Exercises for Arthritis Pain Relief : Calf Muscle Stretching Exercises for Arthritis Pain Relief

Hi! I am Monica and these last couple of exercises
I am going to show you are actually going to be for your calf muscles. So it is more
if you have knee arthritis or knee problems. So the first one I will show you is stretches.
You need to grab a belt or like a long towel or something of that sort. What works great
too is if you have a robe you can grab the belt from the robe too. You want to hook it
down around your toes and the first we will do is with the knee bent. So right like that,
you are going to take the belt and just pull your toes towards your shin. So you should
be feeling a nice stretch in the back of your calf, you want to hold it for 30-60 seconds
and then we also want to have you straighten your leg too. So right like this, keeping
that tension on the belt you are still trying to pull your toes towards your shin so now
your knee is straight. So it is a good calf stretch but it is going to get another calf
muscle so you should not do it bent and straight because you are getting two separate calf
muscles holding both for 30-60 seconds.


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