In this video there are private vehicles that use sirens and strobe Assalamualikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Good afternoon viewers So… We meet again ! :v So… today we got information From Sulawesi Barat Province Hospital Ee.. to Faisal Hospital But we got another information that the ambulance has trouble the sirens dead And the patient is blown like before we will take over from tim zone 1 to tim zone 2 This time I’m not alone guys.. I’m with Farrel Farrel (to sirious) :V OKay So we wait SULBAR Unit and then escort to Faisal Hospital Police ticketed Because the unit sirene is dead, so I and my team not realize that the ambulance is near so I’m late to turn on the camera :V Pull over sir, Pull over to left, thank you to the left to the left Hold on Hold it Hold it Go forward here Here Incredible The traffic jam Pull over, sir Sir, hold on Hold on The ambulance sirene is dead Hold on ! Hold on ! The ambulance sirene is dead So.. Rather difficult because other drivers are not alert, because the ambulance sirens dead Pull over sir To left Go left Go left Thank you One of the riders in front of reckless driving Hold on Hold on, sir This should in the front turn left right away not jammed Excusme sir, Excusme, Sorry, Sorry Please pull over, sir Pull over Come forward, sir Come forward Hold on please Hold on Hold on, hold on Come forward Go forward sir, Thank you Hold on Hold on Hold, Hold Come forward Come forward Come forward Hold on The is an Ambulance, sir Hold on Sir, hold on Hold on Hold on Come forward, hurry hurry Pull over there (There is another ambulance) Ok We arrived So…we have arrived in Islamic Faisal Hospital not bad Thank you for watching See you in the next video Assalamu’alaikum wr wb


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