Give to change a life!

I started coming to Eva’s because I was hungry. I was raised in a single household by my mother in the streets of Newark. As I got older and I tried cocaine- I got in trouble – I got locked up. I never thought- this girl from Bergen County- upper middle class background – educated- would be in a homeless shelter. My first rehab I went to was in 11th grade- I didn’t want to lose my son, so I
came here to the Mommy and Me program. I had two scholarships to be a pro
basketball player. I dropped out of school – I got started sniffing coke. Eva’s was my first program. I was in the shelter and when I moved over there the lady,
Miss Barbara, said y’all going to the Culinary arts program What? Yeah, I signed you up already! I was like, What? People like Josh -people like myself-
needed a safe place to stay. I’ve accomplished so much since I stopped using. I’m in my senior year at William Paterson University. I’ve got a 3.85 GPA -I’ve bought a new car – I’d literally had nothing except the clothes on my back- and to be standing here today employed- self-sufficient They gave me a chance. Sometimes it just takes a good meal and a smile to set somebody on a new path. I didn’t know how to be a mom. I was a drug addict. I have my own place -I have my kids- I’m married- I literally wouldn’t have any of that. Eva’s changed my life.

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