Demi Lovato Frantic Call To 911: Friends Plead For Ambulance Sirens To Be Turned Off – Daily News

The frantic 911 call placed by a woman inside Demi Lovato’s home has been released We’ve got the details on how she asked for ‘no sirens’ from the responding ambulance following the singer’s alleged overdose  The harrowing 911 call placed from Demi Lovato‘s home on the morning of her alleged overdose has been released Paramedics were dispatched at 11:24am on July 24 to the singer’s home after she was discovered unconscious “No sirens please” the caller asked as the 911 operator discussed the “medical emergency” with the unidentified woman They advised her to put Demi’s pets inside a room so that EMTs wouldn’t be distracted while treating her  The woman then handed the phone to a man who could be heard saying that he heard the sirens and that it was a winding street to get to Demi’s Hollywood Hills home The paramedics then arrived at the house and the dispatcher told the woman on the phone, “Good job, good luck, okay?”    The the audio obtained by TMZ we get some more insight about what was going on inside the house as Demi’s crisis unfolded The female caller said she wasn’t with Demi, as she was downstairs while the singer was upstairs as there were “other people with her ” The 911 dispatcher did a great job of keeping her calm and handling the situation like a pro  “Hang on there, we’re on our way. Stay with the patient. I’m going to remain on the line with you all the way until the paramedics arrive, okay?” he’s heard reassuring the caller  He then asks her “Can you gather any medications if she’s on any that would be helpful If you have any family pets in the home put them in a room.” When the woman asks for no sirens from the responding ambulance, he tells her he has no control over that and that, “This is definitely a medical emergency for her and we need to get there as fast as possible ” Within the four minute phone call the EMTs arrived at Demi’s home.  Its still unclear what the cause of Demi’s alleged overdose was, though initial reports of a heroin OD have been shot down TMZ reported that Demi was partying with friends at the Saddle Ranch chophouse in West Hollywood the night before her alleged overdose, celebrating the birthday of backup dancer Dani Vitale The party then allegedly headed back to Demi’s home and hours later she ended up unconscious  Paramedics reportedly administered the opioid overdose reversal drug Narcan to revive the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer,  which led to the rumors about her alleged overdose being related to heroin  The Blast later reported that a hospital nurse told police that Demi was “using some type of methamphetamine” leading up to her medical crisis   

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