Broken Ankle Injury Recovery Time [Ankle & Fibula Fracture Tips 2020]

My name is Tom Biernacki I’m gonna tell you how long this broom can ankle right here is gonna keep you off your feet So did the doctor tell you your summer’s over whelmed see if he’s telling the truth keep watching There are different breaks that you could have it is theoretically possible to break just one bone in the ankle Somewhere where it’s not displaced means something did not pop out of place and number two That means you can keep locking on this potentially in a walking cast or a brace at the same time There are different breaks If you could have two broken bolts three broken bolts, some of these bones might have shifted So as you can see if it’s just the crack where nothing has shifted and it’s a safe for a bone That means you could probably walk with some protection almost right away This might not mean you could play sports right away But depending on where the break is it might mean you can start moving right away and be reasonably safe These are things like smaller balls and fractures non-displaced Fractures on the other hand, you have the big breaks at the end These are way it called a trimalleolar fracture. This is when this bone breaks This bond right here breaks and the back breaks so you can see this bone right here that’s called the trimalleolar if all of those break out if your bone shifts out and pops out like this you could see Something like that is likely to need surgery and you’re gonna be off your feet for a very very long time So the the later ones you’re talking or walking right away the bigger displaced ones you’re talking surgery within the first two weeks and probably in a cast for Six to eight weeks and then a walking boot for another six weeks and then a brace for six more weeks So you’re talking a very very long time? This is the anatomy of the ankle so in between here you have your ankle syndesmosis This is what could be damaged in a high ankle sprain So this these two bones could dislocate and separate that’s one part of the break This is your fibula right here the fibula could crack through here That’s called the fibula fracture. You could also have a Medial malleolus fracture. So this is the medial malleolus of the tibia bone so if they both break that’s called bimalleolar fracture if These two break right here Plus the bone in the back right here. You can see on the tibia Right there if all three break that’s called the trimalleolar fracture and that means that these could dislocate Very easily if that dislocates you’re in trouble This bone right here is called your tailless if that pops out you’re in even more trouble Sometimes more bones could break. So when you think you broke your ankle, you could actually break this fifth metatarsal bone right here so Obviously the more bones break the more likely you’re going to need surgery and the more you’re off your feet Here’s what you can do at home, how do you tell if it’s actually broken or not? Number one. How messed up is the ankle joint if it’s big dark black and dislocated it There’s a good chance that it’s broken But number two if it’s not dislocated if there’s not a lot of black bruising odds are it’s towards a more non-surgical problem But here’s how we get More detailed. There’s something called the Ottawa ankle rules So what we look at on this foot model is the Ottawa ankle rules basically tell you is feel the ball So as you feel down the fibula if it hurts go see your podiatrist and then on the outside Touch your fifth metatarsal if that hurts go see your podiatrist so feel the bones if it’s the soft tissue around there if it’s the skin if it’s not actually the bone it’s more likely to be the ankle sprain and you Also do the same thing on the inside so touch your medial malleolus and tibia Does that hurt or touch your navicular right here touch your tailless touch the bones if the bones are aching Very likely, it’s a bone problem. If the bones are not aching is most likely a sprained ankle or Some type of soft tissue injury that is 98% effective at telling you whether you have a break or not, but 30% of the time it’s too aggressive and you don’t actually have a break So just keep that in mind better to be safe than sorry Here’s how you tell if you need surgery, so as I was saying, sometimes you can get an avulsion fracture So sometimes just the tip of the fibula could be chipped. That’s something you could probably Be protected in the brace and walk on But if you really break and dislocate the bone There’s two ways to go about it the less healthy you are so if you have heart problems diabetes Are a very poor surgical candidate? because other things in your health are Going, awry then you’re less likely to lean towards surgery and you have to talked with your foot and ankle special list We’re podiatrists about that at the same time if you break both the medial malleolus and fibula at the same time and the bones shift You’re much more likely to need surgery at the same time. If you break the medial malleolus the fibula and the posterior malleolus right here and the bones start to Dislocate if there’s any shifting like that you very likely need surgery because your ankle and just won’t work Visiting your podiatrist, so what can we do for you in the office as you can see in your ankle joint? There’s a lot of stuff here. There’s a lot going on here There’s muscles ligaments tendons if your foot is hurting It could be more than just a broken ankle or a lot less than a broken ankle most of the time it’s a lot less So here’s what we would do. Number one. We’d start with x-ray. Imaging number two with an x-ray. You can usually tell what’s going on sometimes then a CT scan is a stronger a Supercharged x-ray that can give a 3d image It takes lots and lots of x-rays and combines them into one If we think alig emits and tendons are damaged so you can see there’s a lot of them right here Something called an MRI is really good for soft tissue analysis So this is one of these things where there really is no hole you’re a big guy You got to be safe with ankle fractures Basically, if you think you might have a broken ankle you got to go get an x-ray There’s no other way around here. Don’t jeopardize your health And risk permanent long-term arthritis. This is a very important point. This is not something you can do on


  1. Best video and most useful explanation ive seen on youtube… ive been looking for a week, brilliant info Tom old chap! Regards from England.

