China Leaving United States Behind On Green Energy Jobs | On Assignment with Richard Engel | MSNBC


  1. The Accord that US is paying over 75% for when China pays less than 5% AND they get all the benefits. More BS propoganda.

  2. China currently has 3 million workers in solar. Trump is going the rip up the Paris agreement to save 10,000 coal jobs which will be obsolete in 5 years.

  3. Fact is that arguing about the cause(s) of global climate change at this point is a lot like two idiots in a burning house arguing about who started the fire.

  4. The Republican party owned operated by oil and healthcare insurance industries have set American back at least 10 years.


  6. 9:00, he looks kind of like that one cartoon character from Bugs Bunny I think. I can't quite pin point it, but he definitely looks like a cartoon character I've seen before.

  7. In order to win a few more votes in the ballot box Trump is willing to sacrifice his country’s and the planet’s future . Thank God not all nations are as shortsighted as America .

  8. Haha please dont compare china to 🇺🇸. China is so polluted and almost to complete self destruction. Soon they will be trying to purchase other countries because of it. China will use up the rest of their clean drinking water in 15 years. Thats why they aquired land here to drain the water and send it back to 🇨🇳. Things are going to get ugly when the run out of their own resources. The goal is to accumulate as much as possible now so they can take over others later.

  9. But its all ok because Donald is reviving our coal industry. More nice jobs for our boys down in those mines to provide the filthiness possible fuel for our children to breathe. The US will just step back into the 20th century, isolate itself and let the rest of the world worry about things like the environment and renewable energy.

  10. “While Americans argue about the science of climate change China are rushing ahead”. I’m sorry science?? The US population don’t believe in science they’re god loving fools.

    “Trump was a Present for China?”
    Yes yes he was when he got elected the Chinese President was probably thinking “ooo haha look at this stupid old fool investing billions in coal old fool”.

  11. it doesn't matter. the most important is advanced science development. science great mean make country great

  12. it explains green energy to belong new renewable energy and meanwhile bring benefit to people, which it is very confortable.

  13. The key note in paris agreement its Non-binding. Meaning they just agree without signing anything. Which is another cheat.

  14. It's because China and India don't have lobbyists. I just hope they aren't cutting down trees to get this solar power.

  15. This is literally liberal propaganda. I cover tech and am concentrating on solar and this is nothing more than rhetoric.

  16. "New economies " with cheap labor or dont by the robots, that helps American workers how ? msnliberal has never been for helping American workers. 7:11 The fruits of American investment, haha. Shocker.

  17. China and the rest of the world is leaving the USA behind on most projects, and while USA is going backwards the USA is turning into a dust bowl.

  18. We overseas Chinese in SE Asia are simultaneously in awe and terrified of China's might, since we actually see all the developments there firsthand, and yet ignorant Americans are still treating China as backwater shithole. These idiots won't even know what's going to hit them.

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  22. I hope trumps wins again in USA for China's sake. China is heading the right way leading in green energy and as USA moves toward coal this is China's chance to capitalize on it. Respect from Pakistan.

  23. China is OK without the US, it will be painful at first but I think ending relationship with the US will eventually beneficial to China. This is a bad marriage and it’s time to divorce. Let’s end it all. US will be much happier without china, let the US deal with EU, Russia, Iran, North Korea alone. Now US clearly already stated that the US doesn’t need China, China now has learned a lesson, never deal with the US again.

    It’s time to end the relationship once for all.

  24. Why just go with the trend, why not take the next step with technology that succeeds that of current renewable energies? I came across videos of a game-changer by a company called H2IL. Why doesn't a large technology investor grab this opportunity and be the next big thing?

  25. I invented a breakthrough source of energy, based on Classical Electrodynamics and on Circuit Theory. It will be useful e.g. for laptops and for cellular telephones. It will bring multi-billion profits. I am looking for an investor who can make an investment in the range 1000 000 EUR to 40 000 000 EUR – I offer 5% to 40% of the starting company. My email is [email protected] , tel. +48-780-129-544

  26. There are so many potential jobs in deploying and maintaining renewable energy. Why does people want to hold on to coal mining, which is a terrible job from the 19th century.

