyway. This teacher even though it’s
like an hour-and-a-half class it’s actually helping my knee and ankles and
it’s been great. They’re really hard classes but it has
been great. All right um.. so I’m so glad I’m doing I
hope I– it’s like I want to be able to go twice a week but I don’t want to not
take classes with her and she only teaches once a week so ya
know it’s for the best anyway. Uh okay here it is, was looking for my eye
primer. I’m still using this I Love Color Intensifying Base from Essence and
it is lighter than something like you know, Painterly and Soft Ochre for MAC
the Paint Pots and it works pretty well as a primer I do find using those slippy
silicony SPF type things where I’m using a ton of those to try to get
something similar to my regular SPF, I’m sure people have comments about that but
so it goes. I am literally never outside I’m only
dealing with the sun coming through the windows I think I’m okay. I do find that it tends to make my
eyeshadow crease and you know, ideally if I’m wearing something that already tends
to crease a little bit I will just use like a glitter primer which is the thing
and one thing that will really keep those really creasy type shadows–
something like the foil shadows from Makeup Geek, those always crease on
me no matter what. But anyway when I’m using those siliconey primers on my
lids I do find that stuff creases a little bit more frequently so I’m gonna
do something super simple this is what I wore yesterday and it looked so nice and
I thought it was kind of like a nice technique to show where even if you’re
wearing something super shimmery you still can sometimes use it as a one
shadow look without it being too funky looking even if you have kind of crepey
eyelids, loose eyelid skin. So I’m using the Juvia’s Place The Nubian 2 – these are
probably still on sale for like 35% off at Ulta maybe– they’re
probably still on sale from the Juvia’s Place website. So all I’m gonna use is
this shade this one, called Sheba it’s a really pretty bronzy color
that isn’t too warm you know shades always go very warm on
my skin fair skin in general seems to bring
out the orange in shades like that but this one doesn’t go super super warm
which I appreciate. I wore to Thanksgiving
I wore this Yaa shade oh it was so bright, it was like bright copper penny.
It was pretty but it was a little bit more intense than I was planning on. So
I’m just going to take this on something that’s kind of shaped like a 217 that is
a MAC 217– this is a Base Shadow Brush from Real Techniques and yeah I’m just
gonna kind of slap it on here and I’m gonna put this everywhere. Oh I am gonna
use another shadow but just to make it a little tiny bit lighter and shinier in
the base, not the base, in the CENTER of my lid just because this shade looks
pretty dark on me because of my skin tone and I don’t want to do like totally
smoky. So all I’m doing is trying to focus most of it on my lid and then just
kind of blending out up into my crease and that is it. That is literally– very
quick very easy Juvia’s Place shadows I think are some of my favorite shimmers,
they’re shimmer formula, it just looks so pretty on my lids without like really
accentuating the texture of having slightly looser eyelid skin where
things can look really scaly with a lot of shimmer and like a metallic. It’s
like you kind of get that metallic effect without so much of that scaly
situation. So you can see that’s pretty dark, so then what I’m gonna do is just
take a little bit of this is Zuri shade which is the lightest shade in the
palette and I’m just gonna put that just a little on my brush tap it off and then
just go into the very middle of my lid and kind of bring it up and this will
just kind of disappear when you apply it with the brush. It’s just gonna make it a
little bit shinier in the center but you’re not gonna see like a stripe.