  2. Nope!! I’ve broken all three of those bones on 3/31, surgery on 4/2, and started walking without the boot and crutches around 5/31…that’s 8 wks total. I did just what my doctor told me!! Now I’m in physical therapy

  3. My summer is over
    I BROKE my ankle on the first day of summer and it has been 1month and 2weeks since and I'm finally starting to walk again but its hard and I'm scared anyways school starts in 4days so my summer is over

  4. I healed my broken ankle in 2 weeks. The Orthopedic was totally astonished at the X-ray! Here is what happened to me and what I did. The evening that I broke my ankle I went to the emergency room. After they took the x-ray they told me I had a fractured fibula. They put me in a temporary cast and told me they were sending my information to our local orthopedic doctor. The key part here is I ask for my x-ray picture. I wanted to get a clear understanding of where the break was. The following day the orthopedic call me to set up an appointment. After I found out the cast and his Services were $1,000 I told him I would get back to him, because I didn't have insurance. After that I watched a video on the stages of a broken bone healing. I looked at the proper foods to support bone healing, essential oils and supplements. On the second day I began my regimen of eating properly, taking the supplements, rubbing frankincense essential on my ankle, icing the ankle daily & stayed immobile. But here is the major factor that healed me, everyday I would unwrap my foot coated it in the oil, wrap it back up and laid on a "vibration pad" for my whole body and I "meditated". In my mind I visualized myself very small and walking down my leg into the bone where I told the cells what to do as I helped them. With my eyes closed, I took my hands and in the air pretended as I was doing the work with the cells . I saw in my mind's eye the healing process just like the video happening on my own ankle. I could even feel sensations of tingling and movement under the skin ! On day 14 I was walking. On day 16 the orthopedic called me again. I told the office that I was already walking. They said that would be impossible because they had seen my x-ray from the hospital. Two hours later the doctor himself called me and told me he wanted to give me a free x-ray to determine if I was really healed or not. He was totally shocked at my ankles recovery. Then proceeded to ask me what I did! The human mind is much more powerful than anything we can phantom…

  5. @Michigan Foot Doctors I just suffered from an isolated posterior malleolus fracture (lucky). I was in a non walking cast for 7 weeks and have been exercising it for 3 weeks now, can I get back to flag football in 3 weeks in time for playoffs. And would you be able to refer an ankle brace to use while playing. TYSM the video was great.

  6. I can't remember the name of my break. I broke one part by landing my whole body weight on the side of my foot… In a bouncy castle (I'm 17)
    I heard a pop.
    I got a cast put on it and told to not put any weight on it at all. But no surgery. I was told if I hadn't come in that day then it wouldn't have set right. The next day I accidentally tapped my foot off the ground and got such a shock of pain that I went blind for a split second. I didn't think it was broke, I thought I dislocated it or something.

  7. I had a tri malleolar fracture and i was reoperate a second time to put a syndesmosis tighrope. I just been out of the cast and the ankle is very stiff. I try to massage it to help with tissue adherence and oedema. It's seem like a slow recovery.

  8. Hey Doc, firstly I thank you for your videos, your charismactic nature alone is amazing. Question… I had ORIF surgery on November 4 (this month) due to a trimeleolar fracture, and my surgeon transitioned me from a cast to boot just two days later on Nov 6. then 2 weeks after, he told me I only need the boot while outside, and at home to be safe, but not while I sleep. non weight bearing status, I landed on my foot to avoid a fall without a boot. Im concerned for the early transition to the boot (2 days post opp). Your thoughts, please? You're amazing and thank you very much for the content you provide for us.

  9. Thank you for the video…

    Simple fracture of the left ankle. I saw an orthopedic doctor yesterday and he said that movement is best for healing. He said not to worry about injuring my ankle more walking with a cam boot. How is it possible to not hurt oneself more if they are putting pressure on that ankle which is broken. The doctor said you will feel pain but you will not be hurting anything. Thank you for your reply…

    P.S. This boot feels really heavy. Does this hurt the healing as well?

  10. What happens if u have a lower fibular fracture but after spending 4 weeks in a cast you take it off. But walking is a bit stiff. Can there be any long term side effects to that?

  11. my ankle was broken (medial malleolar fracture) in an accident and the doctor used to cast my leg for 6 weeks and after 6 week the cast removed now this is 8th week but still i am unable to walk and also if i ride a bike the ankle part get swelling
    how much time it takes to fully recover because i want to ride my bike also want to run. pls reply

  12. Excellent video! Clearly explained, short and informative! Brilliant, thank you doctor! Broke my fibula a week ago, have been looking for info here, finally I found you!
    One question do I need to sleep with the fructure boot on? Or can I take it off?
    I like your smile 😀👍

  13. Thank you for your videos. My doctor is very good but always leaves me with a lot of unanswered questions. I broke my ankle (fracture of lateral malleolus and of the fifth metatarsal as well) on Christmas and had a cast until this week. Got some xrays and switched to a boot cast. My doctor said I could try to use my heel to walk but no the entire foot. I’m too scared to apply weight on it and, since I’m also pregnant, I do not trust my balance yet 🤕🤕

  14. i had a minor fracture nothing popped out of place i could walk right away. Right now I could walk without anything and feel no pain and my bone doesnt hurt when i touch it anymore but its only been 3 weeks. Can i start excising? Or skateboarding?

  15. Hi great videos. I can’t seem to get a straight answer as to whether I have a bad sprain or a stress fracture of the lateral ankle. X-rays didn’t show a stress fracture but it’s suspected by one doctor. Another says sprain. Do you have any tests or recommendations to determine which it is?

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