  27. America believes in Patent War…where they can impede your growth by blocking you at a critical phase… China says f patents because in 3 years with our R&D those patents will be old technology….Their are using manufacturing and open source technology to win the manufacturing War….That's why America is putting it's foot down on patent stealing…. It's the way you get paid for nothing but R&D…

  28. China is quite poor, and terrible human right records, now several enemies around this country, the labor benefit is almost done, the bank debt cannot support economy to keep on developing, will be collapsed in the near future. Plz remember Indian will become the biggest Democracy countries, which is the new real competitor to USA.

  29. Both countries have poor population? Chinese salary might be low for International standards but they don’t need significantly high sAlary . Everything is cheap and affordable for common people.

  30. New Year new commitment to actual reporting. Good job MSNBC. Reporting of the challenge of the century. 12 years left to change the world.

  31. I don’t buy that global warming either. I am good at not buying bad news. China has prominent pollution issues, we have to do that.

  32. when 3rd world stop making green space into sand fields there is no point for US to join anything .asia dumps 70 % of plastic in the sea . till world cleans up it own mess US won't pay for it .sadly the planet is poring into the west ,the increase in decay of the westerns land will speed up from people fleeing there eco mess ,3 rd world is killing vast carbon eating green zones

  33. China is still building 200 coal power plants in the future.
    And overall the US coal power plants is decreasing in numbers
    Checks the facts before dissing, ignorant bigots.

  34. The team says that 42 percent of China's new greenery is from forests, and 32 percent is croplands. In India, on the other hand, up to 82 percent of the increased greens is from crops, while just 4.4 percent comes from new forests.
    India's 82% greenery from crops also destroy the environment due to usage of fertilisers and irrigation. 4.4% actually real forest greenery increases is very small compared to China's 42%, basically China is ten times (10x) more than India's.
    Globally increases 5%, therefore India's 4.4% is actually less (negative) than the world's average.

  35. Now I get it, Donald trump knows global warming is real but because China is growing very fast and might overtake US in years to come, He is jealous and will use any trick on the book including global warming is Chinese hoax stories and 5G cannot be implemented by any Chinese company and first thing is to spit propaganda venom of companies rolling out technology are spying US.

  36. Please, the Deep States is broke. It needs to create Chaos so it can sell weapons. Dracula lives on Blood. Human lives on water. You Brain Wash Westerners have the same ignorant mentality . All your speech never seem to amaze me.

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  38. China is leaving behind US in everything and so will India, soon. While the liberal and conservative idiots squabbles over everything and anything… US is and will fall behind .. smh

  39. Wind turbines water turbines geothermal title search energy solar panels my favorite hemp oil bio fossil fuel.  Couple examples why hemp is my favorite.  1 acre of hemp can produce  enough bio fossil fuel to fuel 10,000 vehicles for a year at about a dollar  a gallon.   Equally as amazing if not more this type of fuel only releases the same amount of carbon dioxide un oxygenated air per mile,  as a person does when they exhale!. Versus coal crude oil  and gas which release tens of millions of years worth of petrified death un oxygenated air per mile'  keep in mind hemp makes over 26,000 different things. It has been proven to be 10 times stronger 30% lighter than steel" stronger and lighter than concrete stronger and lighter than brick far easier to work with on-site much more abundant versatile making the design possibility practically limitless.  As a added bonus by using hemp for everything we can.         We will be improving upon in maintaining the quality of our air water foods landscapes working living environment every day home products. a reason  I'll explain 1 acre of hemp produces 3 to 4 times the amount of oxygen as a acre of tree's, at the same time' it's sucks in 3 to 4 times the amount of carbon dioxide un oxygenated air as a acre of tree's.  As if that wasn't exciting rewarding beneficial enough. Hemp rejuvenates replenishes the soil after every harvest, back to (Garden of paradise type quality)  even if the landscape has been previously stripped robbed depleted of all its value from overharvesting things such as cotton and corn. It has the same nutritional value as rice, corn, wheat, barley, milk combine" think about how long mankind has been surviving on that type of nutrition which requires way to much time and energy resources manpower to produce.        Now hemp on the other hand  has even been successfully grown and radiated soil.  In layman's terms bears your  clean high paying jobs from coast-to-coast globally. Which will improve upon people's health in such a way medical coverage will not be an issue for people will finally be really in touch with their own bodies capabilities and limitations being able to adjust  adapt respond recover to virtually all the illnesses that are plaguing today's people.  We have a hunger problem in this country world.  1 pound of hemp will give a family of four. more nutritional value between two and four weeks than what the majority of the population has ever had.

