Anioły Irokeza Oświecenia – Ambulance Demogeyser

Today’s transmission is broadcast from onboard the Ambulance Demogeyserfrom onboard the Ambulance Demogeyser which is the source of the grassroots Direct Democracy As we all know, in 2015 the Invasion of the Dark Side of the Force of Emperor K2JKW came upon the Polish Mother region of the Republic of Poland As the Angels of the Angels of the Enlightenment we take the side of the Light Side of the Force of the Rebel Alliance. This day marks the beginning of our satirical performance entitled “Star Wars King of Poland” As you can see we have here an image on our vehicle that illustrates our particular action plan In subsequent episodes we will visualise what is being said to our social spacetime that is, in each episode we will portray that what shall emerge from the very social spacetime. Professional Smartphoners! May the Light Side of the Force of your brand-new technological god Smartphone be with you may all of you become the new superhero Super-Wiki-Spider-Man new super hero, who will be fighting efficiently, defending your local technological enclosures In our Ambulance Demogeyser we set off on a journey through our Homeland so as to protect our very own grassroots democracy. If you wish to watch our new episodes we encourage you to check out our Irokez.TV YouTube channel.

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