If you put it on with your finger it’s more likely to be kind of stripy and it
will require a little bit more effort to blend it out and it’s going to look a
little bit more like kind of a spotlight halo shape which I also do a lot but
that’s not what I’m trying to do today because I’m just trying to do something
quick. So yeah, so the back thing the shoulder thing and then whatever this
illness is which is like causing digestive issues and now is also like a
cold which makes my throat feel all weird and like like it’s all [choking noises]
Oh and I have cut my hair since I think the last video I did. So I did like a pretty
severe undercut all the way around now I’m growing out this like around here
because I found that having that undercut all the way up here just was
kind of hard to deal with and was a funny shape and it also went right
through my cowlick so you can see my cowlick here is kind
of growing out it’s really funky looking in the back right now. And I don’t care
that’s fine you know, really truly do not care. If I can look at make it look okay
in the front– sometimes I wear it like down sometimes it it wants to all go
this way I would say. Like this part wants to come over, this all wants to
hang down, so that’s kind of the way it likes to go. When I’m trying to look a
little bit more feminine a little bit less accentuating what a, like drastic
hair cut it is, I do tend to part it somewhere over here and so then I’ve got
some on this side and some on this side and it kind of looks more like a– more of
kind of standard feminine cut. I don’t know if I talked about it on youtube I
did come out as non-binary, I definitely feel more masculine than feminine I
always have. I’ve always wanted to kind of look like a guy kind of
I have a guy’s haircut, wanted to dress like a guy and after a lot of thinking
about it. once I had really learned about non-binary being a thing which I
totally did not know about until several years ago.. I was like yeah, at first I
thought oh no..maybe? maybe that’s not me. And then I thought about like, I like
hanging around guys because I feel like I think like them a little bit more and
while it’s easy to be around women it’s like I don’t want– I don’t like calling
myself a woman that doesn’t, that word has always felt really uncomfortable for
me, like being labeled a mom always made me really uncomfortable so now I just
you know I like being a parent I like the a person. It just kind of fits for
me better I think. So NARS Natural Radiant Longwear
Ffoundation in Siberia and, I’m trying to shake it well because it says to shake
it well, and umm. So I was gonna do that Anastasia Luminous Foundation but if I
recall correctly it does not sit well on top of those siliconey ones whereas
this foundation does. I did two pumps which is probably way too much but I
would rather just get out too much right now and the effort of going back in and
getting more out. It does tend to look pretty heavy on me, you know my skin
really doesn’t wear makeup very well you know it tends to really accentuate that
my skin is kind of dry in places and you know, so I try to go relatively lighter
coverage on everything and this because it’s a little more concentrated I feel
like it’s kind of easy to go overboard but I’m really trying not to. I did find
though that it blends out really nicely over the silicone type primer skincare
or whatever then over kind of what I had been wearing which it’s more of like a
grippy skin care. So this seems to be a way for me to use less product to get it
to blend out a little more easily and give me, you know kind of medium
coverage as opposed to tending more towards full coverage and then not being
what I want. So Siberia is such a nice yellow
shade, there just really aren’t a lot of shades out there that are this kind of
yellowy tone, that kind of cooler yellow undertone so I was really happy when
they brought this out. You know it’s not as pale as all the really pale stuff
that’s out there and it’s just– it’s just really nice because it’s such a unique
tone and this formula works better for me I think if I can figure out the right
skin care to wear with it uh. I just cannot make the other formulas work very
well for me though I haven’t tried the All Day Luminous in a long time. I bought
it and ended up returning it because I just could not make it wear even
remotely well on my skin but I do wonder maybe it would work better over like a
siliconey base like this so maybe I’ll get a sample of that one again to see
how it wears. But I mean really, do I need to know. I’ve been less interested in
buying makeup, I haven’t been watching any youtube, I unfollowed almost all of
like the companies [on instagram] so I do still have some left and I might actually use this
under my eyes now that I think about it. Some formulas I can use under my eyes
and some not so much. Some will just crease and crease and crease
and crease and just never look good. Whereas others seem to sit okay under
there. Yeah, so I’ve just kind of like taken myself out of the grind of new
makeup and whatnot and it’s been so much more– I’ve just really enjoyed not being
stressed about wanting new things and like trying to make these decisions on
like, what I really want and what I can just skip and it’s just easier to not
want stuff you know? I don’t know what’s coming out I’m also even if I see new
stuff I’m I might think “oh, maybe, maybe” and then just be like “nah” and then, and
be fine with that. Whereas before it was just like so stressful because it’s like
well I want to do these foundations on my channel plus you know every once in a while
I want to buy something for myself too and so much of my purchasing ended up
being stuff I was going to show on my channel and less stuff I wanted to do.