  40. 😂😂😂
    How many EV is India producing in comparison to China and the above story appeared to be all about Mahindra and India?

  41. Great to see China is leading a noble cause here, all countries that US colonized are still poor till this time due to politicizing.

  42. Is it possible to "MAGNETIZE" the
    molecules of the salt of the Sea water or the Sodium? The purpose and the idea
    would be so to be able to separate the salt molecules from the Sea water and
    transform it to sweet or drinking water. After All, all Salt is a mineral.
    Minerals such as Sodium, Calcium, Potassium, and etc… are only substances
    that are formed naturally in the Earth. Minerals are usually solid, inorganic,
    have a crystal structure, and form naturally by geological processes. A mineral
    can be made of single chemical element or more usually a compound. If the Sea
    water can be transformed into sweet or drinking water by
    "Magnetization" process, it would make it much readily available,
    much less expensive than the processes of "Desalination" and the filtration

  43. Thunder Energies Corporation, a development stage company, develops various green technologies in the United States.

    Many of his points are addressed by two of Ruggero Santilli's Technological discoveries. Such as Hyperfurnaces were the complete combustion of fossil fuels removes all exhaust contaminants.

    Or his Hadronic reactor – nuclear energy without radiation!

    The company markets its technologies through three divisions: Optical Instruments, Nuclear Instruments, and Fuel Combustion.

    It produces and sells Galileo and Santilli telescopes with concave lenses, as well as focuses on providing hadronic reactors and hyperfunaces.

    The company also engages in producing, selling, and servicing Directional neutron Source equipment, which is used to scan suitcases in airports for the detection of concealed nuclear materials, such as Uranium 235 and suited to identify the existence and the concentration of precious metals in mining

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    I think his company Thunder Energies has been through a lot get their technologies to the market and it was not without a fight! So, please check them out!

  44. Once people stop using US dollars to buy petrol, USA is doomed! So USA will sure against green energy! They don't want their printed bank notes become valueless!

  45. All great civilizations were destroyed from within … typically due to resting on their laurels and relying on "shell games" that move money from pocket to pocket without creating anything worthwhile — stemming directly out of greed and corruption — sound familiar???

  46. China has been ripping off America for decades. We finally elected someone that has a steel spine and is keeping his campaign promises to put America first. Godspeed President Trump. It’s about time we had a bull in the china shop. The climate change hoax is just the rebranding of communism. Communist China needed a wake up call. Guess the “barking dogs” got their attention. There is a war to control our minds. Q the truth.

  47. Research what the batteries production is doing to our environment.

  48. China doesn't have freedom & it is a dictatorial One-Party state with all the flaws which the America & Europe don't have! It were not CRAZY to think that China should let her country's fate & economic well-being dictated by the Americans of their two parties system, the wonderful White House, with the fantastic decision-making of her congressmen & congresswomen, and peacefully surrender of her financial rights & survival to the Wall Street, & Federal Reserve! Let all of these wise guys decide her fate, and survival in this world! Those measures will surely bring Communist China into an Utopia State, a heaven for her enslaved citizens with absolute freedom of all sorts, under the rule & leadership of the Americuns??? bravo….

  49. In the WEST it tax and more tax and nothing has changed or done.
    All the $ collected gone to the ELITES ,their families, friends, & handpicked corporate Bed Buddies.

  50. They are still building the 1950’s equivalent of coal power plants so yep this is most likely propaganda. If you want to know about green energy go to Europe they pay 3x what we do for electricity that’s why a pizza cost $30 dollars there.

  51. The US is so far behind many regions of the world that its hard to believe that the US is a first world nation and many Americans are righteous in their backwardness.

  52. More lame electric cars there are the cheaper gas will be for me. That's the upside. The rich people can buy expensive electric cars and we poor get cheaper fuel

  53. "President Xi Jinping’s speech at the World Economic Forum’s meeting in Davos argued for globalization and the international community’s need to pro-actively manage globalization while mitigating its negative effects.1 He highlighted how China’s past decades of reforms are in line with the trend of globalization, and that China is not only its beneficiary but also its benefactor. Most importantly, Xi stated that China is committed to “a fundamental policy of opening-up,” pledging explicitly to keep China’s doors open to foreign investment and greater economic integration with the world."

  54. It would've been nice if this segment had offered an opposing viewpoint. Are there any benefits to letting India and China take the lead on renewables?

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