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Healing the process of acceptance Patience and creation of space for the body and mind to rebuild itself. The mind is powerful the body listens So open your mind and let it guide you and welcoming you health and mobility through love and self-care Today’s yoga practice is going to be that time of self-care Welcoming gentle movement to release the back and lower body This class today is perfect for anyone suffering with back pain sciatica or any kind of lower body soreness remember to listen to your body if You are recovering from any particular injuries Modify or completely skip any posture which brings you pain? go slow breathe and be gentle Today’s video is sponsored and brought to you by Skillshare Skillshare is an online learning community platform with thousands of classes and videography photography video editing and lots more We have learned just so many things when it comes to creating our own digital media through online platforms like this So if you are looking to expand your knowledge and improve your creative skills Click the link in the description and get a two-month membership for free So with that said, let’s get back to our class. Make sure you have your mat and let’s begin Alright friends we’re gonna begin today in your child’s pose. So go ahead and sit to the very back of your mat You’re going to reach both arms all the way up to the sky take a deep breath in And then as you exhale, go ahead and release your body all the way forward with your chest releasing over top of your knees Allowing your forehead to come all the way down and just breathing deeply here Taking this opportunity to connect your body with your breath inhaling gently into your nose Exhaling softly through your mouth Become aware of your body doing a quick body scan here Notice where you feel the tension and stiffness and resistance And once you’ve found the particular spot Breathe a little bit more oxygen into that area of your body Wonderful now from here stand your child’s pose and just simply bring your hands to the very left side of your mat So, you know your reach and going a little bit deeper into the right side of the body the same thing. Just continue to breathe Feeling that gentle stretch Taking it as far as you comfortably can we want this position to feel good a Nice stretch no pain. If you have an injury where Child’s Pose does create pain in your back I would like you to avoid Child’s Pose for today’s class. You can simply sit up straight and wait until the next posture comes Awesome. Let’s go ahead and take it to the other side So same thing now reaching both hands to the very right side of your mat Your hips are staying exactly where they are We’re just gently folding from the side breathing into the left side of your body now Breathing deeply allowing that forehead to release Be very conscious of how you feel here. Where do you feel resistance Welcome more oxygen into any area of your body where you feel that tension and let go Wonderful, that’s slowly coming up bring yourself back to that center position Child’s Pose deep breath in Reaching those arms forward feeling a gentle stretch through the shoulders here as well Great job allow those hips to sink close to the heels a Very gentle release on the back here Deep breath in exhale Out Another deep breath lean now as you exhale. Come on up to your all fours position We’re going to begin with cat cow welcoming some movement into the spine Inhale arch the back and then as you exhale round the spine and bring that chin into the chest Inhale arch the back and Then exhale release Now if you do suffer from any herniation in the spine Make sure you come back into neutral position and don’t round the spine here just arch the back and then come back to Center Being very gentle with the spine listening to your body Deep breath in exhale round bring the chin to the chest and then Step back with your knees slightly on your inhalation You’re gonna bring both hands to the very front of your mat and go ahead and release into the puppy posture Making sure the hips are staying on top of the knees Your elbows are extended Now you can choose a couple variations here You can either keep your forehead grounded or if you do feel comfortable in this posture and you’d like to go deeper Bring your chin towards the floor. So Bringing your gaze up towards your fingertips Allowing your chest to come down even further towards the ground Welcoming a deeper opening and stretch along the upper back Deep breath in exhale. Oh Just allow yourself to stay present with your breath Throughout our practice today we’re going to be holding many different postures So while you stay and breathe focus on your mind Sending positive energy into your body Let’s bring our weight over onto our elbows drop the hips to the floor We’re just going to take a baby Cobra here So stay on your elbows and then open through the chest drop the shoulders away from the ears and look up towards the sky It’s really opening here through the heart center a very gentle back extension Deep breath Dean Exhale Oh just stay here. Feel free to close your eyes Going back down now or head to the floor bring yourself up into all fours Let’s tuck the back toes and then bring your hips all the way up towards the sky into our downward facing dog now feel free to walk out your dog gear if you need to or Bend the knees. If you have a little more tension in the hamstrings eventually working your way over to a straight knee position So again, just cater this posture to your own level Spread those fingers wide walk out your downward dog to add a little movement here This is our very first downward dog of a practice. So your body’s gonna feel a little bit more stiff right now Once you get into your downward dog position just allow that’s sternum to fall towards the mat deep breath in exhale Out With each exhalation