And like the grind, again with the grind, the grind of foundation reviews is
just kind of not fun, you know. It’s like sometimes, well– I’ve just kind of lost
interest in making videos in general but what’s most watched and most likely to
get me somewhere with YouTube is foundation stuff and that’s also the
most work and really can feel just more like a job and not fun and this is, since
I can’t really make any money at this you know, it’s like a not fun job then
I’m not getting paid for except like pennies. What is the point of that? There
is no point in that so that’s why I just stopped and decided you know I’m just
gonna walk away for a while if I come back, I come back, if I don’t I don’t. So
that’s where we are right now. I don’t know, I don’t know. What I’m gonna do for
setting powder, I’m using the Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder, which if
I’m wearing a super pale foundation and super pale concealer sometimes
that can darken it a little bit which sometimes was what I want, with this kind
of shade of foundation it’s fine. And with the kind of siliconey SPF I
found that it’s not too drying whereas when I’m using a more dry base
it is to dry for me under my eyes and elsewhere. So it’s been kind of nice to
also find a way to use this so because it’s such a lovely setting powder and
then I’m just gonna go to the places where I do get oily and foundation wears
off kind of funny. Um another– I mean I’m just like singing the praises of
silicone SPFs right now. Another thing I like about those kind of
primer-y siliconey situations is that instead of my foundation sticking to my
face better but getting really patchy, these just kind of like– the
foundation will kind of fade off kind of like when I had oilier skin, how
foundation would just kind of disappear. I would much rather have it just kind of
disappear than get patchy because the patchiness with the little polka dots, oh
it’s awful, it’s so awful. It’s so obvious that you’re having major foundation
problems whereas like, I don’t need a lot of coverage. I like to wear foundation to
even things out but if I start losing coverage from my chin or my nose it can
look a lot more natural really, so it’s fine. I would much rather that then it
get patchy because then it’s just like it’s accentuating that makeup on my face
which is what I hate. Okay, so now that my under eyes are set I’m gonna do some of
the same Shiba shade under my eyes with my favorite under eye shadow brush, which
I wish I could find a different brand dupe, this is an IT Cosmetics
number 12 Smudge Brush. It’s just soft and the right density and the right
shape. I just have not been able to find something similar and I wish I could
because I don’t really love the IT Cosmetics brand and I would love to find
an alternative, so if you have any ideas! iI’s like the density and the stiffness
while also being soft cuz my lower lashline area is very sensitive to
pokey brushes and most pencil brushes are quite pokey and you can’t like go
back and forth like that without it like, really kind of irritating my skin under
there. All right, I’m going to take the lightest shade Zuri again and try to
go kind of subtle ish on my inner corner I don’t want it to be
like SuperDuper bright and this shade is you know darker than my skin tone so
it’s not gonna be like a really bold bright in our corner which is fine it
that’s what I’m going for here I don’t want it to be like this huge contrast
from the color I have on my lids I want it to just kind of like be shiny but
also blend in with the other color okay because sometimes I use my highlight or
something in there and then it’s just like it looks white compared to
everything else and that’s fine but that’s just not what I’m going for
right this moment um so I need I browse I guess I could show the eyebrows that I
have been doing a lot lately though not the past few days I’ve been using the
dip brow pomade from anastacio a ton and yeah I think this one maybe both of them
both of them had gotten a little bit dry so what I did was mix it up that’s all I
did I’ve mixed it up and that really kind of brings back that moisture to the
whole product where you know the dry at the top might be a little dried out but
underneath it’s fine so this is an easy way of kind of getting that all back
together so it’s not like you’re adding any moisture to it you’re just combining
the moisture that’s underneath with what’s on top which you might have
gotten dried out that was a lot of words for something that did not require I’m
just using this metal palette and what I try to do is get my by brushing it down
get my little brush to the like most sharp point as possible and this brush
is not great for it but it’s usable this is an Ulta ashay brush I’m not sure if
it’s got a number if it has a number it’s not on there who knows if they
still make this brush I’m by no means recommending it it’s just what I use
