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what is the website? Hello brother Wait Love kachi Last day of kattu koli? Why is this here? It is very sweet bro, that’s why it is here Sweet? You rascal, we are trying to bring all the
teenage boys here in control by not letting them drink bd You only found my hostel to put up
this kind of a poster? You were not born with any brothers?
-Bro My manager asked me to stick wherever
a lot of boys come Bro, it’s not good if you don’t invite
when you have a function at home right? They give desi chicken in functions not this kind of invitation Look here, if my warden gets to know, he
would beat you till morning Get it removed or I will call the warden! Warden! Warden! Wait, I will tear it Do it fast! Putting up these kind of posters where
boys come to study Tear it, tear it fully Tear that There is a piece left there There is one down here look Piece here, one here look here Just mind your business and go away man You go The people in our hostel are like gold Forget the poster, even if you sent a bit notice
no guy would come here Because our warden has mentored them like that Hey He is so angry because of the poster outside the hostel We have the movie tickets inside the hostel,
if we are caught how mad would he get? He won’t get angry, don’t mumble, let’s go Hey high court? What are you doing? It’s getting late
Get ready quickly My dad has asked to send the semester
papers directly to military camp this time I don’t even know what to do With your marks even your dad would be suspended
Won’t you get caught? That’s why I went and got red ink quick I’ll put tick everywhere, put full marks everywhere During night I’ll send it in a 24 hours courier Why are you doing this? It’s getting late In this poster, they have asked not to miss
the beginning in bold letters See even the vehicle is ready Get ready quickly please Talk with atleast a little consciousness This is twenty-twenty There is net, there is netflix Everyone is going for a world tour on VPN At this time you are reserving ticket to watch
Kattu Koli Hey Joe! Did they stop train transport because cars and
bikes have come up? No Or did they destroy the clocktowers
because we can use watch to see the time?
-No Or because Netflix and Nakkalites have come up,
did they burn the theatres in the city? No In life, some places are like tourist places We have to go there to experience it That too what kind of movie we are going to! Blue The shopkeeper gave blue ink instead of red How did blue ink come in red ink bottle? I think it crossed it’s expiry date, that’s why… Everything in this country is like this right Okay leave it, we will go to shop and change it Come come Look there Peon is sitting at the entrance itseld What to do now? Poor peon, he is sitting in this cold I’ll give him a blanket and come Be careful Come Why didn’t you wear your underwear? This is skin color underwear How can I come like this?
I’ll change my pant and come Changing your pant? We are late, come now Come come
-Leave me I’ll change my pant and come How will you go now? The peon is that side The warden is on that side The cemetry is on that side I’ll go the way I came Go Why are you laughing?
-It’s nothing What? What are you going to do? You see We will buy pin or needle to fix it on
the way, come now If I sleep with the torn pant, my dad will scold If you go for a bit movie your father won’t scold? For wearing a torn pant he will scold? Come now Hey Siddhu? Wear this and come How will this fit me? It’s big If it’s big, wear it like a dhoti and come. It’s
getting late, the shop will close Come let’s go
-Siddhu get the vehicle What is this? Only break isn’t here You said you got a vehicle ready, where is it? There are 3 wheels here and you are asking
where the vehicle is? This is it Where will you put the key in this vehicle? I simply told that for effects You don’t need a key for this Okay who is driving? Rush and push it Joe, the road is steep! I don’t know when is he turning it Where are you going? Where? Brother The red ink I took from you became blue You keep quiet. He took blue ink insted of red
ink brother, exchange it and give What if you took red ink, filled blue ink
and have come now? Lie! He is lying There is not time for that Brother you gave the wrong one.
Please exchange it and give What will I do with that?
I don’t even have an ink pen You can buy another ink bottle! It’s only 30 rupees Okay brother Give a safety pin for his pant What are they taking and running? I cannot run. Pant… If you can give me a pin… If I catch you Joe push it fast Get on, get on! Go go go ! Push it They would have started, we have to watch
from beginning. Run! Take three-three steps Bashir
-Run run run Sodalay run fast Run run run, open it! Leave it don’t worry. If that guy hadn’t come
there, what would have been your condition? People fall in love in college Did we come late? Don’t know They asked not to miss the beginning Wait I’ll ask and come Brother There is no push back in the seat? Did it start a long time back brother? What happened in the beginning brother? What happened in the start? Watch it quietly I’ll watch it later from the beginning From the start! I banged it warden Why are you waking up the hostel? To take attendance At 2? What? So what if it is 2? Four people are missing from the hostel I have to catch them right Now everyone has to assemble here, all of you come Come here Rajesh?
-Sir Prakash?
-Sir Gowtham?