allowing the heels to come closer towards the mat Working on getting both of your knees straight here Tailbone is pointing up towards the ceiling take another deep breath in exhale Just stay there and then begin to slowly round through into plank position You’re going to drop down into a chaturanga or more like a push-up hovered above the floor and then drop the chest to the mat opening into that baby Cobra again Holding here and just breathing Notice how this posture feels on your body If you like to go up a little bit higher you can or stay low it like we did in the very beginning of the class just A gentle back extension here. Keep holding one more deep breath in Keep squeezing those back muscles lifting that chest off the mat Strengthening the back area here of your body deep breath in again Lifting a little higher if that’s comfortable for you and then exhale push yourself back into your Child’s Pose Rounding out the spine in the opposite direction Stretching out the muscles gently Reaching with the fingertips to the front of your mat Lengthening through the shoulders take another deep breath in exhale Allowing yourself to surrender over top of your legs Stay present with your breath Be patient with your body wherever you are is exactly where you need to be deep breath in exhale Roll yourself forward tuck your toes. Let’s come back up into that downward facing dog So you can go a little bit deeper into that posture now If you had your knees bent at the very first time so you can extend the knees a little bit more deep breath in exhale Come through into your plank chaturanga All the way down drop your chest to the floor from here We’re going to do an exercise to strengthen the back. You’re gonna lift up squeeze the back muscles Keep your hands next to you. Bring it down for one exhale lift and hold for two seconds and Down relax, keep going. Let’s lift up and hold and release Harassing the palms of your hands onto the mat next to you and your knees and again lift up hold squeeze those back muscles and Release try not to engage your glutes here. Keep your glutes relaxed. Keep your lower body relaxed We’re focusing on strengthening the back muscles here This is a great exercise for anybody that’s suffering from disc herniation This will help the disc come back into place And Lower it great job and again lift up squeeze And lower Wonderful. And again now you may not be able to go all the way up. That’s okay Just do your best come up even a little bit It’s the movement that counts great job bring yourself up to your knees and then sitting back into your Child’s Pose releasing the back muscles in the opposite direction Continuing to reach with the fingertips to the front of your mats. You’re getting into the shoulders as well Deep breath in see how far you can release to the heels with your gluts Just stay present with your breath Notice how your body’s feeling right now How did that exercise feel on your back on your body? Pay attention to your body’s reaction to each posture movement today Come back to Center tuck your toes and let’s lift back up into that downward facing dog Stretch those legs allow those heels to sink down to the floor Take a deep breath in exhale back to plank chaturanga This time opening into a full upper dog, if that’s within your practice and you’re comfortable. Otherwise staying the baby cobra pose Hold deep breath in and then exhale bringing yourself back into that downward-facing dog Beautiful. Let’s go ahead bend the knees and walk forward towards the very front of your mat Take as many steps as you need coming into a standing forward fold Let’s inhale first extend through the spine and then exhale begin to fold forward from your hips now It’s very important that you do not Bend from the lumbar spine So if you are tight in the hamstrings and bend those knees and allow the chest to release over top of your thighs Great job now from here. Let’s go ahead and bend the knees And sit back over to your mat with your feet flat in front of you Reaching the arms forward inhale. And as you exhale begin to release one vertebra at a time So engaging the core muscles here. And then once your back is on the floor bring your knees into the chest Staying in this ball position You can keep your forehead reaching for the knees or rest your head on the floor. Whatever feels comfortable for you Let’s begin to gently rock side to side a very gentle back massage for the lumbar spine Just side to side with your breath here side To side wonderful drop your head to the floor Release your feet onto the mat from here We’re gonna move on to a next Exercise again to help strengthen the back you’re gonna lift your pelvis all the way up school using the glutes here baby bridge position and Then slowly releasing through each vertebra of your spine So when you lift first start with the tailbone lower back mid back lifts up hold and squeeze and then as you exhale Reverse its star from the mid back lower back and tailbone to the ground again lifting up engaging your glute muscles here squeeze and lift those hips up towards the sky and slow with control So this particular exercise is all about finding that control in the movement. Do not rush Do not go too fast Just slow and steady again lift from the tailbone lift up squeezing the glutes lift as high as you comfortably can and then release through each vertebra of your spine and again tilt lift squeeze Stay there interlacing the fingers and holding that bridge position a little bit longer now squeezing the glutes Breathing deeply here Staying with your breath Do not allow your hips to drop So the engagement of your glutes of your lower body is extremely important here lift a little bit higher and then reach the arms over your head and Then slowly begin to release the spine through each vertebra of your spine beautiful job Once you release your back, you’re gonna take your left leg and