stairs downstairs I have a different brush from colour-pop which i think is a
better stiffness density for this because this one gets really floppy and
the bristles start coming apart really quickly so I’m constantly going back to
my little palate and trying to smoosh it all together again so I’m able to get
more like distinct brow hair lines with the colour-pop brush and if I remember I
will put the the number of that brush somewhere actually made kind of a big
order from colour-pop I did some makeup purchases for the first time in quite a
while during this whole Black Friday thing it was like there were some things
from Sephora that were like really really heavily discounted and what else
did I get the color pop I’d been thinking about trying to get there
attented moisturizer since I saw they had two tinted moisturizer that was a
little too far so while it’s still kind of wet you can go in there and if you
get a little over-enthusiastic fixing oh goodness I think I need a little bit
more it’s getting a little dry here my jabbering so I picked up the colour-pop
tinted moisturizer and also their new concealer that’s supposed to be like
hydrating or whatever their matte concealer I cannot use because it is so
chalky and dry so I’ve got you know I’m hoping at least the other one is usable
where’s the other one really is pretty much not usable for me and I also picked
up the I think that big palette from kathleenlights the like jaded palette
are so jaded or something because everything was 30% off except for their
really really new releases so like well I haven’t ordered from colour-pop it
and months and months let me grab a couple things I also got another Matt
super shock shadow which I love they’re super shock shadow mats I think they are
amazing on kind of textured skin because a lot of mattes can if you do like a one
shadow look with just a matte on kind of more mature skin type issues it can
really look powdery and kind of accent that accentuate the texture in the way
that also a shimmer like super metallic shimmer does oh geez I really don’t have
the voice for all this talking because of this cold / digestive situation mess
okay so that’s pretty much my eyebrows down done this is not the best buy bro
also remember to wipe this off while it’s still kind of wet because otherwise
it’s a pain to get off it really really locks down tight on there I have learned
that the hard way um yeah it’s like digestive thing + weird throat thing I
don’t know what’s happening okay so I am gonna put mascara on so I don’t look so
unusual but first I’m gonna finish up my brows I’m using the elf beautifully bear
shear brow tint in medium this stuff for me stays as well as Anastacio clear brow
gel and it’s tinted it’s the only tinted brow gel I’ve had I found that has the
same kind of hold is the Anastacio I have tried the Anastacio tinted brow and
it’s okay I find it really hard to use because it’s so pigmented and it’s a lot
thicker whereas this stuff is very very thin but
has really good hold so you can’t you can get a tiny bit of volume and a
little bit of a tint so it’s easier to use it’s harder to mess up whereas I
find that a Nastasia brow gel is so easy to mess up and you can use it as a
pomade really because it’s got such a strong color to it and I have used
that but I actually prefer the dipbrow just because I’ve found a way to make
the dipbrow work for me without much effort whereas the I feel like I’ve got
a little bit of a hole on that eyebrow I think I missed a spot
and whereas using the tinted brow gel like I have to first of all getting it
off the brush off the spoolie onto a brush is kind of a hassle and I just
find it the texture is a little harder for me personally to work with compared
to the dip brow but if you have it and you’re like struggling to find a way to
use it because the spoolie is thing is so hard to use definitely give it a try
painting it on like upon me that was an excellent tip from somebody love to
comment on one of my videos while back saying that they were I think a soccer
player and that they found that that held up really well to sweat and I agree
it does hold up great to sweat alright so eyebrows are done that adds a
little bit more color and definition to my where I have the least amount of brow
hairs I have recently dyed my eyebrows so I’ve got a lot more color in my brows
than I do naturally but I still just don’t have a lot of brow hairs in the
front so that can kind of pump up the hairs I do have make them a little bit
darker and a little more contrast and texture from the dip brow which is on my
skin mascara I don’t know what I’ve been using a ton if you follow me on
Instagram and look at the pictures of my makeup this Maybelline lash sensational
has been in usage for a long time now what is that and I think I get some like
eye goop stuck to my eyeshadow there that’s that’s attractive but this this
