Cookie Craze: Meet STAC’s 12/4/19 Cookie Eating Contest Participants

What’s up Spartans, I’m Mark Keegan and this just in, I am here with Luis Morales, our first confirmed contestant in the Cookie Craze cookie eating contest. Luis– what do you have to say to our viewers? “My name is Luis Morales and nobody eats cookies like I do!” This just in: contestant number 2 confirmed for the Cookie Craze. How you doing today? “I’m feeling great man. I am ready to destroy those cookies and to destroy Luis–you are dead.” Watch out Luis, Ethan’s coming for ya. I’m with the third confirmed contestant for the Cookie Craze, James Hannigan. “What’s going on guys? I’m James Hannigan, and I’m ready to eat some cookies, ‘cuz this skinny boy eats!” Watch out! What’s up Spartans? I’m with contestant number four for the cookie contest Mike Tighe. Would do you want to say, Mike? “Mark, I actually have a question for you.” Yeah? “When do you take a cookie to the doctor?” I don’t know. When do you do that? “When he’s feeling ‘crumby’.” That’s awesome. It’s up Spartans–contestant number five of the cook eating contest Mike Shine–what have you got to say? I’m crazier than I look so be ready to shine on December 4th. Sup, Spartans! Contestant number six. Kayla Cobelli, what you gotta say? “I’m tiny but mighty, be prepared!” Sup Spartans contestant number seven for the cookie eating contest Ms. Murphy. What do you have to say to our contestants? “I’m a cookie eating threat!” Hey Spartans. I’m with contestant number eight for the cookie eating contest Erin Andrews. She is the former pie-eating contest champion, Erin. What do you have to say? “This isn’t my first food competition, so you better watch out!” Be prepared. I’m with the nine confirmed contestant of the cookie eating contest Professor Burns. What do you have to say? “I’m not a big fan of cookies, but I love competition!” Be prepared!

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