Belief in Angry God Connected with Mental Illness

a belief n and angry vengeful god is
correlated with mental illness however that doesn’t tell us anything about
causation we’ve talked for a long time on the show about how they’re some
specific religious beliefs that when u kind of interpret them literally would make you question whether that
person is saying ron story has an interesting story about a scientific study that published
this month in the journal of religion and health and it’s his people who believe in the
angry punishing god are more likely to suffer from a variety of mental
illnesses and this was conducted by marymount manhattan college assistant
psychology professor novelist silt in and she is data from the twenty ten
baylor br allegiance survey of u_s_ adults and found that there are links between uh… wielded its actually before even
getting into that she looked at this through the lens of
the evolutionary threat assessment system theory which says that the part of the brain
that involves to detect threats also connects to anxiety disorders and uh… dysfunction in the brains
perception of threads is really what is at root there by the same token if your brain can not properly analyze
threats in part connects with believing that
there is a threat an angry god who will send you to hell that that could be connected with um…
all sorts of different conditions including uh… anxiety depression irrational
fears other sacred psychiatric symptoms their is kind of uh… uh… a
correlation here that we’re seeing but this does not mean that if you believe in an angry vengeful god
it will cause you to have mental illness that is not what is being said here
right what is interesting though is that we’ve
talked about other studies over the last couple years on the shows that show that the part of the brain
specifically evolved to detect the rats are the same parts that those who vote
conservative have more developed according to am arye scans if you vote liberal you’re likely to have a more developed
empathy part of your brain verses a fear part and we’ve also talked about the
correlation between uh… uh… authoritarian parenting and
the effect that that has on the eventual political beliefs of the child more
conservative the more authoritarian parents are this is all related i think i think so yeah i mean if you go way back of course he
was only logical to believe drove about these these crazy things and millennia people did and i mean disbelieving idea people dead but for millions and millions of years
before that people did not that might have there might have been no
concept of it friday for thousands of years people did we probably can say that it causes
mental illness because i think everyone would that’s just the client really

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