place the ankle over top of your right knee Bring the arms forward now take your left arm through the legs and then attach both of your fingers behind your right leg From here to drop your head to the floor and begin to pull the right knee into the chest This is called your reclined pigeon pose Now if you’d like to go a little bit deeper You can use your left elbow and push that left knee away from you as you pull the right knee towards you what we’re doing here is going a little bit deeper into that glute muscle into the pair of formas if You do suffer from any sciatica pain This is a wonderful posture for you to do every single day to help loosen that area where that nerve might be pinched So breathe deeply And with each exhalation see if you can pull that right knee closer to the chest and at the same time push the left me More further away from your body with your left elbow Notice how your body is responding to this particular posture Great job from here. We’re going to extend both legs and Then drop your feet onto the mat and we’re gonna go right to the other side So now right ankle over top of your left knee Bring that leg up Right arm is going to come through between the legs Wrap those fingers around place the fingers behind your left leg begin to pull the left leg towards your body Now use your right elbow to push the right knee away from your body So it’s a pull and a push kind of movement here done at the same time So you’re getting that maximum stretch into the right glute muscle Breathing deeply and hold Making sure that your neck is relaxed you’re not tensing up your upper body Head is on the floor. Feel free to close your eyes Go inward Pay attention to how your body is feeling right now What kind of thoughts are entering your mind If They are negative thoughts Allow yourself to exhale that energy out in order for our bodies to heal We must take care of them through self love and care and that includes positive thoughts healing thoughts Let’s take one more deep breath in exhale Releasing the legs extend both legs up and Then from here drop your feet to the floor reach the arms over your head rolling yourself up now use the strength of your core muscles come up to seated cross your feet in front of you and transition back into that plank position inhale exhale Let’s go down and through that chaturanga Upward facing dog or baby Cobra, whatever you’re comfortable with Hold and then exhale releasing back into that downward facing dog Inhale as you exhale begin to walk forward with your feet to the front of your mat again Be together and slowly coming up halfway exhale release into the forward fold Inhale rolling yourself up to standing now Reaching both arms up to the sky palms together exhale Bring your hands to your heart just find that Center inhale again reaching both arms up exhale A gentle backbend if you’re comfortable. Otherwise, stay upright hold it there and breathe and Exhale releasing yourself forward into that forward fold Inhale halfway lengthen and then exhale you’re gonna step your right leg all the way back. You’re gonna drop the right knee to the floor And once you’re ready, you’re going to reach both arms up towards the sky into that low lunge Now bring your hands over top of that left knee and Lift your hips up a little bit higher if you need to but I want you to really find that position where you’re targeting The psoas muscle your hip flexor. So for everybody it’s going to be slightly different Some I need to come down lower with the hips others might need to come up higher so Stay here and just play with it a little bit finding that particular posture that suits you best Keep pressing into that front knee with both hands tuck the chin down towards the chest just Breathing deeply It’s really incredible in the way that our muscles are connected to each other so even if you might be experiencing low back pain The origin of that particular injury might actually come from your hip flexor let’s inhale lift those arms up to the sky again and Then as you exhale drop your hands to the floor you can use blocks here if you need to or any other props pushing your hips back now flexing your foot and Then making sure your hips are square So pull that left it back push the right up forward and release yourself over top of your leg have split posture This time now we’re going deeper into the hamstring Keeping that front foot flexed with each exhalation Feeling not only a release through the hamstring but also through the calf muscle all the way down to the heel Just breathe and let go wherever you are here Whether your forehead is touching your knee or your upright Being patient with your body knowing that it will take time for your body to release deeper into this posture Just stay wherever you are and focus on relaxing into this pose with each exhalation Deep breath in exhale out Beautiful now slowly come back to Center bringing your hips forward tuck your back toes and lift your back knee off the floor and then stepping back into that plank and Pushing your hips back into the downward facing dog deep breath in exhale Walk your feet forward towards the front of your mat Inhale from here we’re going to come up halfway exhale forward fold inhale rolling yourself up to standing reaching both arms up to the sky and Exhale hands to heart or a gentle back release Coming back to Center and releasing forward into that forward fold inhale halfway exhale step your left foot back and then From here and drop your back knee to the floor reaching both arms up to the sky into that low lunge from here another inhale and As you exhale we’re going to release your hands over to that front knee You’re going to push into that front knee as you bring your chin to the chest Now the positioning of your hips is going to vary You may want to come forward with your hips making sure you’re not passing the front toes with your knee Or you