Bone Spur Relief

Hello everybody Adrian Melero from Miami Acupuncture Therapy with another video for you guys Melero’s Revolutionary Remedies and Today we’re going to talk about bone spurs and how acupuncture and Oriental medicine can help with bone spurs now a couple of videos ago I mentioned about acupuncture… It can be more than just needles well, in this circumstance and bone spurs we usually don’t use needles but a different modality and Before we get to that we’re going to talk about bone spurs in general basically, for those of you who are not familiar bone spur is when a Part of the bone is like sticking a little bit more like a lump a little bit of extra calcification and A lot of times it sticks out most of the time. It’s somewhere on the heel sometimes it can on the side but most of the time it’s underneath and The most common symptom is when you wake up in the morning and you feel like you have like a rock in your shoe when you step on it, and it feels You feel it the most in the morning because that’s when you don’t have like the local circulation going as you do like Throughout the day and then it just kind of dissipates put in the more severe cases. It doesn’t really And The only known solution if not to like shave it off surgically, which require like a lot of downtime There’s ultrasound Where you can actually shatter that little part of the bone and that’s really really painful It has to be something that really really really knows what they’re doing but after that the next best remedy is Moxa Now for those who are not familiar moxa or moxibustion is When you light up something like this, it looks like a cigar But it’s usually made of mugwort.. It actually looks like a piece of cigar made of charcoal You light it up and You know hold it to a candle etc and then what you do is Over the area the affected area you just do it around it and then you do that for a period of time Because moxa – the effect that it has It’s not superficial You know, it’s not like an infrared or a heating pad or anything like that where it’s superficial that doesn’t really work what the moxa does it really has a penetrating effect in a very like pinpoint fashion and The mechanism of how it works is It disperses the inflammation around the little bone spur and A lot of times like that inflammations will creates the space. It’s what creates that pressure and that irritation So when you disperse that it brings relief and it reduces the pressure that the spur itself is causing. So the spur will Be there, but it’s not going to be pressing and affecting as it normally would than it then if you just leave it alone Another thing that you could actually do in addition to the moxa which I find helps and even in some cases on its own has but I Think when you combine it with moxa, you get the best results is when you use The Acutron and the probes (microcurrent) and you just kind of try and get like underneath it and just stimulate around it and that also helps disperse the inflammation as well And Basically those are my two cents on how to treat bone spurs with moxa Speaking of moxa another thing that this is really good for is softening up and breaking scar tissue Usually like anything that’s like post surgical or post injury and put this out smoke everywhere And Yeah scar tissue because usually the typical protocol is ultrasound and I’ve tried that before and Comparing the two the moxa it really softened things up and it really helps it really really helps with that and I find it to be the most effective for that as well – also for loosening up calcification in frozen shoulder, which we’re gonna do a video on that too one day, so Stay tuned and for more videos like this, make sure you click like and subscribe The red rectangle says subscribe and the Bell button so every time a video comes out you don’t miss out so I’ll see you in the next video

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