1. Love the way you call them "Kinzinger Republicans" in the House. Those 20 or so weak-kneed Republicans need to be called out.

  2. Bring in more informative interviews Steve. Bring in a mix of opinions across the board. You are an intellect and i feel this is a waste of your time. It needs to be more hard hitting and energised

  3. Later on in the afternoon, I'll be doing my share of Black Friday shopping.
    Thank You President Trump 👍
    MAGA/KAG TRUMP2020 👍🇺🇸

  4. By calling Trump voters part of a cult aren't elitists/dems really making the same mistake that Hillary Clinton made in 2016 by calling us "deplorables?"  So the elitists/dems are again alienating and insulting large parts of the voting population with name-calling and insults.  Hey, yeah, that's the way to get votes–insult people.  They really like to talk down to people and pose as intellectuals.  But they are nothing but pseudo-intellectuals.  Other insults they have given us are that they think we are low class, low intelligence, over the hill/old people ("old white men"), uneducated, etc., etc.  Elitists/dems don't care about the concerns of most people, and make this clear with their insults.  So I'm guessing they don't want our votes, either.  The really insidious aspect of this attitude is that elitists/dems really don't believe that most people should have the right to vote.  I've heard this point hinted at in interviews both in the US and in Europe over the past few years, ie, that people basically aren't competent or intelligent enough to make voting decisions.  That's because these people are losing in all the victories that have been achieved against them (Trump in the U.S., Brexit in the U.K., and other populist victories in Europe).  An insidious move in the US: the elitist/dem attempt to try to cancel the electoral college.  They want only New York and California to determine the outcome of national elections.

  5. I look forward to the impeachment push ENDING !! BUT ! Don't go away when it does ! You need to have a show right before Rush like you are doing ! So we can hear you, then Rush, then Sean, then Mark Levin !! What a perfect day that would be !! I LOVE YOUR SHOW !!!!

  6. Donald Trump tried to use the resources of the office of the President to chase a conspiracy theory and to pressure another country to investigate his political opponent. This was wrong, regardless of whether or not Trump knew it was wrong or not (and he did know it was wrong). To compound this issue, he sought to cover up the crime by taking various actions after he became aware that his criminal activity had been brought to congress by a whistleblower. These activities included colluding with various folks to come up with exculpatory evidence after the complaint was known – such as the infamous “no quid pro qo” email; and his refusal to allow persons with direct knowledge of his crimes to testify in congress, in defiance of a lawful subpoena, thus attempting to elevate himself above what should be a three branch co equal government. He is a risk to the republic because he either does not understand the functional structure of government along with its checks and balances, or he does not care. Either ways he is a danger. When you combine this disregard for the structure of government with his incessant lying, one can easily see how foreign powers would target him to manufacture a blackmail scenario. His is morally immature and thus is a danger. Pence being in office would be better than Trump at this point, and it gives me no joy to say that as I am a centrist and Pence is no doubt to the right of Trump.

  7. And also, Donald Trump inherited a healthy economy. He did not create that. There were massive tax cuts during his administration, but the vast majority of it went to corporations and billionaires, not the average person.

  8. And who is this British accent having ass clown Harry Porter wannabe you have cohosting the show? He’s not savvy enough to know that he shouldn’t repeat a racist trope, even if the Qataris came up with it and not him??? He could have just simply said “the Qataris say Omar is an asset”.

  9. Democrats in the religion of Marx the cult of woke.

    They are projecting their own idiocracy onto others. The left is just one giant death cult.


  10. The economy is hardly doing great, as the guest host here characterizes it by saying that Americans
    have some extra money to spend at the mall this year.  That’s chickenfeed.  Peanuts. 
    The country has been in the managed decline that SKB talks about from
    the Bush Sr. presidency all the way through Obama, for almost 20 years.  Whether Democrats or Republicans, they were
    all the same, profiting from the decline of the U.S.:  lowering wages, importing brainwashing cults like Islam into
    America, of taking weapons away from people, of
    weakening the military, of negotiating bad trade deals and treaties, of selling
    our assets to enemies such as the Clinton part in selling uranium to Russia, of
    accepting donations from wealthy Muslim interests in order to promote Islam
    here, of weakening the family and religious/cultural values that have built the
    great countries of the world, of handing control of the internet to the UN and cooperating with other UN policies such as agenda 21. 
    And what about the 40 odd trillion dollars of missing money in the government?  This line of presidents (Bush 1, Clinton,
    Bush 2, Obama, and heir apparent Hillary Clinton) basically wanted the US
    population to be so poor that most will have no option but the fight all the
    wars that the elites want so they and their few
    friends profit . This group would also love to cause a
    race war in the U.S.  to increase their own power.  The second leg of
    their plan of destruction is also well under way and will take many years to
    reverse, the debtor economy with a lot of desperate people who own
    nothing.  The third leg of their plan of destruction for us was the big
    mergers that produce nothing but big companies with all the power over us, seen
    now as the big computer/communication companies with their deplatforming
    of people who don’t agree with them.  No,
    things aren’t great, and it’s going to take a long time for the US to come back
    from this treachery.  A few extra dollars to spend on some trinkets and baubles at the mall is hardly any compensation for the rape that has occurred to our living standards.  Being satisfied with that is like the Indians who sold Manhattan Island for some trinkets worth about $26 being satisfied with their transaction.

  11. Trump tried to rig the 2020 election by bribing the Ukrainian President to manufacture dirt on his opponents. The failed attempt had the added benefit of making his boss, Putin, very happy.

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