-Sir Vivin? Room number 221 B Monitor Hello? Siddhu? Where are you? Talk loudly Vembu? Where did you go? Talk loudly Bashir? Where did you guys go? Just talk loudly already Joe? Where did you guys go? I can’t hear, talk loud! Where did you guys go? Where will you guys go? Where will they go warden? Where will they go? They can not
escape the gate despite you being here You are caught by the warden He is waiting for you He is waiting only for you You are dead You are close from today We have been caught by the warden Stop stop stop stop! Gone What to do? High court, give that ink bottle Why ink bottle? I’ll tell Where are you coming from? Temple? Church? Musjid? It must have been locked Library? But you guys don’t go there Police station? They wouldn’t have left you if you were caught Movie? Movie? Does it look we went for a movie warden? You are asking question after question? You asked so many questions, did you ask us
why we have blood on us? You won’t ask warden I know Did you guys ask? What happened? Joe, tell them They will get worried
-It’s okay, tell them Warden They had put up a science exhibition in Agri warden We went their to increase our knowledfe But we couldn’t Why? On the way, someone of your age He looked like our warden only right? Sorry, since his face had so much blood I
couldn’t notice him properly This is what I don’t like in him warden He had a would-be warden. Warden I mean
a real would-be warden She looked the same like if you
ever had a would-be warden They had a small accident warden Small accident? That was a really big accident Warden? We were the ones who admitted them in
the hospital warden Do you know how much blood was wasted warden? They are telling it’s very serious warden Look how much blood we have on our shirts! We have more blood here than in his
body warden! Look warden What group dear? RIL group B group, B group
B group warden! Warden, that group was not available in
that hospital when it was required So Bashir gave them 2 litres so that
they can adust with it for the time being Bashir? What happened after that? Then what happened There was nobody to even pay the bill warden We sold our gold chain, gold ring gold bloo-, no golden rings and payed the bill warden Warden, I got this made with the same covering
so people at home don’t find out Yes warden Warden We did all we could warden More than this, only god can save
him warden Only god can Now talk warden, is what we did wrong? Tell! If what we did is wrong, punish us right here We will accept it How can someone punish you? If you didn’t go there at the right time,
a life would have gone there Warden!
Let them go! Warden! If you want to punish them, first punish me Then you punish all of them Yes punish me first Punish me first too Yes punish me first Warden You shouldn’t be so cold-hearted warden Leave! Bashir, take care! Joe? Tell me peon Warden is calling you, come Only me? Only you Why only me? I don’t know, he asked me to get only you Warden? Did you call for me? You said an accident happened right? When? Who warden? You just told now right? Someone just like me? Oh, oh shit! Yes warden, I was trying to forget that That’s why I didn’t recollect, sorry warden That’s okay You said there was a lot of blood loss
and it was serious I feel very bad just thinking about it What can be done warden Which vehicle hit him? Why are you getting worked up? I wanted to find out what hit him Is there a vehicle called Ma? Ma with something warden Maza warden
-Maza? Not maza warden What warden, is there a car called maza? I was meaning to say a car with mass warden Maruti warden
-Maruti? Maruti warden, our maruti Confirmed? Confirmed, lock warden What warden? I’m leaving Joe? Joe? Warden? Which car was involved in the accident? Warden? Which car hit him? Warden it was Ta… Maruti! Bashir? Warden? Which car was involved in that accident? Ta.. Tell me Maruti! Maruti… Kunnakoti Get Vembu here Warden? Vembu?
-Warden? Peon, what peon? We are dead Vembu dear There was an accident right?
-Yes warden Which car hit? Tata sumo Tata sumo?
-No warden Tata sumo didn’t hit, it was going
on this side It crossed and went? Then what hit? Ertiga!
-Ertiga? Ertiga didn’t hit warden, it was coming
at the back Oh it was coming at the back Then what hit? Audi!
Audi? It didn’t even come warden. Leave it I’ll give you a last chance, tell The car that hit qua Quariti warden Quariti? I can’t pronounce ‘ma’ properly That’s why warden Pardon me warden Pardon him warden Leave leave Go go!
-Thank you warden Wait a minute Warden? Maruti hit him, okay Where did it hit him? Warden Warden, why are you asking warden First wheel went over his head warden Second wheel went over his chest warden Both the wheels at the back went over his knees warden You didn’t leave me any wheel Warden Stepney went over the thumb warden Over the thumb? Huh? You wait Warden warden warden, please warden Whom are you calling warden? Principal No matter what happens, I’ll keep trying If he doesn’t pick, I’ll go to his home Warden warden wardenm, please warden Is this your age to watch Kattu Koli? Kattu Koli? You went for Kattu Koli? You sinners See if the message doesn’t reach your homes Put the phone warden, make the call Warden? We never told you we were going to watch Kattu Koli Yea we didn’t! You told? Warden, I saw this muffler in the theatre warden Why? No one else has this muffler? You do fraud, and talk a lot Warden! Many might have this muffler But you are the only one who uses this scent
in this whole city warden What are you watching? Call the Principal Stop, Stop! Stop! Compromise, please Warden, warden
-Compromise, no no no! Did you come to watch Kattu Koli or no? Did you come to the theatre or no? Tell No Then let’s call the principal Why? Go go go, go to your rooms The message won’t be sent to home right? It won’t, leave come here guys Come come come Warden? You? Is this the age to watch Kattu Koli warden? Principal has so much respect for you If he comes to know about this Go warden Punnakoti?


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