ENDLICH lackiert! Zusammenbauen Teil 1 | Ambulance to CAMPERVAN 🚑

go go go slow down there is nothing on top what did you paid for “derra kistn” ? 12,5k damn thats close i am excited what? ?? yes, 3 times degreased 4 times with pressure air, and another 5 times degreased and 8 times sanded let´s paint now here is a little hint for the colourway unfortunately there are no painting-videos thx for bringing ?? whatup we finally made it the ride is paintjobed actually its assambled again here a little sneak preview you will see it in the video before we assamble the car again with the hood, the doors or something important we start with the most important the snorkel can you play Didgeridoo with it ? i will start with this thing we didn´t mounted it yet bc we aren´t ready cavity sealing to prevent rust tell us, what is happening? is this a gas or a liquid ? its kind of a “schlotze” but it smells good, i had one the other day that smelled like “fett-schwattn” – disgusting rust prevent rivet thread with the Hasky it works fast schö screwlocking we put a seal ring underneath and so.. .. i don´t wanna translate this because im a bit lazy right now..i hope you enjoy the video 🙂 don´t destroy it – it does´t fit i can´t image it should be mounted from inside retreat without sika-smearing fits?yes sugar for the boys snorkel lets vote – rearmounting (nach hinten)
-frontmounting(nach vorne) thats the question tim connects the pipes we put it to the front, what do you think Bella ? front is nice or side-gheddo-style i fail with the pipes way bigger problems when we put it like this we can feed it feeding? maybe with carrots or brake cleaner what comes out of the pipe ? air ? no, it sucks the air here for the engine okay, bc when something comes out it would hit the window, but never mind imagine you are in the water and the waves are coming from the front when you are in the water until here it´s over so it is all about the optic ? you can go until here and the engine will continue running, but you can´t move anymore bc it is a 2WD in theory yes contra front: insects can get sucked in, but.. looks super sexy with the coulour..offroadstyle ” i get the hairdyer ” so the first part is mounted and now we go on with something different let´s go on with the bumper we recognized that we can´t mount it yet because we have to raptor-paint that fender again we did it with the spray looks not nice so we have to wait for the raptor- roller and then it looks like here, where we did it already what are you doing? prevent rust now we reassamble the door i think it gets mounted like this its sure for that door, because i wrote it on looks pretty nice with the alcantara spoiler-alert let´s show it shortly nice rust prevent 1,2,3,4,5 1,2,3,4 1,2,3,4,5 plugs 1,2,3,4 plugs it goes to the window adjustment what do you wanted to say ? the same? -yes, bc they are electrical we can´t adjust it now, bc the rubber is missing so let´s put it on how should this work? thats whack he has to go more outside who? the lock carrier close it properly now ! you see the finger stains easy :/ now we adjusted the carrier what next? -window let´s go on with the handle and there is a thread but here we forgeot something mirrors door finished in the next video you will see how we assamble the remaining parts hit the abo, the bell and thanks for watching 🌞


  1. Geil ich will das nächste Video!
    Und es ist geil dass ihr euch auch über die kleinen Dinge freut „geil die Tür geht wieder“

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