DuoTherm: Vibrating Thermal Back Relief

There are a lot of studies that show that
opioids don’t work as well and cause more side effects than simple ibuprofen. I first realized that maybe we’re giving the
wrong medications, but as I researched pain management, turns out that for all most every
pain condition medications are the third or fourth most effective. 12 Years ago I invented a device to block
needle pain called Buzzy. It’s been used for 31 million needle procedures. What people say works for pain is thermal
therapy, hot wraps, cold wraps, vibration, massage, yoga, exercise. Those aren’t things that most physicians think
about recommending. DuoTherm is a personal, customizable, wearable
device for pain that has really high-tech pain solutions on the back but a comfortable
strap that wraps around so that you can feel good when you put it on. DuoTherm combines the Cool-Pulse technology
that we’ve proven is effective for sharp pain, but gives you the option for very intense
heat or very intense cold with a variety of vibration therapy cycles that have been proven
to work for different kinds of pain. The research in chronic pain doesn’t say you
get better over night. You need to have something that feels good
but that you use on a regular basis to help retrain your body that your low back doesn’t
have to hurt. We’re on a mission to change how people treat
and even think about pain. I’ve actually never found anything that combines
vibration and heat or cold. After using the DuoTherm for a while, I think
there are a significant number of advantages over TENs. Wow! Seriously that’s really cool. DuoTherm is an interesting concept. Making things look simple is always our goal,
but this is a very complex device. The Cool Pulse technology we developed has
been cleared by the FDA. It’s a class 1 device, so it’s the most minimal
risk, but we’ve gone through the studies to prove that it’s effective. Heat and cold have both been studied separately
and found to be twice as effective as any medications at decreasing back pain. If you pledge for a DuoTherm you’re going
to make it possible for the most amazing low back pain device that ever existed to be in
your hands. You’ll get natural heat or natural cold, two
different vibration frequencies, three different vibration cycles. Since I founded pain care labs, it’s been
my mission to eliminate unnecessary pain. Pledge for a DuoTherm and get power over your
back pain.

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