Acupressure Therapy Sandals 🍀BYRIVER Foot Massage (Plantar Fasciitis Relief) Review ⭐

Hey guys welcome back to the channel! I
have got some foot massage reflexology sandals to show you today. These are from BYRIVER and they come in various sizes and colors right now I have the large
alright so you might notice that these sandals are not as fashionable as you
might think but that’s because they’re not designed
to be fashionable they are designed to provide foot therapy they can
particularly help with plantar fascitis which is a common foot problem that can
be very painful for a lot of people and wearing these can give you some relief
now I don’t have that condition but I do get sore feet a lot from walking certain
exercise you know just everyday things so these would be a great addition to
your health and beauty products if you are prone to any sort of foot pain
here’s a closer look at each sandal itself these little point acupuncture
points right here go up and down when you put pressure so if you put your foot
in don’t get it go down just giving you a better look
now these straps up here are adjustable so depending on your foot size foot
width how thick the socks are you have on you know that’s up to you
now these can be a little bit uncomfortable when you first put them on
if you’re not used to this particular type of shoe I put these on for about 10
minutes before this video and I will say I didn’t have any pain but I kind of
felt a lot better for some reason maybe just some extra pressure I was used to
but they do certainly work these are not designed to be worn at all times they
recommend start starting with about 15 minutes a day and you can wear them with
or without socks it’s more comfortable to start with socks in my purse
piñon especially if you’re not used to them as I did mention earlier they do
come in other colors I do have this color right here as you can see the
little acupuncture points are a little bit different but you still get the same
experience all right so I’m going to show you what these look like on my feet
and I’m wearing the large ones it’s just in case you were wondering and they do
come in small and medium as well all right so these are the large ones as
they just mentioned and if you want a reference I’m about a 11 and a half to
12 in women’s 10 and a half and men’s I can certainly feel the acupressure
points beneath my feet and I also see why you should wear them starting 15
minutes a day I don’t think I could wear this a whole day and I’m glad they
recommend not to I am sure whatever however you put long you decide to put
these on before you are going to get relief I just taking it off like already
a lot better also I don’t know if I did show you this or not but um the top is
adjustable right here so depending on your foot size you can change that well
yeah overall like they’re comfortable but you know comfortable in a sort of
healing way definitely not going to want to wear this the entire day good foot
therapy definitely something you should consider purchasing if you are in that
area of pain where you are walking all day right maybe you’re a runner you are
on your feet a lot maybe fast-food or any type of blue-collar job this would
be great for when you come home decompress
yeah it does come with an extra set of little acupressure points just in case
you break one or something happens there is an extra for you to change out if you
need to that’s a good thing to have as well
alright so that is a look at the foot massage reflexology sandals by BYRIVER
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  1. Having a toe problem , It's really help if you are wearing this kind of flip flops .. I had a toe problem before and one of my friend advice me about this and I try.. Now I feel before than before .. Aside from massaging your toe every morning and night before you sleep and stop wearing high heels .. You will notice that your toe is fine ..

  2. I've had plantar fascitis for about 5mths now. … Can't walk for more than 10mins without pain. … I'm hoping these slippers help. … Thank you for the video. X

  3. Omg how Can you do an entire video without cuddling that adorable cat just longing for attention. She/he is so adorable!!! It just want to hug and cuddle that cat so much.

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