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After Tyler’s brain injury, it was as if
we were completely in the dark and Jo Thompson came into that dark world with a flashlight and said, “Follow me.” “I know the way out of here.” My name is Kim I have a son Tyler that
suffered a brain injury at four years old. And of course my family was devastated
because at four years old I just finished, you know, t-ball practice with
my son to teach him how to play baseball I had dreams of him being football player and then all of a sudden he’s having a serious illness where he could
communicate anymore he could talk to us so we were devastated. So next and I got
a call from Brain Injury Services and it was Jo and she said “Hi, my name is Jo Thompson, how you doing?” I said “okay.” She said, “You know maybe I come by and visit you can we can
probably help you and hopefully we can like okay but I really consider it
important because I didn’t know what she represented. So I’m saying ok I thought my son was hospitalized and from there he goes home By meeting her in dealing with Brain
Injury Services, I got help with everything we have and our home – every
item I have my home. We have exercise equipment. We have a stander. We have a wheelchair. We have a bath chair. We have a Hoyer lift. We have in home OT and PT To me is like a sports analogy, you know, I
said you know he’s like at the goal-line and now he’s moved two yards and he’s
got a hundred years to go. And really that’s what, you know, really makes me be able to handle this thing in life when you have something devastating like that, when people come from nowhere to help you, It makes you feel like “Wow, you know I can do this” and that’s really what it was so I’m really grateful for Brain Injury Services. I was seven years old when they
discovered that I had a brain tumor. Before Brain Injury Services my life was
very sheltered. But now after Brain Injury Services I am more outgoing and more personable. I went to culinary school. My specialty is Italian food. Another passion I have is singing. (Singing) This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. Life is much better. Since I met Claire my
case manager, I have become a person. The nurses at the hospital told me that he would never talk, he would never write, he would never “socialize.” He would never do anything. He’s talking and he’s working. And I can’t thank the Brain Injury Services enough for what they have done for Mark. It is spectacular. I want people to know that it could be your or me. It could be anybody. And these people were just living their lives like we’re doing right now and something tragic happened, and
everything changed. Well before I came to the organization – before I had my injury – I was working full time. I had a really good position. I had just gotten promoted. I had what was called an AVM in my brain which ruptured and caused the bleed. Well at Brain Injury Services, I’d like to shine a light on NKenya Lassiter. Whose my case manager and has been for quite a few years. She has helped me to get back to work. Today I’m working a company called
Beltway Supply. It’s a small woman-owned business. I’ve come… I can’t even express how far I’ve come. I mean… At the time of my injury, I didn’t think that I would ever get back
to being a functioning person in society And because of Brain Injury Services, they’ve helped me to become that person again. The perseverance that they have to
not let that injury stop them from living their life but to keep moving
forward was very inspiring. They took a person that was down that was pretty much just out of it… didn’t want to live… didn’t have a reason And they brought spirit to my life. They
brought life to me again. I met a lady named Sara Aly. She’s a sweet lady. She made me find out who I was. I never knew me. I found out me after brain injury. That was the biggest present, the most value present in my life – to find out who I was, what I meant to this world and who I am inside. There’s a new beginning… I’m so excited to be a part of Brain Injury Services So I just want to thank you guys, just for this, because I know my life was headed really really downhill.

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