might want to come back a little bit being more of an upright position Whatever it is play with it and then find that particular posture that particular point Where you feel the maximum release in that hip flexor Stay here, and just breathe for a moment Beautiful now let’s reach both arms up to the sky Releasing your hands to the front pushing your weight back flexing your front foot and then once you ready begin to release your forehead to your knee into that half split Pulling the right hip back and pushing the left hand forward Flexing those toes towards your head really feeling that release through the entire back of your leg Breathing deeply here Letting go Visualization is a wonderful technique that you can do while you hold these postures Visualizing tension or even pain melting away out of your body away from you Exhaling any negativity any frustration you may feel Especially if you are recovering from an injury It’s very normal to feel frustrated, but just know what you’re doing right now Is exactly what your body needs to heal itself and to get back to normal Come back to Center with your hips. Tuck your toes lift your back knee off the mat and Let’s step back into that downward facing dog. Great job deep breath in exhale come through to plank chaturanga baby Cobra or a full upward dog if you’re comfortable and Back into that downward facing dog inhale Reach the right leg up to the sky bend the knee but this time you’re going to bring your right knee to your right thumb Drop your chin to the floor square out your hips make sure the back leg is along the center of your mat and then Once you’re ready walk your way over to your elbows Stay there, or if you’re comfortable all the way down with your head to the floor Coming into our full pigeon on the mat again, another wonderful posture to help you release any pain like sciatica or soreness in the glutes We bring all of your awareness to that right glute muscle Notice where you’re feeling that resistance Where is that tension With your inhalation, welcome wonderful beautiful healing energy into that area of your body With your exhalation Let go over the old the negative the past All that no longer serves you Just let it go Make that choice to exhale and release it out and away from you Let’s take another deep breath in and exhale out Slowly let’s begin to bring ourselves up So come on up to your hands lift the chest all the way up Tuck your back toes and push yourself right into that downward facing dog Walk it out on the spot just adding some movement into the legs into the hips here Stinging your downward dog. Once you ready reach the left leg up bend the knee and Bring that left knee now towards your left thumb Square the hips out and walk that back leg all the way back. So your hips are square and then come on over to your elbows and Then all the way down with your chest if that feels good for you Now you don’t need to worry if your shin is not exactly parallel with the front of your mat. That’s not the goal here our Goal with this particular posture is to release that glute muscle So if you are pretty tight here, you might want to keep your left heel closer towards the body and that’s okay with Time as you release as your body heals You will be able to go further and further But for now just do whatever feels comfortable for you Deep breath in and exhale out Notice of any motions arise in this particular posture Motions of frustration anger sadness Whatever it may be sometimes we tend to hold on to those energies in our bodies especially in her hips inner glutes and inner shoulders So when we target these particular areas of the body not only are we releasing tension physically But you’re also going to feel an emotional release as well So if that happens to you, don’t hold back Let it go let that energy release out of you so you can feel lighter and more free All right, let’s slowly come on up now Ground your hands tuck your back toes underneath you and pushing yourself right up into your downward facing dog Walk it out on the spot if that feels good deep breath lean Xcl out just add some movement into the hips feel free just shake out your legs if you have to And then once you’re ready bend your knees and sit back into that Child’s Pose one last time Allowing the hands to reach forward or if you like to keep them next to the side of your body. That’s okay as well Allowing the hips to sink right over to your heels taking a deep breath in and exhale let it out Check in with your body here notice how you felt in the beginning of the practice – how you feel right now? Bring that awareness into that particular area of your body that’s been bothering you today Welcoming beautiful healing energy into that area of your body Breathing in and out Remember the power of your mind you are strong enough to heal yourself to overcome any Obstacle you’re facing right now let’s take one more deep breath in and exhale Slowly bring yourself over to Center And just come on over to a seated position on your mat with your feet crossed in front of you Sit up nice and tall here resting your hands on your knees Allowing the shoulders to drop away from the ears. Close your eyes Let’s take an inhale reaching both arms up to the sky bring the palms of your hands together Exhale bring the hands down to your heart One more time big breath in bring all that positive healing energy together between your hands To bring that energy over to your third-eye chakra and then down to your heart Thank you so much for joining us some beautiful Hawaii sends you love and light. I look forward to seeing you again namaste Thanks so much for watching if you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up And of course, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more yoga and workout videos like this Sending you lots of love and we’ll see you soon


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