Hey guys! Michael from Pinpoint Podiatry here. So yes if you read the title before clicking
on this video we are going to be taking a look at Lebron James and why he is just so
damn Durable from my perspective! So before we talk about why he’s in such
top shape, I think we need to appreciate just how much Lebron has played and how little
he’s been plagued by injuries. Lebron James had played 14 seasons in the
NBA, and for the last 8 seasons in a row he has made it to the NBA finals. Over the years Lebron has lead the league
in minutes at various times. He lead the league this year in minutes per
just under 38 minutes every game at the age of 32. 32, is an age where a lot of guys careers
start to go on the decline. But not for Lebron James. Who averaged 26, 8 and 9. He is 7th all time in minutes per game at
39 mpg. The only players ahead of him on that list
are Wilt, Russell, Robertson, Iverson, Baylor and West. He is also 17th all time in minutes including
playoffs at over 50,000 minutes keep in mind this doesn’t include Olympic runs campaigns
either! So how many games has Lebon james missed over
the course of his career? He’s only missed 87 out of 1298 games. Which is just under 7% of his games. And keep in mind Lebron James in the last
couple of seasons hasn’t played due to rest. Not injury. Most of Lebron’s injuries over his career
have been minor and doesn’t miss too much time as I explained before. So how is it that a guy has played so many
minutes at such a high level is relatively uninjured? First off we’re going to rule out the use
of Performance Enhancing Drugs. PED’s definitely help with recovery and
are mind-blowingly powerful. But in my videos I want to help you guys out
and most people aren’t taking PED’s. Plus I’d like to think that Lebron is clean
and I won’t tarnish his good name. Just keep in mind guys a lot of professional
athletes may be getting a little extra help. But let’s not worry about that today I want
to talk about things that we can work on together and that’ll benefit you! So let’s talk about genetics. Genetics or DNA is basically what makes you,
YOU! There have been a number of studies showing
that a favourable genetic makeup has shown to be beneficial in recovery for athletes. So why is this a massive advantage to lebron. A regular NBA season comprises of 82 games
From the end of October to mid April. So about 6 months. Within 6 months that’s an average of 3.28
games a week. Then you add in the workouts, travel and the
NBA season is a real slug fest. Players have to play back to backs or even
back to back to backs. This is when overuse injuries can occur if
you don’t allow the body to recover. But if you take a look at Lebron he has been
relatively unaffected by the NBA schedule compared to other guys within the league. This leads me to my next point. As Lebron has gotten older he has taken games
off and allowed his body to rest. Now I know there are people out there who
have an issue with players resting but I don’t have an issue with it at all. The research and evidence speaks for itself
giving guys like Lebron rest is beneficial for him and his team in the long run as well
as the league. Would you rather see lebron play a meaningless
regular season game for the sake of him possibly being injured in the playoffs? I know which one I’m picking. Rest is an integral part of injury prevention,
you can’t go 110% 7 days of the week. You’re asking for trouble. TRAIN SMARTER NOT HARDER! This doesn’t mean train at all for you guys
it means you can have sessions that have lighter work in them to let the body recover. Let’s also talk about his footwear. As a podiatry student, and seeing this first
hand. One of the quickest ways to injure yourself
is to wear the wrong type of shoe. Lebron is up to his 14th signature shoe. Lebron’s shoes over the years have been
notorious for the maximal amount of impact protection and support. The current model the Lebron 14 has Hex Zoom
Air returns, but this time around the units are larger than ever before. The three Hex Zoom units seen above are roughly
14mm thick — that’s a huge Zoom unit. Lebron has always had great footwear for him!
along with orthotics. Which help redistribute pressure from his
feet which have taken a pounding over the years. But good footwear and orthoses are not the
answer just a small part of why Lebron has managed to remain injury free. The man is an absolute workout warrior. Lebron without a doubt hits the weightroom
and trains for functional movement. Being in the gym lebron works on all body
parts training them to withstand the load of being a 250lbs juggernaut as well as having
a balanced routine so that he doesn’t have any major discrepancy in strength between
muscle groups. Likewise, the man has been known to undertake
activities such as yoga keeping his body mobile. Many injuries occur as a result of an imbalance
in muscle groups or lack of rom at a particular joint can make you more likely suffer certain
injuries. For example poor ankle joint rom means you’re
more likely to suffer from ankle sprains, have Achilles tendon issues as well as forefoot
problems as well. I believe that this is one of the biggest
reasons why Lebron manages to stay injury free. This functional training helps with his biomechanics
or the way he moves on the floor. If you take a look at lebron james and the
way he lands ofter jumping, he rarely lands in any disadventagous postions with his knee
always being in a relatively neutral or varus (Pointing outwards position). And looking at the way he runs, with his footwear
his biomechanics are relatively ideal! And finally why has lebron been able to stay
injury free. All the reasons I spoke about before is due
to his commitment to excellence. This is why lebron is the greatest player
in the modern era of basketball, at least in my opinion. The man is talented but works extremely hard! So we’ve come to the end of the video. If you’re still here give this video a thumbs
up and be sure to let me know down in the comments below any other reasons why you think
Lebron is so injury free? Make sure you subscribe for more content and
check out my other videos. Thanks for watching the video and I’ll see
you in the next video!


