Ambulance Responding Hungary 21 – Mentővonulás

We are responding to a road accident 3 cars collided on Road 55 near Szeged One injury reported, so no further units were immediately alerted Dispatch always prioritize such tasks, so we will report back upon arrival We report the number of injured people, the nature of their injuries, whether we need additional units, or in case needed, the help of peer organizations As you can see it’s raining, the traffic has increased… nobody likes to get wet The road is pretty crowded, but we have a free lane The road will be separated by a concrete barrier soon. I’m driving on the “wrong way” there too As you can see,I could have used our own lane, I had space The reason I decided otherwise: you will soon see that the traffic light turns red, so the road ahead would have been open If that light had turned red a few seconds earlier, the cars stuck in the 2 lanes would have had a hard time letting us go because of the concrete barrier In this case, both of them would’ve been good solutions, but I wanted to make sure Even the traffic lamps are with us, they give us a green light 🙂 The tram rail and the road are separated by a curb so we stay, because if a tram comes across there would be no place to move Not a huge curb, you can pass it, but it would be an unnecessary waste of time and we would end up surrounded by cars anyway The drivers were a great help today too, very well responded and gave us way! Thank YOU! We are approaching the destination Indeed there is one injured, fortunately does not seem to be serious either Due to the mechanics of the accident, we always transport the injured person to the hospital with a full body fix What does it consist of? Stiff neck, board, head block and pelvic stabilizing belt The police are here already In the next episode you will see the transport to the hospital. Thank you for watching, see you next time!


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