tube is on its way out anyway I find that this formula plus the
brush seems to kind of get a lot of product on my lashes quickly which is
what I like I don’t like spending forever trying to build something up
because I like a lot of volume and it doesn’t tend to get really chunky clumpy
towards the ends that’s kind of my pet peeve and I find it actually does hold
up to some sweatiness if I have like sweat actively dripping through my
eyelashes it will run a bit which I don’t think is that surprising but it
holds up better than some other mascaras do so it’s not quite as good as
something that’s like a tubing mascara or a water resistant or waterproof
mascara but you know some into the incidental like eye watering I think it
holds up pretty well too so lower lash mascara I have been using
this again the clump crusher water resistant this definitely holds up to
heavy sweat in my experience and sometimes I just do these outer
lashes something if my eyes are gonna water it’s gonna water towards the outer
corners and often just do to brush shapes I have a tendency to kind of Miss
that outer corner with my bigger more volume II voluminous shaped brushes so a
lot of times whatever I’m using on my lower lashes I’ll kind of try to go over
my outer lashes which are like pointed they kind of go out this way as opposed
to the rest of my lashes so sometimes they’ve just hard to grab with a regular
wand things are looking better mascara makes a really big difference for me
okay the mmm blush I’m gonna use as this found baked illuminating bush found as a
brand that’s at Walmart it’s still at Walmart this color is peach glow it is
I’m using a dense brush this discontinued Sonia Kashuk brush because
the pigmentation on this is pretty weak so I would say only fair skin really is
gonna be able to see much from this it does have a nice Sheen to it but it’s
not like metallic like some of the Milani shimmery blushes are just so
metallic that it’s really like a highlighter and they can be kind of
difficult to use as a blush and that gives me enough of a sheen that I feel
like if I’m not trying to because sometimes you know I’m wearing all these
pretty masculine clothes I got it masculine haircut and then I have like
this super intense glam like highlight and shiny eyes and sharp eyebrows and
it’s like whoa that is a lot and it’s a very confusing mix so sometimes I like
to make it a little bit more like okay I’m not gonna do everything like to the
absolute intensity shine everything and then every
just like very masculine that’s just me and how I feel at this very moment and
the thing is that I am a little bit fluid on that like sometimes I’m okay
with being a little bit more feminine I do go very feminine on my face and I I
am totally aware of the fact that some of that is just to make people feel less
uncomfortable and that’s a whole other video but since I cut my hair like this
people have given me some nasty looks in public like basically white dudes have
been like angry what could happen like angry and they’re like I smile and
they’re just like scowling at me and I do feel like the makeup can help kind of
like okay she’s a girl you know because otherwise there’s this confusion
and there it shouldn’t be the way it is but that’s the way it is right people
get uncomfortable when they’re not sure what you are and it’s just the way it is
unfortunately and I don’t think anybody should have to present one way or the
other to make other people comfortable obviously it’s about making yourself
comfortable fortunately I really enjoy makeup but I do notice that there’s a
little bit in the back of my mind like well you know it will make people more
comfortable because they’ll see that makeup they were like okay you’re a girl
you know that’s messed up and hopefully at some point I won’t feel like I need
to do that but since I enjoyed the makeup process and I enjoy putting
makeup on my face I don’t feel so bad about it about it because ultimately I
want to wear my makeup anyway but I do know that some of that goes into my
thought process which is interesting interesting
okay so last thing lips I am so bad at figuring out a lip that I’m gonna feel
comfortable and like in last night I did a very bold lip situation it was like
this kind of purply lip liner and there’s like bold red but that’s a lot
of work trying to get my lip line looking nice and everything so when I’m
not feeling that what I tend to do is a little lip mom and
and like a good nude color for me right now that I’m liking there’s a couple
that I’ve been wearing a lot one is the Milani matte in matte
innocence there we go it’s just the innocence and it’s a matte
so that one and also this lip pencil which I thought was out but I don’t
think it is though this came for boxycharm I have cancelled my boxycharm
but one of my old boxycharm boxes is this Steve Laurent lip pencil in cheek
