Big Cat Rescue Prepares For A Tropical Storm

[Music] As we get ready for a tropical storm, our staff and keepers come prepared with rain boots, rain pants and a rain jacket and, tada, this is what I like to call a Florida snow suit! Rain or shine, we are always here for the cats. They still get fed in the morning [Music] and we clean their enclosures and give them fresh water. As you can see, our keeper side of the property floods but the enclosures are built up and remain pretty dry. [Music] [Music] For our big cats that have open tops on their enclosures, we shut them in their roof sections. This prevents any debris falling on them and if a tree came down, they cannot use it to climb out. [Music] Zabu and the tigers don’t mind the rain but Cameron and the other cats are not big fans. That is why they all have built up dens to take shelter, or some like to hang out on top of their covered platforms up off the ground. [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] So rest assured the humans and Big Cats will be safe as we weather the storm!


  1. Thank you for this video. I have always wondered what went on during hurricanes, tropical storms and other vagaries of Southern weather. I am so glad the BCR staff is absolutely dedicated to the cats.

  2. Zabu: Come on Cameron, the rain is fun!

    Cameron: Is not! The rain is icky! Dry is fun! Warm sun is fun!

    Zabu: lovingly rolls eyes

    Cameron: There's room for two though

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  4. During these frequent Florida storms, have any of the cages ever been damaged? either from Debris falling, wind, or electrical strikes?

  5. It's so nice to see your preparations for heavy weather — thanks for sharing that with us!  I love all of your cats but do have a soft spot for Joseph and would love to see more of him!

  6. I hate to be picky, but I would like to have seen a version of this without the added eighties music. It would be interesting to hear the sound of the rain, the workers, the food, the cats eating the food, the cages, etc.

  7. Now I wish I had rain boots, especially when I was caught in a freak flood while camping.

  8. The work you all do is extremely admirable. Sending much love and appreciation from CT. Keep up the fantastic work you guys! 😸😽

  9. I have a question, what would you guys do for the cats if there was a tornado? Would anything really be able to be done?

  10. Spirit animal: Fox

    Dishonest spirit animal: (were I lie through the spirit animal test) horse

    Favorite animal: Leopard

    Pet: Poodle, Cat, and German shepherd

  11. It looks to me on Google Maps your location is at a very low elevation. Weather services are talking about anywhere from 8 -potentially 15 ft tidal surge for the west coast in certain areas. You are in those areas. Thecats are going to be swimming. Are you going to relocate them before Irma gets any closer ?

  12. Really curious, do Zabu and Cameron mate? Sure they can't bred because of Cam's vasectomy but wouldn't they still have sex if they are mates?

    P.S. No idea how being neutured effects that now (if it even does) but i would love to know!

  13. Zabu is my Absolute Favorite and the Only one I can recognize💖 I noticed some You kind of hand feed but some You lock out and place the food then open their gate. Is this because of their viciousness when it comes to their food or some level of favoritism? I cry EVERYtime I watch your vids because I envy You SOooooo Much!!!! Before my back gave out I had texted You about the schooling I would need to work with You and You gave me a website which led me to the program You train with; I had my heart set on completing the course and move to your location so I could work with You. So consequently; when I see You I think of how it could have been me setting up enclosures for new a new resident, Helping to take them to Vacation Rotation, or feeding them😭 You're one of Thee Luckiest people in the world; to actually get up Every Morning and Loving your job SOoooo Much that You never think about calling in sick and on your days Off You can't wait to go back to work❤ My Sincerest Gratitude for what You do and for sharing your days with us🌞 All my Love from Iowa😘

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