Chinese army gives up favorable position in order to rescue comrades!Thunder soldier 5

Check bullet Why did the enemy not attack Has this happened before? never before Your marksmanship is much better than before More than just marksmanship It’s Sanlian’s direction It ’s Sanlian ’s direction, should we go and see No, wait for a while Ready to fight report Report that we were attacked by two enemy battalions Suffering heavy casualties, requests bullet supply Organize bullet supply immediately Two camps It looks like the enemy changed his main attack Sanlian’s brother is about to suffer Keep the second row in position One and three rows ready for battle Follow me to support Sanlian Hold on, what if the enemy’s plot The enemy may be attacking three companies What is their purpose Seduce us If we choose to support, we must give up the favorable position Sanlian is higher than us If it is occupied by the enemy, it will be more detrimental to our position. What if they send troops to ambush They have only two battalions. This is a long time ago, if they want to transfer troops, it only takes a day If we rush out Will be completely exposed to the enemy ’s muzzle. Have you ever seen such an attack? But this play is too suspicious Report, full connection is ready set off Please consider my words carefully What you said are hypotheses I can be sure that if you do n’t support it now, Sanlian will be over. I can’t help but die Hurry up Forget it, what to do Keep up Stop forward Hurry up and hide We are in the ambush of the enemy Terrain is bad for us You must first defeat these two fire points Second row leader Capture that fire point Company commander Let me overcome the fire point on the right Be careful Machine gun cover No, it’s too far to throw Your year’s Chai Bai split charge Can’t continue like this Do you see the pile of grass closer to us Throw there Isn’t this a waste of ammunition? Don’t bullshit, throw Awesome, boss retreat cover Faster charge Instructor, the company commander has lost too much blood and needs emergency treatment, otherwise there will be danger to life Ok, send him for treatment right away You have to obey the instructor Rest assured i know Erlian gave it to you Be sure to take them back alive promise me Ok i promise you promise me I promise you Will definitely bring the brothers back alive Faster


  1. سالت ع اسم فلم انت ناشر مقطع منه ممكن جاوبني عليه

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