Bálor’s attack puts Gargano on NXT injury report: WWE Now, Oct. 24, 2019


  1. next draft; seth moves to blue brand to smackdown to fight for smack tag team titles with his brother roman reigns.

  2. Okay, having a superstar get injured every single week seems a little fishy. Johnny’s “injury” is understandable, though. But every week, someone’s injured. Little suspicious to me.

  3. U don’t need to keep telling us about all the fake injuries… like dam… chill out lol… use that when U really need it. Or if someone really got injured

  4. I do not like what they are doing with Raw or SD. I love what’s going on with AEW. I REALLY LOVE what’s happening in NXT. As far as I’m concerned, NXT is the premiere wrestling show right now.

  5. Ballor can be badass only in NXT… 😂😂

    Idk what this guy doing in wwe demon Ballor was kinda entertaining but he is just too soft for wwe…

  6. Bicycle kick by Bàlor! I'm sure he played soccer before his time in the WWE. He nailed that kick perfectly. That even fooled me.

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