Donate for Defibs – Dave’s Story – St John Ambulance

I’ve been running all my life. Running means everything to me – it’s the freedom, it’s the time to get outdoors, to relax. The morning of the race I felt great. I was running the race with my wife, my
daughter, and her boyfriend. After about three quarters of a mile, my chest was becoming quite tight, so I stopped and walked a bit. The pain didn’t go, and I kind of worked out
that I might be having a heart attack although I didn’t actually believe it. I’d already seen St John Ambulance and I knew that they would be able to help me out. I walked into the treatment centre and said that I really didn’t feel very well and with that I just collapsed. The minute he came in, it was obvious that he was very unwell and that something serious was going on. The defibrillator was the crucial
thing that really saved Dave’s life that day. They’re probably the single most vital bit of kit that we can carry. Julie waved me goodbye and I actually remember blowing her kisses as she shut the door! Julie: In any situation, the quicker you can get the defibrillator on to the patient’s chest, the better before the ambulance service arrives. It’s a lovely feeling to have saved Dave’s life. I feel very very lucky that St John Ambulance were there that day with the defibrillator. To be honest, in theory I shouldn’t even be here and if they didn’t have that piece of kit, I wouldn’t be here.

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