Bartenders Running Wild In St. Louis – Bar Rescue, Season 4

In 2011, Italian restaurant
owner Andrea Ervin
decided to expand
by opening up
a sports bar
in downtown St. Louis.
O’Kelley’s location
is perfect because we’re two blocks
from Busch Stadium. We thought everything
would be perfect for us. Narrator:Ten months later,
O’Kelley’s opened its doors,
and Andrea began
reaping the rewards
of owning
a second business.
When we first opened,
business was great. We had a lot of friends,
customers coming from
our other restaurant, and we were having months
in upwards of $75,000. Narrator:
As business flourished,
Andrea’s manager
at her restaurant
abruptly quit,
forcing her to devote
her full attention
away from O’Kelley’s,
leaving longtime employee
Kim as manager,
and nephew Cameron
as head bartender.
Kim had no bar experience
whatsoever,Kim used to work
at my other restaurant,
and I trusted her
to come in and thought that she would follow through
with what I needed her to do. Please don’t do that.
Come on. Cameron has helped us here
since the beginning.He has always helped out
one way or another.
Cameron, as a bartender,
is crazy. ( people laughing ) Once he starts drinking,
then he’s totally
out of control. Sometimes
I like to put a show on.People like
to see that stuff.
They like energy.Kim and I are from
a different time period. They did ( bleep ) different
back in the ’50s or whatever. ( laughing ) ( people shouting ) You’re the worst bartender
I’ve ever had. It’s all about
customer service. Kim:
Cameron feels he can do
whatever he wants
because his aunt
owns the bar. – I answer to Andrea. If she–
– But I’m your manager. No, you’re not my manager. You’re everyone else’s
manager. – Why am I here?
– Not sure. Well, that hurt. Narrator:
Disrespect for management
and tensions
began to escalate
between Kim and Cameron.I will– ( bleep )… Ass ( bleep )! Why are they doing this
in front of me? I just want my tab.
I want to go. I just feel like Kim
just doesn’t have the professional mentality
to run a bar anymore, and I just think
it’s affected the whole business,
all the way around. Narrator:
As arguments continued
to disrupt the bar,
O’Kelley’s struggled
to keep its customers.
It’s gotten to the point
that I work two Friday nights,I have one customer
out of both Friday nights.
It’s sad. Well, here we are. I think O’Kelley’s
essentially went downhillbecause my manager
had to leave
the other restaurant,
so I no longer had the time
to devote at the bar.Narrator:
Now, losing $6,500 a month,
Andrea’s left
with a failing bar,
disorderly staff
and a $700,000 debt.
With this bar failing,
it’s really affecting
the other restaurant as well. All the money that comes
in here is coming from my other restaurant
to keep this one going. I completely feel
like a failure. Narrator:Desperate to keep
both of her businesses
from going under,
Andrea has agreed
to pull back the doors,
bust open the books
and make a call for help
to “Bar Rescue.”

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