  1. heres one of the MAINNN reasons and really one of the most important reasons that tie back to his training, HE has hyper active GLUTES, a mfs ass always on. it explains how he lands and his walk, knees and feet pointed outwards, rotated outwards. thats do to his glutes being so dominant and strong that they are the primary mover in his lower body. so wanna minimize all your injuries? work on hip and ankle mobility, work on strengthening your foot and using ya toes/ arch and have realllllly styrong glutes which thighs to compliment the strengh.

  2. Hahaha they covering it up more but the more they do that the more suspicious it is. This going to be really interesting.

  3. I do not really believe we need six reasons as to why ego maniac is never injured because I think one reason will do! I think mr James' best friend, mr PEDS is working overtime to keep mr James injury free!

  4. Lebrons advantage and I am being serious is loving his highschool sweetheart. He's a homebody, gets his rest. Probably minimal cheating if any. Jordan gambled alot in the late hours of night, was banging 10s left and right. Smoked(s) cigars all the time , drank beer after games etc. Didn't need that much sleep to function etc. So Jordan burned out two three times. LeBron still going strong. Advantage LeBron. I give MJ the goat because of mental, but lebron has had a better long term career.

  5. Stop sucking him off you know he’s using P E D’s dude never been injured stop it I don’t know one NBA player who’s played 15 years straight without a injury stop it bro

  6. on top of being very durable, lebron doesnt put himself in alot of situations where he would get injured…. i.e. his great basketball IQ

  7. Lebron is also a toe runner and actually rarely lands on one foot when he jumps for a dunk etc or other aggressive aerial moves.

    I swear toe running and landing is huge! Derek Rose has bad legs because every time he jumps and does an out of control contortion he lands like a quadriplegic and your knees are only gonna say "ok" to a select number of those landings.

  8. Compared to other players he's into weight training which makes your bones thicker and your tendons stronger.You can see smaller guys like Rose or Kyrie injured all the time.

  9. Dude STFU LeBron is a bitch a PEDs using MF he ain't the greatest he can't beat The Warriors n let Dallas run away he always trying to recruit players when he feels he needs help he flops too much he just not entertaining to watch to me fuck what this boy saying n whomever else agree with him fuck You n LeBron I fucking hate Bron Fans too disrespectful to the Legends of the game

  10. Boooooo… show some footage & #TurnUp like Undisputed Shannon Sharpe when you talk about LeBron don't play yourself [ #IsergThat we can't hear you, your voice is too monotone, & boring] 😪🕵🏿‍♀️😎🤣

  11. 1)PED's
    6)his for real dad-not Delonte West(adoptive Father)- is a Gorrilla

  12. after 3 min i understand why u said lebron is mvp its because ur retarded canteven watch this guy talking

  13. most people don't know that how you run and land determine your chance to get injured.
    if you run on your mid foot like lebron or westbrook, you're doing it right and your knee and whole body will be protected.
    but if you run on your heels, especially a fast player like rose, you will get injured for sure.

  14. Young man don't be a fool .I work in the sports performance field,no athlete can go through his/her athletic career without being hurt.This is nonsense the human body breaks down during training and competition due to wear and tear on the musculoskeletal system ,it's that simple.What LeBron James is should yell you is what he's using for recovery it's a nice place in Florida where he gets his juice.Physiotherapist,Exercise physiologist, all know he's on the stuff the NBA is not clean as you think is bro .

