Boost Energy | Why Am I Always Tired | How To Get More Energy

So you’re lacking energy you feel tired I get it but the good news is in this week’s video I’m going to teach you how to keep
those energy levels up so let’s begin with lifestyle factors now in today’s 24/7 world we tend to cram in so much into our life don’t we tend to suffer because
we start to forget about looking after ourselves, now before we begin running through the tips I want you to think about these few
question so what’s your diet like is it healthy? Are you eating lots of fruit, are
you in lots of veg are you sleeping well, are you having
your meals on time, are you having lots of alcohol, drinking lots of caffeine,
drinking lots of energy drinks so please really think about these as we run
through the tips so lifestyle tip number one which is probably one of the
most important things is you need to make sure that you’re having a healthy
balanced diet because it’s the foundation to your energy so you need to be having
whole grains, you need to be having proteins, you need to have fruit, you need
have veg but it’s not as simple as this to explain in this short video so
thankfully the NHS have done a really good article on this on how to have a
healthy balanced diet and I will leave a link in the description below which I
would recommend everyone to read just to make sure you’re doing everything right
lifestyle tip number two by the way I do think this shot is a little low but
there’s a reason for it and if it works it’s gonna look quite cool, eat at
regular intervals so if you do this it should help sustain your energy levels
and also don’t miss breakfast because apparently a third of us this is a third apparently, miss it and that’s not going to help sustain energy levels so eat at regular intervals have three meals a day and if you get peckish in between it and you
feel like having a little snack have some healthy fruits lifestyle tip number
three eating iron rich food because if your iron levels are low it can leave you
feeling tired and rundown now this is especially important in teenagers and
ladies because you’re at higher risk of losing iron in your menstrual blood
during your periods now let’s sit on that chair for the next bit, now the good news is that there’s loads of foods that are really rich in iron for example you’ve
got red meat, green vegetables and even fortified foods like cereals I will also
leave a full list in the description below for you as well tip
number four are you staying hydrated well it’s recommended that we’re having six
to eight glasses of water a day and by the way this is an addition to the
fluids that we get from our food you should also watch your alcohol intake as
this can cause dehydration and also caffeine yes it’s true caffeine will
give you that kick and it will give you that energy but with time you’re gonna
build tolerance and you’re gonna need more and more and more caffeine to give
you the same level of energy and when you’re not getting that you’re gonna
feel more tired and please remember that both alcohol and caffeine are gonna affect your sleep quality so in the long term you are
gonna feel more tired because of this lifestyle tip number five so cut down on
sugar now generally speaking we know the people in the UK adults and children eat
way too much sugar and I know you’re gonna get sugar kick to begin with that
buzz of energy we’re going to quickly have a sugar low and it’s going to leave
tired and it’s gonna leave you drained now you maybe take it to yourself but
Abraham how on earth do I cut down sugar it’s so much easier said than done and
you’re right sugars in almost everything it’s in fruit it’s in veg however the
ones in fruit and veg are fine so you’re completely fine to have them but in terms
of cutting down sugar it is very complicated but thankfully the NHS have
done a really good article on this about foods that have more sugar and how to
cut down so what I will do is I’ll leave a link in the description below for you
and I guarantee you if you read this you’re gonna become a sugar whizz okay so we’ve done diet but now let’s look at some other issues so a few common
questions I ask my patients are, are you exercising? Are you napping during the
day and also are you taking any medicines any herbal medicines because
some of these can cause tiredness too so let’s go onto that okay so imagine
this for one second I have a pill and it’s a magical pill it’s amazing when
you take it it’s gonna boost your mood it’s gonna boost your sleep quality it’s
gonna boost your energy levels it’s gonna reduce your risk of certain
medical conditions like heart disease diabetes and many more and best of all
it has no side effect and it’s completely free now unfortunately this
pill doesn’t exist but I think if it did everyone in the world would be taking it
including myself well my friends the name of that magical pill is exercise
and I’m afraid it’s not as easy as taking a pill I’ll give you that
let me put the magical pill way but if you do fit it in you’re gonna get
all the benefits I’ve mentioned and they’re all proven so please try to fit
it into your daily schedule and reap the rewards I’ll also leave more information
in the description below about how much exercise you should do and ideas of what
you can do now please remember that there’s no single food including those
labeled superfoods that can compensate an unhealthy diet there’s also no
evidence that suggests that one single food can boost your energy levels
most people don’t need a vitamin supplement to boost their energy levels
and you can get all of these from a healthy balanced diet
now there’s also medical reasons that can cause tiredness and it’s recommended
that you should speak to your doctor about these I will leave a full list in
the description below and I’d recommend everyone to read it always remember that
you’re awesome I hope my tips helped and I’ll see you
next week this is some real acting that’s going on right now
hope you’re all appreciating it because I think I’ve really gone into my acting
element here I have a pill it’s like limitless great film by the way Bradley
Cooper love the guy Bradley Cooper if you’re watching this
video then I’m big fan vegetables and fortified foods fortified fortified
lifestyle tip number five now we know hey guys thanks for watching this week’s
video make sure to click that like follow or
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