Building a LEGO Hospital Cause You’re All Un-Alive to Me


  1. I had to say Un-Alive because YouTube doesn't like mean words about… not being alive. Thank you @laylah_the_pen for that suggestion. Anyway, follow me on twitter @goherping for the content least related to reptiles.

  2. I was more of a Basic Brick kind of girl, who liked making my own stuff instead of buying precise Lego sets.

    I would have adopted a kitten, but I am not even in North America.

  3. awe i didn’t know you had a gf yall should do a video together! if not i totally understand relationships and youtube don’t always work well lol. love your channel tho! been here for a longg time haha

  4. Ive got about 2,000 dollars of unbuilt lego sets in my closet. I get a new set about once every two weeks and build about every three weeks

  5. Hey bro can you tell me exactly the vapor rub steps cause I’m super confident that my beardie has a respiratory infection

  6. I watched the whole video to see if my question was in the video and it wasn’t…

    My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

  7. As far as direct sunlight, my beardie has lived in the direct sunlight of a west facing window for 2 years now, and while I wouldn't trust the light to fulfill his UVB requirement, he does like to look out the window sometimes and enjoy the sunset.

  8. one of your sponsor's names (adam johnson) is a famous footballer who was arrested for having sex with a minor over here in england

  9. Maybe I am Un-alive because I wrote a conversation between myself on my leg. It goes like this:
    I'm Abby and you are…?
    We have the same name!!
    That's so cool!
    I know right?!
    Yea! Bye.
    Bye, cya 'round!

    Oh also about when you meet people and like you hold your hands behind your back, a couple days ago a person a couple years older than me that I would consider a friend asked me if they could hug me like I was scared of human interaction. It was strange but I gave her a hug and she left.

  10. I've got 2 small crickets stuck in my baby beirded dragons cage is it OK to leave them bc idk what to do some1 pls respond fast

  11. Your views might be up because you were on recommended.. at least for me? A couple weeks ago I was randomly recommended one of your animal unboxing videos (for context, I NEVER watched animal/pet content before this, especially not reptile content.) I think Youtube put you on the recommended for some reason lol. Anyways, I'm obsessed with your videos now, so thanks youtube algorithm?

  12. Can you please plug the low cost spay and neuter programs that the local Humane Society provides. If you don't have a local one, Google "Low cost neuter/spay near me".

  13. i was so excited when you said you posted this video but i had to save it for after work so i have something to look forward to when i get home

  14. I hate talking on the phone, too. It's like all the awkwardness of face to face conversations magnifies into one super-intense awkward over voice. You would think it'd be easier to focus on the conversation since you don't have to pay attention to their face, but nope. Huzzah for the laws of social anxiety!

  15. I’ll keep watching your NoHerping series as long as you start it with that “we’re at target” clip. It’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. Also I’m allergic to cats so that’s why I didn’t adopt a kitten

  16. Hey… I'd love… I'd love to watch a Stardew Valley stream if you ever wanted to do one. Or like a video of the game for another NoHerping video. Just a suggestion, that's all

  17. I don't think that the concept of 'beginner' is as bad when a lot of people who say that they want to 'try' have no idea what it's like to be 'dedicated'. I understand the frustration of so many animals being hurt in the process; however, I will settle with whatever keeps ethical and illegal issues from happening more often.
    This isn't just about pet keeping; any hobby can have this issue. A new game, becoming a YouTuber, or starting a company has these hurdles that noobs will easily fall on their faces at, cry like babies, and quit, potentially leaving people hurt and confused. Being prepared helps regardless of were you start, but having commitment issues is what really causes others to discourage you from finding your possible niche.

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