  15. I think LeBron has declined a little on the DEFENSIVE end…you know, the other part of the game that is more represented by effort than stats. I know it's a year after this video was made, but LeBron throws his hands up a lot more now as if a teammate missed an assignment, when in fact he was the one who blew the assignment or got torched by an opponent. He's still the best in the game.

  16. Actually he is he's linked to biogenesis and ALOT of us know that recently he started. i'm not gonna name names but there are about 3 major people that already have this story but haven't broke it yet bc i hear he has them paid off, which makes sense can you imagine the money he has. but for you lebrana fans this will eventually come out and i pray u all can still continue life knowing your queen cheated. however it has only been in the last 3 yrs he has used!

  17. PEDs and HGHs. Simple. Dude has a "Biochemist" on his team. His name was on the "Biogesis Ledger" at the Miami steriod clinic, And he gained, yes gained, 7 pounds DURING an NBA Game, if these aren't signs he's on PEDs I don't know what else is.

  18. The man who never cheats the game. Kd, Curry , Kyrie etc all fake injuries to take a rest. These players are weak and prone to injury.

  19. I think there is only ONE reason why ego maniac James never gets injured! Certainly you have heard of PEDS haven't you? PEDS is ignorant fool James' BFF!

  20. joining different younger teams help. This young Lakers energized team will help prolong he's career a couple of more years.

  21. LeBron uses performance inhancing drug a lady in Miami that worked at the plaxe he brought them from even said so. Some side effects are hair loss and cramping which he has showed. I personly think he takes them. But he is also not the only one.

  22. Just about every Star Athelete from any sport once they reach 30 yrs of age have been prone to an injury of some significance!

    You can paint this pretty picture all you want, but football, baseball, hockey, tennis, basketball, soccer, cycling, boxing, track and field; all of these sports have had players who are considered of Elite Status, injured at one time or another!

    No one, and I mean no one can play 10, 12 years Professionally and not have a significant injury either late 20's or surpassing the age of 30!
    It's impossible to go through the regular season, play in the playoffs every year, be an Olympian, have a year round workout regimen, without ever sustaining an injury!

    Come on guys, the greatest of this eras not the only Athelete with money!
    If there was a way to figure it out, and do it legally, organically, or by way of modern technology, don't you think players of intelligence, like Magic, Larry, Michael, Kobe, Akeem, Kareem, Isaiah, "The Real IT", would have figured it out, along with all the other Elite Stars of our other Sports?

    So the best basketball player of this era ONLY has figured out how to totally defy father time, something no other player in any sports history has been able to do and do it honorably and honestly.

    Do you guys really need a Sports Icon in this era that badly?
    So you guys are just going to continue to be naive when all of you know what's going on, but just don't want to admit it!
    I'm admitting it because I saw Larry Bird play with pain and STILL GOT IT DONE! I saw Magic do the same. I saw MJ and Kobe have Injuries that were career threatening, but after operations, rehab and therapy made their comebacks and have what's considered by many, the greatest careers in sports!

    I am not hating on today's Athelete. There are guys who work hard every year. Give their craft total dedication and try to be the best that they can be, but to play 10, 15, 20 years and not have an injury of any significance, when there have been hundreds and hundreds of players in his sport and others who have ALL had injuries that have prevented them from playing.
    Somethings being done that the others I'm sure probably thought long and hard about doing, but didn't!
    So this particular narrative about this invincible athelete, continue to believe it if you like. We all need heroes.

    It's just that I had total belief in sports heroes who fought back from injury without the use of substances that are illegal, or banned, even the ones that were borderline, and we all know what they are, don't we?…Just like we all know who are now taking them, don't we?????

  23. It seems to me like u wanna suck LeBron off. NBA does everything possible to keep their poster boy from getting injured, simple as that.

  24. We can rule out PEDs ALRIGHT! Since ALL of em' NBA players are on PED but some still get injured quite often but LJ doesn't

  25. Talks about performance enhancing drugs then says but let’s not worry about that today 🤦🏻‍♂️ ah ffs get to the point of the title

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