Ambulance worker hits an unconscious patient with a salami sausage

An investigation has been launched after an ambulance worker filmed himself hitting an unconscious man on the head with a salami sausage   Romanian Emergency services are looking into the incident after the video was posted on social media The ambulance worker, who has not been identified, can be seen holding the thick sausage above the unconscious man lying on a stretcher in the back of the van with an oxygen mask The employee taps the patient on the forehead a few times before repeatedly hitting on different parts of his head   Share this article Share He continues to beat the man’s head with the sausage and even rub on his cheek At one point the worker tells the man: ‘Do you want salami, take one on your head! You drunkard,’ before placing on a chair in front of him Romania’s Minister of Interior Affairs Carmen Dan said she was ‘outraged’ by the video She said: ‘I have been outraged by the images in the public space showing a member of an emergency crew mocking a patient in need of help ‘The actions of a single person can pass the stigma onto an entire institution and on to tens or hundreds or thousands of people who do their duty in the most honourable and professional way possible!’ Mrs Dan demanded that ‘urgent action’ to be taken saying the employee could no longer be part of the ambulance team The General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations released a statement saying they have asked for the worker to be identified They added that ‘measures would be taken’ against the person responsible.

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