this is a little bit more I’m gonna do this and see how I feel about it and I
feel like sometimes I feel like once I put my lips on it’s like oh it’s too
much I don’t want to be that much that made up looking the nice thing about lip
pencils is that it doesn’t give you much texture it just gives you some color so
I feel like it can look like well your lips are just kind of that color and
then maybe you have a little bomb on I do find this lip pencil really applies
better with some sort of bomb underneath otherwise it can get kind of it drags I
can get a little chunky since my lips are usually dry I do put a bomb on first
and then it works so much better but I feel like this color is very kind of
natural looking for my lips though it is quite a bit darker than my natural lip
color my natural lip color doesn’t have really much color to it at all so it’s
very much depends how much like blood is blood flows gone to my lips so they can
look kind of purply when there isn’t a lot of blood flow down there so right here I don’t have much lip balm
you can see it looks a lot darker right there so it definitely goes on more
shear and over a bone or something slippery so what I’ll do if I want that more
intense color is I’ll put the bomb on and then I will like wipe it off so my
lips have a little slip to it but not as much as if I had just specially applied
it and what I do to try to get lips to look a little bit less done as I then
just blur out the edges with my finger and I’ve got mascara on my fingernail so
it just takes off some of the product on the edges and also blurs my lip line it
just looks a little bit more natural mm-hmm
and then if I feel like that’s too dark what I can do is then just go over this
with the Milani lighter lipstick that lightens it up a little I don’t know so
this is kind of the type of makeup I’ve been wearing lately I’ve been doing more
simple eye looks of late and then just kind of going back and testing stuff in
my large stock of foundations and it’s been nice not getting a bunch of new
foundations I maybe I’ll do swatches but it’s doubtful because the swatches are
really what kind of get me down I know they’re the most useful but they’re also
like tedious and I don’t know man swatches just bummed me out and yeah so
I think I have swatches of that NARS foundation though for some other review
I was doing so I will link that and maybe show a little picture of that if
if I can locate that so anyway that’s a look I’ve been doing now it’s like 40
minutes we’ll see how things go when I go to edit this let me know if you have
any questions I have no idea when my next video will be
no promises I’m just trying to do it only based on when I feel like it when I
have time and just we’ll just go with that because uh the the YouTube round
just got to me and you know I’ve had depression issues where I’ve just lost
interest in things and that was part of it and yeah so I just needed to kind of
step away for a while and we’ll see we’ll see what happens so let me know if
you have any questions hope you’re having a great day hope you had a good
holiday this Thanksgiving with someone recently if you celebrate and yeah I’ll
see you soon or not sue


  1. I was literally just watching some of your old videos today! I’m glad to see you upload and I’ll def be here enjoying whatever video you decide to post, whenever you decide to post it! ☺️

    Edit: and I agree comps that no one should have to conform to any kind if gender role. Unfortunately it’s so engrained in society, that it can be a pain not to.

  2. Happy to know you are good and really appreciate seeing you again ☺️ Always love listening to you and get to know some makeup stuff (especially everything about and around siberia 😅) Also Im totally fine with you uploading only whenever you want. You know youtube doesnt have to be a job for every one. For years I play around with the idea doing some makeup videos by myself but only to help others (so far J havent). I do not want youtube as a job and I feel like not everyone who does youtube videos has to upload regularly or whatever 🙂 Wishing you all the best 🙌🏻 Until next time 😘

  3. Great to see a new video from you! I loved learning more about you and how you're doing! Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Nice to see you! Those shadows look beautiful on you. I tend to accumulate mens' clothes because I like to be warm, I like pockets, I like good quality flannel, and I like to play rough with my dog without worrying about my clothes getting torn. It seems like womenswear is rarely made to last any more, and the fashions and color trends keep drifting further away from my taste. I'm sad to hear that your haircut has attracted negative attention. It shouldn't be that way. I think looking like your real self is a valuable gift to those who truly love you.

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