George Rescue tool | #05.Lightning Rod | Robotrain George

HEY George!… Are you coming to play? HEY George! POOR George
George got an electric shock. REACTIONS
Scary, ah? This is my new invention: “George-2000”,
My twin robot. He will do house cleaning for me. OH George! You are a genius! How do YOU manipulate him? OH… With a remote. JUST Look! “George is good-for-nothing”. AHEM…. Ah… wrong button. [1.37] Here! George is the most hard-working little train
in the world. I think the first phrase was A BIT MORE ACCURATE. So, you wanted to play outside? OK George! House-cleaning mode! OK Let’s go! A-ha, …the Great Professor George ….
created SOMETHING SPECIAL, A robot. Good afternoon. Ah? What! What’s going on? Can I water the flowers, please? Kid, watering flowers is a serious business! ER, But I see you are a very responsible little
train, you can do it. Yaaaah, and I will… take a nap… Hrr, hrrr, hrr… Hrr, hrrr, hrr…
aaah, aaah… What? What’s going on? George, what have you d… Grandpa Billy, I brought you some cakes. Pffff… prlf… pgff! Grandpa Billy, what’s going on here…? Aaah! Who is breaking the peace here? It’s George!… It’s all his fault! I TELL YOU
Well-well…. Where is this naughty kid? There he is!… Stop him NOW! George! Here! Oh dear ME! They are identical! Tell me now: who made a mess in Grandpa Billy’s
garden? It’s been my twin robot. Honestly it is not my fault! No, he is my twin robot! Liar! You are the twin, I am George! No! I am George! No! I am! No! I am! No! I am! No! I am! No! I am! No! I am! No! I am! No! I am! No! I am! Oh, sorry, did you… drop it? GRRRRRR
Ru-u-u-un! AHHHHHHHH
AHHHH HEY George, ….what have you done NOW! Ah!.. Now I know for sure GUYS…: I have to clean
my room by myself!

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